Sometimes we need to hold tight on positive things in life, which could pierce through the negativity and keep motivated. Here are some of such quotes

Procrastination is the difference between what you want to and what you really are. These are the strategies to quit procrastination and increase productivity.

The shape of your eyebrows represents your thought process where it can reveal more about your personality traits

Here are few of the powerful people who surprised the world with the psychic abilities that are subjected to the scientific studies.

The habits of most successful people are not inherited in them but developed in various life circumstances.

Falling in love raises the level of endorphins in the body. You feel the elation in every moment you spent. This drives you crazy over certain matters

Controlling the mind is the hardest job in the world. Those who are not getting the expected results in meditation is that they are unaware of some of the rules

These qualities help us to know the innate differences between men and women - how to understand ourselves and handle others effectively.

The psychic readings along with the numerology readings are the unclear techniques to decipher the effect from the cause

The listed books in yoga and spirituality are popular in the recent years and also included few others that are having insightful information in spirituality