12 Most Important Skills to be Successful

12 Most Important Skills to be Successful

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How to Improve the Essential Skills in Life?

It is imperative to improve some of the essential skills in our life. Without improvement, our life will become clumsy and vulnerable to various factors that affect our life in a negative way.

These requisite skills play a very important role in our day to day life. We all do have such skills in different levels. Utilizing such essential skills effectively in all circumstances is an ability every person should possess.

1. Decision Making Skills

We are responsible for our future. Taking the right decisions at times is the essential part of our life. There are probably many occasions in life where we may confront with tough times in making a decision. Sometimes, we have to face a situation to choose either of two in our life. And, that decision determines our destiny.

How to take right decisions in life?

♦ . Think twice or thrice before taking a step. There is a famous proverb ‘Look Before You Leap’ is notable.

♦ Take the decisions in favor to the life purpose.

♦ Consider choosing the path that can bring long-term contentment than the near short one.

♦  If one come across some of the opportunities at the beginning of the career consider choosing few of them. If one of them fails, you would have backups, or else you would get lost. This also helps to reduce the impact of failure and stress in life. For example, if one’s goal is to become a film star, consider choosing few other fields associated with it. Realize that it is usual to have some tough times in life.

♦  Consider other’s expert advice. It is one of the important habits that help to make a decision intelligently.

♦  Analyze the situation from all sides.

2. Learn the Body Language Skills

Why is it essential to learn the basic body language skills in our life? Interacting with the people is inevitable in the modern times. The body language signs are the principal factor involved in evaluating a person in social settings.

Some people are not conscious about their body language. This is where one fails to impress others to get the job done. The first impression is very much important in the social interaction. This impression gets unconsciously imprinted in others mind temporarily. It is formed within first 3 seconds of the introduction. If you are successful in making a good impression in others mind, half of your task is over.

Try to use strong body language signs as I said in the article ‘8 Character Traits Mentally Strong People Avoid in Social Settings.’

3. Dressing Skills

Your dressing sense shows your lifestyle. Dressing properly makes you look professional and smart.

Wear a comfortable dress. The comfortable dress makes you feel confident in your activities or else get more concerned about it in social settings.

Try to improve by observing others who have a very good sense of dressing where they look confident and smart.

Some people have a unique style of dressing such as Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, Richard Branson, and few others.

4. Communication Skills

We social beings want to know how to effectively interact with others. It is the skill to express our thoughts and needs in life effectually.

If you are successful in conveying your feelings cent percent to others and make them feel the same emotions then, you have a better communication skill. This is the skill possessed by the great people who have influenced others.

♦ First become a good listener. It an essential part of communication. It makes others feel good and respected. Meanwhile, you are developing a trust in their mind subconsciously.

♦ Show that you are interested to hear by not interrupting them in between. Some people have the trait of concluding other’s sentences. The research showed that such conclusion makes them feel degraded subconsciously. However, repeating a sentence adds a positive effect on the conversation.

♦ Use the right tone of voice with optimum speed.

 5. Time Management Skills

The time management skills help one to organize the time according to the needs. This helps one to stick to the goals and stop procrastinating one’s duty; less stressed with work and get motivated. According to the experts, the most significant things to consider in time management skills are

♦ Prioritize the important task.

♦  Avoid multitasking.

♦  Properly schedule the duties.

6. Negotiating Skills

We used to negotiate at often times in life. It is the skill that helps one to remain firm on the matter and also responsible for the mutual benefit.

Some people in business are looking for ultra-gains. We need to bargain to get a good deal. In order to lead a healthy life, one has to develop the negotiating skills.

♦  Show you are confident and a good listener.

♦  Communicate with positive body language and use a strong tone of voice.

♦  Assertively acknowledging the drawbacks and objectives helps to conclude the negotiation soon.

♦  Look for mutual gain.

7. Persuasion Skill

We would come across many times in life to persuade with others. We might want to do something worthy and various factors obstruct its path.

♦  Convince others by showing the relevance of the matter and sharing the needed information.

♦  Be rational in your needs.

♦  The research showed that slightly mimicking the other person’s gestures greatly increases the chance of success in persuading others.

♦  By creating urgency in the matter. It is not being hasty in needs but to induce a state in their mind as like the flash sale deal.

8. Know to Relieve Stress

Stress prevents one from enjoying the life at its maximum. One cannot be in happy and stressed at the same time. There are many ways to relieve the stress.

♦  Yoga and meditation are the better options.

♦  Listening to music has proved its effects.

♦  Have a leisure time with family and friends.

♦  Spend some time with pet animals. They help a lot to feel good.

♦  Play with the children.

♦  Go for walking or cycling. This helps to reduce the tension developed in the muscle due to the stress which in turn reduces the mental stress. (Read also How to Practice Kundalini meditation?)

9. Budgeting Skills

It is essential in life to become aware of the income and expenditure for a particular period of time. A proper budgeting skill helps one to effectively utilize the money. How to develop the budgeting skill?

♦  Create a budget that suits your needs.

♦  Writing down makes one more conscious about spending money.

♦  Plan the needs ahead.  (Read also The Secret Strategy of Money and Happiness in Life)

10. Learn to Read Other's Mind

It is not very difficult to read other's mind for the basic needs in life. At sometimes, we need to know how others perceive us; whether they are considering our request; someone or friends is lying; is others trying to betray us. Without such skills, one would become a stupid person.

In the article ‘7 Most Effective Mind Control Technique Tips in NLP,’ I said that there are some covert techniques used by the mind controllers to influence others mind.

11. Get More Connections

Connections have a great impact in our personal life. Having more active connections determines our influences in the world. More relationship doesn’t add value to it.

It is better to have a single strong influential connection than ten less influential connections. These connections would generally increase our influential power. The studies showed that it is better to connect with people of varied interest than with the like-minded one.

12. Learn to Say ‘NO’ to the People

Saying yes when one wants to say no is the crucial problem some of the people facing in life. Saying no to others makes one feel guilty where saying yes reduces the self-esteem as one is devaluing one’s own needs.

If someone asks you to do a favor which would disturb your life, say no to them assertively and politely. It is a skill everyone needs to learn. This helps others to feel you are caring other's needs too.

Warren Buffett said: “The difference between successful people and most successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything”.


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