10 Interesting Life Experiences That Will Change Your Life

Interesting Life Experiences

Interesting Life Experiences of Great People

We all have distinct experiences in life. From every experience, we learn new things in life. There is an interesting proverb ‘Experience is the best teacher’ which signifies that experiences are the assets of life. The wise also learn from other’s experiences.

I am sharing here some of the life lessons that I have analyzed from the life of great people.

1. Life Struggles Make You a Stronger Person

Two things can do in the struggles of life. You can fight against it, or you can surrender to it. One important thing I learned from the most influential people is that, if you are looking for financial success, personal success, or professional success in life, you have to go through various stressful stages in life. Later, you will be paid for it. It is said that ‘no pain, no gain.’ In yoga, there is an interesting stage ‘niyama’ as a moral part where the aspirant has to go through some austerities to achieve success in yoga.

Depression happens when you surrender to the stresses. It is the loss of hope in your goals and deeds. It is the state where you lost faith in your abilities. But, you couldn’t submerge your desire.

Struggles in life are not similar to military training where you would put in extremely stressful conditions to check your limitations of mind and body.

In ordinary life, the struggles in life are that you are having some hard times. You strive to survive in those circumstances. It’s that you are overcoming the stressful situations; you are struggling to support your financial needs, etc. Finally, your mind gets to adapt to the unwelcome outcomes of life. You will be forged as a stronger person where you will become less vulnerable to the negative outcomes of life. A person born in the fire doesn’t fade in the sunshine.

2. Having a Sense of Humor, Learn to Smile and Laugh, this Make You Interesting to Others

In social settings, nobody would like to spend time with a boring person. I remember those days where I was a shy person. I knew it was an uninteresting attitude in the social settings and how others perceived me at that time. While few others were cracking jokes that made others eagerly hear them. It seems like they are gifted with the ability to instantly commenting according to the situations. Very soon, these guys become interesting characters to others. (Read also How to Become More Interesting to Others?)

Keep a real gentle smile on your face. This makes you appear more interesting and approachable person. Smiling often doesn’t make any sense and there is a scientific fact behind it. Men are more attracted to smiling women. But, women consider smiling as an interesting aspect of man along with having high self-esteem.

3. Fastest Path towards Achieving the Goal is Transmuting the Sexual Energy

Highly successful people have experienced it. Napoleon Hill analyzed the success stories of interesting people and came to know the importance of transmuting sexual energy for achieving success in life. One of the secrets of yoga is dealt with transmuting this sexual energy. At this point, one begins to change mentally and physically as I said in the article ‘How to Become Genius?

4. Knowledge and Skills Make Us Special to Others

There is not much to say about these as everyone knows about their significance. Sometimes, we inspire others with our innate talents. Other’s remarkable skills inspire us too. Knowledge and skills make us feel worthy where others consider us an expert in that field.

5. Perfectionism Lessen Our Flexibility and Resilience

Flexibility and resilience are the two qualities that we should master to compete with the failures of life. Perfectionism doesn’t mean mastering a skill. It is the egoistic behavior of the mind that fails to accept the faults and inconveniences in life.

6. Karma – Job, Work, Life Purpose, Passion Are Not Cent Percent Leisurely

Our life is dependent on karma. We are independently doing our duties, whether wished or not. If we are in our destined duties ‘swadharma’ we would experience more freedom and enjoy it better than other duties. Thus, such people enjoy approximately 90% of what they are doing. Among one of my jobs, I enjoy writing articles on the website. I have to work unhesitantly. Sometimes I find it hard to put the mind in the exact mood of writing. Similarly, for others, who are in any job they can’t find 100% attachment with it. Anyhow they have to work as destined.

“Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but you must do it. – Mahatma Gandhi.

7. We Create Our Destiny; The World Doesn’t Care About Us Unless We Are Worthy To Them

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” is a biblical quote that resonates with it. Nothing worthy comes to us unless we seek it. There are many opportunities, jobs, and needs in the world. Nobody cares about you unless you seek and achieve it.

8. Ability to Control Our Mind and Emotions Help Us Taking Right Decisions in Life

Some people make decisions at the apex of the emotional state. Later, they regret it. The researchers have shown that most of our decisions were made unconsciously depending on our mental state. Thus controlling the mind is the only way to have clarity in our thoughts. Spiritual practices like kundalini meditation help us to control the mind with easy procedures. The book ‘Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?’ gives some insights into such practices.

9. Life is Bestowed with What We Need than What We Want

This is the obvious truth of life. We have to be contented with what we have in life and look for what we can do in this life. This is the strategy of a happy life. If a person is lazy, his life needs are related to his laziness. Anyone who has achieved something valuable in life, then it’s owed to his perseverance. (Read also 4 Ultimate Ways to Discover Life Purpose and Achieve Happiness)

10. Spend Some Money in Travelling – This Will Add Few of the Valuable Moments in Life

We all know that traveling to new places is an exciting experience. Traveling is an investment for gaining some of the fascinating moments in life. There is an anonymous quote referred to with Quran signifying it. ‘Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you traveled.’