12 Best Activities that Make You Happy Instantly in Your 20s

12 Best Activities that Make You Happy Instantly in Your 20s

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Activities that Make You happy in Your 20s

The 20s is one of the important phases of life where one gets into the greater responsibilities of life. Here, the decisions made would have a formidable impact on the rest of the life. The long-term happiness in the continuing life would have the basis of the foundations laid at this age level.

In the mundane lifestyle, happiness has to seek often because the default and easy state of mind is to remain unhappy (not supposed to consider as worries).

We all would have some of the life’s best moments in this age. That’s why this age level is very special for some people. Every stage of life is special and the lost time is lost forever.

“When you are young you have time and energy but no money; when you get older you have money and energy but no time; and, later when you finally have time and money, you no longer have energy”. – Annette Gulick.

Those who enjoy their life cannot neglect these best activities that make them really happy. The extent of happiness is dependent upon one’s mindset and the possessed character traits. Certainly, the scarcity of the activities makes it valuable and more appealing. Thus, the moderation has its importance.

1. Swimming and Playing in Water

Notice the change in the mood when you indulge in the leisure activities in the water. Whether it might be in beaches, rivers or in swimming pools, swimming has the power to change your emotions. The studies have shown many benefits of swimming. Spending a little time in beaches, watching the sunset are the inspiring natural moments of life. Similar to other exercises, it also releases the endorphins in the body which makes you happy instantly. This is one of the favorite leisure activities of most of the people. Unless you have hydrophobia you cannot discard its impact in the mind and body.

2. Being in Music Festival

This is one of the wonderful places to get lost in the beats of music. It will be felt that the rhythm of music vibrates through all over the body. The crazy moves of the body and dance with the group according to the beats of music as it seems nobody is watching you. These are the wonderful moments in the life that you can remember later in life. (Read also 4 Things That Make You Naturally Happy)

3. Going to an Amusement Park

Our happiness is related with the social life. The environment in the amusement park is similar to the atmosphere where you are in a grand festival. The innovative technologies and the man-made marvels inspire and excite the people. Everyone would like to reveal their adventurous spirit at sometimes. The instant rising of the flight and fight hormone has an addictive nature to them. Going to an amusement park makes a person to live in the present than being in past or future by forgetting the distracting thoughts of life.

4. Partying and Happiness

After the days of stressful activities partying becomes one of the delighted moments in life. The ‘change’ is the interesting aspects of life some guys prefer. Everyone expect some positive changes in life. Boredom is related with the unchanged repeated environments of life. Often times mind require freshness and some people find partying would support the needed change in their life to cheer up.

5. Hanging with the Friends

This is one of the most welcomed leisure activities of the folks that require less financial resources. Some people would like to go for mountaineering with the friends; some prefer to go to the remote woods that induce an adventurous mood. Hanging with friends in public places and shopping malls are also the most wished pastime of the folks. If you are looking for positive change in your life then meeting different people will improve your socializing skills. Your relationship with others improves. You develop more active social qualities. When you are with your friends a mere funny occasion can induce greater laughter in the group.

6. Dating

There are few instinctive qualities in humans. The crush on others is the powerful and pleasant feelings next to the triggered sexual emotions according to the psychologist. Dating is considered as an ecstatic activity in the 20’s. Love and being loved is a pleasurable feeling. Being with the most loved person fills the heart with joy and excitement. These moments will be engraved in the mind forever.

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
So if you love a flower, let it be.
Love is not about possession.
Love is about appreciation.” 
― Osho.

7. Spending Time with the Pets

If you are feeling stressed, spend some time with your favorite pets. The cats and dogs have the playful nature and their funny activities attract anyone. They are the innocent companions. Their love and affection change your mood and relieve stress. This characteristic is ascertained by the studies. (Read also 3 Proven Ways to Relieve Stress Instantly)

8. Funny Games and Entertaining Activities

The outdoor physical activities not only bring relaxation to your mind but also improve the blood circulation, burns calories, and fat. Take the outcome of the games in a sportsman’s spirit. Be in that mentality, and enjoy it wholeheartedly. And, realize its benefits to the mind and body. This active physical activity also helps a person to get a deep sleep at night. (Read also Effective Ways to Fall Asleep Faster at Night)

9. Watching a Favorite Movie with Friends

Movies take you to the visual imaginary world. The subconscious mind perceives it as the real world and induces the emotions according to it. Some would like to watch thrilling, horror or adventurous movies that would suddenly induce the adrenaline thereby taking the mind to its peak point. The entertaining comedy movies help to release more of happy hormones in the body. It would double when you watch with the friends or in the groups. That’s why producing the remarkable movies are of great concern in this world.

10. Reading an Interesting Novel

Reading a fantastic novel would take you to the imaginary world neglecting the present world distractions. You would be creating the illusionary world of characters involved in the novel that is unique to yourself. If the story is very interesting you won’t like to get disturbed while reading where you care about the emotions and excitement induced by it.

11. Eating a Delicious Food

We all have a hidden instinct towards the delicious food. Eat delicious food when you feel hungry. This is the point where you love food as you love yourself. Getting hungry also induces hormones related to the happiness similar to having chocolates.

12. Mode of spending money

Money is a powerful tool for the humans. Spending the money for unimportant materialistic needs is not significant. Spend it to gain new experiences is the best attitude. It is an investment towards having long-term amazing memorable moments in life. Spending money for others who are in need put you in a good mood for a long time. You would feel the consistent joy in the self by making others feel good and happy. You indeed feel joyous for days unaware of its real source. (Read also The Role of Happiness and Money in Life)


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