13 Minor Siddhi Powers in Indian philosophy

13 Minor Siddhi Powers in Indian philosophy

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Minor Siddhis

The major siddhis are accompanied by the following minor siddhis. There is no clarified classification of these minor siddhis in Indian philosophy. A few yoga texts claim it as 64 in number.

As I mentioned in the major siddhis, these powers are also acquired in the yogic practices. These specific powers can be acquired through certain disciplinary practices.

When one practices the purity of his words, certainly whatever he predicts will come true. When one upholds the path of righteousness these siddhis becomes apparent to him.

Sometimes, some people experience such things in their life. They experience clairvoyance or a spontaneous thought about something and later they come to know that it happened or it was just real.

The following are some of the listed minor siddhis 

1.  Vak-siddhi : The yogi who acquired this power has the potential to control the events by his words. Whatever he predicts will exist in the future.

2.  Iccha Mrityu :  This is the power to control his death. It is that the yogi can only die at his will.

3.  Trikala jnana : Those who attained this siddhi know past present and the future.

4.   Mano jaya : He will be having the whole control over the mind.

5.   Doora dharshan : The yogi who attained this siddhi can view the events far from his vicinity.

6.   Doora sravan : This is also similar to the above siddhi which will be having the power to hear the sound from far of places.

7.   Darduri siddhi : The Yogi gets the power to leap a large distance similar to flying.

8.   Kamachari : He can move to any places as he wishes.

9.   Patala siddhi : One who acquired this siddhi has the power to control the desires, he can destroy sorrows and cure diseases.

10.  Vayu siddhi : He has the power to rise above the ground as floating in the air.

11.  Yatha sankalpa : By acquiring this siddhi the yogi will be having the power to get whatever he likes.

12.  Parakaya pravesam : This is the siddhi to transfer one’s own soul to the dead body and possess it.

13.  He has the power to control the body from heat and cold, thirst, and hunger. (Read also Siddhis or Mystical Powers)

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