The Tantric procedures to receive the spiritual energy from the temples.
The jnana yoga is the path for recognizing yourself as the true manifestation of the cosmic consciousness
Hatha yoga is the widely practiced yoga in the world which mainly deals with physical exercises. The asana is one of the elements of eightfold aspects of yoga. There is much more in yoga.
These are the list of minor siddhis in yoga. The yogi who acquired minor siddhis has the potent to control the events by his words and much more.
The major siddhis are classified as eight distinct supernatural powers
The siddhis are the supernatural powers that can be acquired in the path of yoga. These are the real powers of yogis that defies laws of physics and science.
What happens when Sushumna Nadi is activated? Its activation is important for the kundalini awakening process. By following the step by step procedures of yoga practices, it awakens. There is also a short path to awaken it.
Ida and Pingala Nadis are the subtle channels which carry the subtle pranic energy
Yoga nadis is used as the ancient physiological term and seems like it has a resemblance to the nervous system
Vishuddha Chakra is the throat chakra which corresponds to the Laryngeal plexus in the physical body and it is situated in the base of the throat.