These are the list of least known yoga facts to the world. I have tried to include as much as of the interesting facts.
The yoga mudras are an integral part of the yoga. The yoga without mudras is incomplete. There are a few popular mudras that bring positive vibes in your life.
Some of the amazing facts about cosmos and physics that seems unnatural and viewed in the context of spirituality
These are the important ancient secular spiritual centers where a person with any religious faith can visit. These centers have their own customs and religious practices and few centers restrict the trekkers to follow such customs there
Oral health is of great significance as it is the first thing that people notice and it also has a great impact on your overall health. Here are some tips that will help you to care for your oral health naturally.
A comprehensive view on tantric traditions in temples including Sabarimala in the context of Indian school of philosophies and the prevailed esoteric practices.
These scientific theories had a great impact on society. It changed the view of our thoughts on the world and understanding of our life. Still, some of it remains as the mysteries.
Developing the positive attitude in life is not easy as developing the negative attitude. Our mind is naturally biased to the negative side. Here are the positive thinking stories of great yogis that are powerful enough to bring positive changes in your life.
The interesting funny facts about girls that men have to know for a better understanding. There are few qualities that are common among the women that are really distinct or opposite to that of man.
Twin flames (soul mates) and its influence on the kundalini awakening is real or fake. There are lots of hypothesis on this. Let us see what yoga sastra and tantric texts say about it.