24 Hard Truths of Happiness that Surprise You

24 Hard Truths of Happiness that Surprise You

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How to Become Happy?

We have seen many explanations of happiness. We are familiar with some activities such as laughter, exercising, getting out in the sun that can enhance our mood. There is lots of research on happiness. Yet we experience the same level of happiness even in the life with posh amenities.

Our way of life and prosperity has progressed in time. Nevertheless, we are the same as centuries back.

According to science, we experience happiness when we release these chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins in our body. When we analyze the happiness as a whole there are few interesting matters concerned with it. The following listed points are the significant ones that contribute to the major portion of our happiness.

1. Your life problems begin with the wrong thinking. Get the right knowledge that guides you on the right path. This is the first and foremost duty of a person looking for perpetual happiness. This is the secrecy of the blissful state.

2. There is a normal state for everyone. Whatever we do in order to make us happy, later returns to its initial state. Becoming worried is easier than to be happy. When a person is in a depressed state, he/she is under the constant and continuous act of negative emotions. Similarly, for happiness, it’s a mental disorder unless it’s the elated state noted in the spirituality.

3. If you cannot be happy now you cannot be happy then. Your happiness is the state of mentality. External conditions have less influence on it. And, even if you fulfill your desires with such mentality you won’t feel much happiness. So, try to be happy in the present you can be happy in the future too.

4. Subjecting happiness to life events, some people say “when I reach that, I will be happy or when I get those things done, I will be happy or when I get this, I will be happy”. These all are only the excuses to happiness. Our future is uncertain. You may get an instant temporary boost of pleasure when things go as meant. But, sooner those pleasures have no more effect on you. (Read also 4 Ultimate Ways to Discover Life Purpose and Increase Happiness)

5. Everyone is concerned about their future. If not then, concerned about financial security. If you are in this group, it is one of the real causes of your worries. It is the fears of mind.

6. Your miseries arise when you get attached to the expectations, desires, and anxieties in your life. Detach from these qualities, you will experience ever ending joy in your life according to the mystics. It seems like hard to do but a possible truth.

7. Personally, we are responsible for our own happiness. It’s our choice to fill the day with small positive experiences. These add up to the overall wellbeing of our life.

8. Some life events can enhance our moods for days. Yet, they are temporary. One thing we can do, remembering such moments or putting your mind alike such state makes you feel good.

9. We all experience dualities in life. Life is the mixture of both positive and negative events. It’s the real nature of life. Those who are not much influenced by it upon having a steady mind lead a worthy life. The world’s happiest people are those who have cultivated spirituality in their life according to the survey. You need not be an ascetic, renunciate or religious to become spiritual. You have to become more natural, that’s it.

10. Improve your creativity because we express our creative skills when we are happy. It’s the truth that the creative people are also the happier chaps in the world.

11. Happiness is a skill that can be learned. Skip the genetic influence of happiness. Still, you are left with the choice to train your mind to experience the extent of happiness. (Read also 3 Amazing Scientific Research on Happiness)

12. Let cultivating happiness be a habit in your life. There is also a science behind it. When you worry most of the time then it will be very easy for your brain to put you in that mood. Finally, you will get wired in that way. Instead, prefer the former. It’s up to you.

13. More life experiences help you to know the art of happiness. The research has shown that the older chaps are happier than the younger ones.

14. People who consider themselves as being in control in their life are happier than those who blame their happiness for external conditions. Have a fair internal locus of control in life. You have to be realistic in your responsibilities. If the external factors have truly influenced the outcome of an event, don’t consider it as your fault. It may degrade your self-esteem. For instance, you missed the train because of an unexpected roadblock. Don’t take the responsibility in your head that you might have taken the alternate road. You are not responsible for everything in your life. Moreover, nothing is under your control except only a false notion of it.

15. Those who often use the words unconsciously such as ‘I need, I like, I want, I choose’ are happier than those who use the words I can’t, I should, I have to when asked about daily activities. It seems that the latter group’s life is totally under control of someone else.

16. Give something to others that which they feel worthy. It need not be a costlier thing. Anything that is valuable to them. It makes them happy. It’s the easy way to have a long-lasting pleasant feeling in you. If you are not a kind and generous person, you might have the opposite effect. Do such deeds without expecting anything in return, even the praise of others. It’s the technique of mind not to have any tiny speck of negative feelings regarding such deeds and to have maximum benefits.

17. The people consider kindness and gratitude as the spiritual realm. The positive psychology proved that such qualities can greatly influence our happiness in life. Such qualities are not the thing that we can buy. It has to be seeded and cultivated deep within us.

18. Having a realistic definite goal and purpose adds value to your life. Working towards it is the way to happiness. Even though you may get stressed, the happiness you experience in each level is worthy. It is as like something you have long awaited. Working towards your goal is better than being idle or engaging in something else. It is the only way to your wellbeing. As Vyasa Maharishi said, “It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to be imitative of somebody else’s life with perfection.” (Read also 8 Most Powerful and Inspirational Quotes in Spirituality)

19. People who skip the nearer and short-term pleasures are happier than those who indulge in it and later regret or condemn on their fate. It’s the manner they fail to fulfill the unmet needs in life. These needs are important for our wellbeing.

20. We perceive happiness upon comparing with others in every respect. If a person lives in poverty in an area with similar people, he will get less stressed that a person who lives in an area with richer folks.

21. One thing people don’t keep up with the modern lifestyle is that ‘eat while hungry’. Taking food while hungry can release the happy hormones in the blood. Do some physical activities that make you hungry. These all are the little things that can contribute to your happiness.

22. It is the known fact that the body and mind are closely interconnected. If you feel stressed, take deep breaths, have a positive body posture that boosts your mind. Just having a simple wide smile can make the difference. The studies have shown that the body posture gets to cope with the respective emotions. This is one of the hardly used facts. But, it’s effective for instant temporary boosting of your mood.

23.  Know your personality, i.e., know the level of your extrovert and introvert qualities. Adjust your life according to that. If you are an extreme extrovert then, prefer the environment that constantly changes because you focus more external stimulus for happiness. The constant environment is boredom for you. If you are an introvert, prefer the environment that helps you to spend sometimes to rejoice in your personal needs. Your happiness depends on the activities you indulge in related to your personality.

24. Happiness is both mental and physical. The truth is that happiness is only a temporary set of emotions. We have to go through the alternating emotions in our life. We have to miss the loved ones. We have to go through few of the hard times in our life. When we see the life from the normal side, it doesn’t look easy. Apart from these, we have a natural inherent healer with us. The time - it has the power to heal any wound. It’s the truth we have to accept. It’s the real fact of life.

I tried to include the important topics that are inevitable for happiness. I have included few matters that we often omit in our daily life but they are the significant ones that contribute to our overall happiness.

There are also matters that are beyond happiness. It’s the addictive nectar that put you in an eternal ecstatic state as I said in the article “3 Reasons Why You Need Tantra Yoga for Better Relationship.”


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