26 'Cosmos' Amazing Facts that Make You Weird

26 'Cosmos' Amazing Facts that Make You Weird

Facts of Cosmos

1. We see stars and distant objects in the sky. But we are actually seeing their past state that existed thousands or millions of years ago. The universe is certainly a way back machine.

2. Our mere conscious activity changes the nature of the system according to quantum mechanics.

3. Nothing moves faster than light. If that happens, nature collapses. This numerical constancy of electromagnetic waves in free space lays foundational analysis for the entire Cosmos.

4. Gravitational waves travel with the velocity of light. If the sun suddenly vanishes, Earth still continues to revolve for about 8 minutes.

5. 99% of the secrets of the Cosmos are still unknown. (Read also After Kundalini Awakening What Happens)

6. No one remains at rest. Everything in the cosmos is under constant motion. It’s tricky to measure one’s velocity. Since Earth has a certain velocity of its own and with respect to the sun. Our planetary system has a certain velocity with respect to the galaxy and even galaxies are accelerating. Therefore, Einstein’s equation relied on the constancy of the velocity of light to measure the velocity.

7. The weird fact about the velocity of light is that if someone travels with the velocity close to that of light still measure the velocity of light as that of a stationary observer. It means that however you measure it; you get the value as 300,000 km per sec.

8. Everything is relative and interconnected. Space, time, movement, Etc.

9. Gravitational force is really the property of space-time curvature. Time moves faster for the people living in higher altitudes. Therefore, the scientists correct the satellite time with respect to ground time.

10. The orbit of planets are not elliptical; it goes spiral as like an elongated spring with respect to Galaxy and linear curve with respect to the Universe.

11. Time stops at the speed of light. Literally, there is no time at that state. Time began right from the Big Bang. As Stephen Hawking noted that, there was a zero chance for a creator to create the universe. Since there was no time before the big bang.

12. Nature is spookier than we imagine.

13. Space doesn’t exist when there is no time. Time and space are inseparable entities. There are many space-time singularities in our observable cosmos. That is, in certain locations in space that there exists no space and time. It’s a little difficult to visualize that there is literally no space inside a space. More clearly, the total volume of space remains the same with or without singularities. And, the space we perceive is the space that formed after the big bang and expands along with it.

14. Before the big bang, there was nothingness. Nothingness ( ) is the absence of something. Nothingness is the essence of spirituality. (Read also Laws of Life from Ancient Sanskrit)

15. Existing something from nothing in randomness as dual polarities (+/-, matter/antimatter, universe/anti-universe) is the law of quantum physics.

16. Light bends under the action of gravity. The distant stars we see in the sky are really not in the same location.

17. Each particle, as well as closely built matter, has its own unique time and it is relative.  We are not an exception. Everyone has his or her own unique time. We don't experience this, as there is not much difference in relative time.

18. There are no miracles, there are only natural laws.

19. The universe is a consequence of energy. It evolves and perishes as it is the temporary state of energy.

20. Philosophers say ‘We perceive the world with our mind. If there is no mind, then there is no world”. But, the world existed before the evolution of the human mind. What they mean is the cosmos is a perishable bubble in the infinitude. Quantum physics makes valid assumptions.

21. The past and future are illusions of time. The present is the effect that doesn't depend on time.

22. 99.9999999996% of an atom is free space. If all the particles in our body are squeezed without space, it would be the size less than that of a needle tip.

23. Electrons from the outermost layer of an atom. As they are in constant vibrational motion, we are never touching anything. They repel each other when comes into direct contact. We experience only the field.

24. Everything works under vibrational energy. Quantum physics says that everything is under their unique wavy nature.

25. We are in a collective illusion than in individuality. Inside the sphere of illusion, we perceive reality.

26. Even if there is a possibility for an ant to reach the shore when left in the middle of an ocean, a person has less possibility to reach the earth if left somewhere in the cosmos. (Read also 43 Lie Detection Techniques in NLP)


Praveen Kumar

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