10 Health Benefits of Kundalini Meditation

10 Health Benefits of Kundalini Meditation

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Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

When a person leaps into the kundalini meditation practices initially that person looks for the benefits in the outer sphere according to his understandings. (Read also 3 Most Powerful Meditations in the World?)

Before going to the benefits, firstly, let me give a clear outlook of how the practice of kundalini yoga and meditation affects your psycho-physical nature of well-being.


Everything is energy. Energy is solemnly responsible for all the worldly and cosmic processes that are perceived or obscured from our conscious level or beyond our intellectual perceptions. Even the Supreme Being, God, Creator, whatever you say is a form of energy that can be considered as the aggregate form of energies in which all the cosmic events and processes lies.

The Supreme power does not lie in these events, but all the events lie within it. The Supreme power I refer to here is not an anthropomorphic God but something refers to cosmic intelligence.  

According to science, energy has different forms and nature. It is known from the ancient yogic texts that the kundalini is some sort of energy which has a direct linkage with the Supreme power.

The Quantum theory states that each and everything is connected to everything else. Yoga philosophy says we have some sort of connection with the Supreme Being and the cosmic creation.

As stated in the Vedas and Upanishads, there is only one consciousness, known as the Brahman, maybe it is an entity or the metaphysical aspect of unity which underlies all the physical realities in this phenomenal world.

How to get benefits from such spiritual practices, if it is purely spiritual? They say that it is really left to the practitioner. It seems some of these benefits are like probable one and rest are like superficial.

But, when we approach it from the scientific aspects of life, there is a lot more to explore. Before coming to the point let me say that we are also the part of the unified field as described in the laws of physics.

Kundalini Yoga Effects on Body

The human body is bequeathed with the electromagnetic field which is also termed as the bio current and the biomagnetism and has a great impact on the nature and well-being of the individual. The electrical field of the heart is 60 times greater than the amplitude in the brain. ( see How to Transmit Energy Through hands? )

Humans are highly social beings and it is common that most of you get stressed by day to day life activities. There are some joyous days and also hard days in life. We can see that vibrational energy plays a key role in our daily activities.

Some sorts of energy-related to every activity are stored in the chakras and energy centers.

The working of the chakras plays a prominent role in the psycho-physical nature of the human being. Kundalini yoga and meditation practices are the technique used to control the function and activity of these chakras and hence to alter the state of one’s physical and psychological nature.


As the chakras are related to the endocrine glands, this can also directly alter the hormonal activities. When we speak about the health benefits of kundalini meditation the chakras play a major role.

The Health benefits are

1. It serves as the anti-aging campaign, by rejuvenating the cells with youthfulness and charisma as seen in yogis. Hence, you become more admirable. (Read also How to Stay Young?)

2. It reduces stress. Make you feel calm and total control in unexpected circumstances. How the stresses get reduced during meditation is mentioned in the book ‘Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?

3. A well-disciplined practice leads to natural charm in the face and body (Tejas ), with the brightness in the eyes that seems like alluring.

4. The most common psychiatric disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can be wiped out by the practice of kundalini yoga and meditation.

5. It controls psychological problems such as phobias, insomnia, dyslexia, sleeping disorders, eating disorders, etc.

6. Various addictions such as alcohol addiction, drugs, tobacco, chain-smoking, and sexual addiction can be reasonably controlled where the initiative should begin from oneself.

7. Increases your self-esteem and thereby increases your self-confidence. This practice will enhance your power of concentration and you become more conscious and active are the common benefits.


8. It treats and balances hormonal dysfunction. (Check Which of Your Chakras are Out of Balance)

9. It removes anxiety, unwanted fear and you become less prone to the worries, sorrows and the negative aspects of life. You will attain harmony in everything.

10. You can get rid of physical and genetic diseases. It also reduces the possibility of heart attack and increases the function of the central nervous system for the betterment of well-being.

These are only a few benefits of kundalini yoga and meditation practices, there are lots more. Some of it is only possible for advanced practitioners.

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” is written by Praveen Kumar gives a clear understanding of such practices and moreover a guide for those who seek the path in this field.

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