Expectations are the fuel that makes you ride your life into the future
This article is about the real concept of wealth and the Spiritual meaning of money.
Kundalini meditation is a powerful practice to acquire the cosmic power. Practicing this spiritual technique makes one stand out with the ordinary persons
Breath is the gross aspect and prana which is the vital force is the subtle aspect
Telepathy is a process of communication from one person’s mind to another without any indulgence of speech or signs. In yoga, it is possible by acquiring the siddhis.
The mind is attributeless. It takes up the form of emotions and thoughts. There are various states of mind depending upon the mental vibration. This gives 5 states of mind and concentration according to Pathanjali Yoga.
There are lots of benefits in practicing yoga. This article elucidates the significant health benefits of kundalini meditation.
Tips for transmitting psychic energy through hands. The psychic power is usually transmitted externally through the three organs from the body. Read the article to utilize this energy.
There minor energy centers in the body and hands have the reflexes of the seven chakras.
The feelings that got triggered in the mind are due to the result of chemical changes taking place in the body which result from bodily hormones.