13 Most Important Acupressure Points for Better Health

13 Most Important Acupressure Points for Better Health

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How to Do Acupressure at Home?

In order to maintain better health, our body has to be revitalized very often. This acupressure technique can be included along with your routine exercise to achieve it. The most important acupressure points are experimented and ensured its benefits by Vethathiri Maharishi. He recommended including these techniques along with the yoga exercises for a healthy body. (Read also Yoga Exercise to Reduce Lower Back Pain)

Step by Step Procedure

This acupressure technique doesn’t require any expertise. Even the beginners can do it effectively according to the mentioned procedures.

♦ Lie down on a mat. Remain in a relaxed state.

♦ Fold your left arm across your chest without touching the chest. Your palm will be on the right side of your neck.

♦ Use your first three fingers to press the spinal cord. These fingers should adjoin and the middle finger is on the first protruding portion of the spinal cord on the base of the neck. Maintain this posture throughout the acupressure technique. You also have to maintain a gentle press in this healing practice.

♦ Now, use the tip of the index finger of the right hand for healing. Note that your right hand and its elbow or fingers are not touching any other object or ground. Only the index finger should touch the body. That is using the tip of the index finger to press the pressure points.

♦ Below one inch from the diaphragm, there is an energy center. Use your index finger to press it. Hold it for 20 – 30 seconds. Concentrate your whole energy on that point. (Read also 5 Ways of Concentration of Mind Naturally)

♦ The next point is located just one inch below the first center. Continue pressing it for 20 – 30 seconds as mentioned before.

♦ Again, move one inch below and continue with the above procedure. Note that this point is just one inch above the navel.

♦ Next, insert the tip of the index finger in the navel by pressing it gently. Pull it towards the upper part of the body and maintain that posture for 20 – 30 seconds. Assume that your navel is calibrated as a circular clock where you are pulling your finger towards the number 12.

♦ Now, use your tip of the thumb to pull towards the 6 as in the clock. Hold it for 20 – 30 seconds as mentioned before.

♦ Use your index finger to press towards the point relative to the position between 10 and 11 of the clock.

♦ Similarly, continue pressing the position between 1 and 2; 7 and 8 for 20 – 30 seconds.

♦ For the position between 4 and 5 use your thumb.

♦ The next acupressure point is situated on one inch below the ribs on the right side. This is the region of the upper part of the kidney.

♦ There is a similar point on the left side. Continue pressing as before.

♦ Once again use your thumb to press the point located one inch above the hip sideways.

♦ Finally, use your index finger to press the region situated on the left side of the abdomen that is just one inch above the folding of the thigh. (Read also Foot Reflexology Techniques for Better Sleep and Immunity)

Benefits of Acupressure

There are many benefits of acupressure. Instead of focusing on certain parts of the body or concerned with the particular health issue, these pressure points help us to maintain an overall health when done regularly. Below are the most significant benefits of it. This technique is dealt with the prana energy of the body.

♦ Regulate the biomagnetism and life energy (prana, qi, etc.) of the body.

♦ Removes the blockages present in the energy centers of the body.

♦ The vital organs are supplied with the required bio-current.

♦ This acupressure technique helps to reduce the risk of heart attack and also other related heart diseases.

♦ This healing practice balances the vital energy of the body. This will help you to improve the sleep quality. (Read also Effective Ways to Fall Asleep Faster at Night)

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