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40 Interesting Facts About Yoga You May Don’t Know

Facts About Yoga These are the list of least known yoga facts to the world. I have tried to include as many interesting facts as. There are over 300 million yoga practitioners around the world according to the 2018 survey and the number is growing rapidly. The two prominent divisions that come under yoga are asanas and dhyana. ...

7 Yoga Mudras and their Meanings for Positive Energy

Yoga Mudras for Positive Vibes It is difficult to find a statue of Buddha or Hindu deities without a specific mudra. This doesn’t mean that it implies any specific meanings or gestures. But, it is an act of heightened yogic state. Even though it is a simple application in yoga, it brings a tremendous change to oneself. There are five classes...

Twin Flame Kundalini Awakening, Is it Real?

I get emails asking that they had a kundalini experience and to know whether is it real and also some individuals facing kundalini syndrome. So, I thought of including one of those conversations here. This article deals with the discussion of twin flame (soul mate) and its influence on the kundalini awakening. (Read also How to Safely Awaken Kundalini Energy?) Kundalini Awakening...

10 Interesting Life Experiences That Will Change Your Life

Interesting Life Experiences
Interesting Life Experiences of Great People We all have distinct experiences in life. From every experience, we learn new things in life. There is an interesting proverb ‘Experience is the best teacher’ which signifies that experiences are the assets of life. The wise also learn from other’s experiences. I am sharing here some of the life lessons that I have analyzed...

3 Most Powerful Meditation Techniques in the World

most powerful meditation
Powerful Meditation Techniques for Body, Mind, and Soul Whatever we do physically or mentally to rejuvenate and tranquilize the mind in a constructive way is meditation. There are many meditation practices around the world according to one’s need, yet there are only a few most advanced forms of meditation. Actually, meditation is not a technique. It is the state of mind. The...

After Kundalini Awakening What Happens

What Happens in Our Life After Kundalini Awakening? I get emails asking - how is your life after awakening kundalini? What are the notable changes that take place in one’s life after the kundalini awakening? Kundalini is spiritual energy, so it is relevant to elaborate from the philosophical point of view. Its progress is more intertwined with the morality of life....

7 Most Effective Mind Control Techniques Tips in NLP

These are the psychological techniques to control other's minds covertly. These are the intentional methods to achieve something financial, social, or psychological. If you are beware of such NLP hypnosis techniques, it helps you to know whether your activities are under someone's influence. It is a real scientific thing. In the wrong hands, it is a fascinating form of destructive...

10 Signs You are an Extrovert or Introvert

How to Easily Distinguish Between Extrovert, Introvert, an Ambivert? Extrovert and introvert are the two types of people as per Jung’s psychology.  The extrovert people are those having the dominant extrovert qualities along with the intervention of introvert type qualities. Similarly, introverted people are those having the dominant introvert qualities with the intervention of extroverted type qualities. So it is...

How to Balance Money and Spirituality?

Money and Spirituality in the Life What if a person doesn’t have enough money to meet his needs, where he can’t afford money for his own daily requirements? If this is the case, certainly his life becomes worse and unhappy. If the needs of a person which is perhaps rooted in the aims and ambitions are not fulfilled, and whence...

How to Practice Kundalini Meditation?

Kundalini Meditation Kundalini meditation is a powerful practice to acquire cosmic power. Practicing this spiritual technique makes one stand out from ordinary persons. Disciplined practice makes one more powerful than he can wipe out all the obstruction that he encounters on the way to the righteous path. Selecting the Place One must select a serene place that is free from external disturbances....