3 Most Powerful Meditation Techniques in the World

most powerful meditation

Powerful Meditation Techniques for Body, Mind, and Soul

Whatever we do physically or mentally to rejuvenate and tranquilize the mind in a constructive way is meditation. There are many meditation practices around the world according to one’s need, yet there are only a few most advanced forms of meditation.

Actually, meditation is not a technique. It is the state of mind.

The methods mentioned here refer to a set of practices that help the aspirant to attain such a mental state. (Read also Sixth Sense Mind Power Technique, Proven Ways to Use It)

Advanced I mentioned above doesn’t mean the new generation or latest as in the case of technologies. I mean highly evolved traditional procedures that are powerful.  The person requires a better understanding, dedication, and good discipline to succeed in it.

These are more oriented towards the ultra-spiritual development that takes one to the culmination of spirituality ensuring immense health benefits.

In the past thirteen years of spiritual seeking, I came across one of such practices at the beginning. It changed me a lot physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s irresistible to note the regenerative and transformative power of such spiritual practices.

After initiating the kundalini through the Shaktipat process, it made me wonder about such inexplicable energy which has led me further to know more about these practices.

The common man may realize a glimpse of this divine nature of the self through the mystics. He might realize that this was the ultimate power that each one of us has to experience. Thereby, it takes one to the actual deeper level of understanding of nature.

There is indeed something beyond ordinary human comprehension. Whereby. those who had an opportunity to visit or been with the Mystics have experienced it.

The below listed three forms of meditations relate an aspirant more to kundalini experiences. These are most powerful because the aspirant can directly experience the power of Kundalini. The methods used in Vipassana are also effective (dissolving the mind) but not directly linked with kundalini experiences.

Here, I am not degrading the other types that are also capable of bringing beneficial changes to the person. By learning any of these forms and digging deeper into its aspects, it becomes apparent that the other types of powerful meditations are related to these kinds or come under these classes.

As directly evoking the indomitable spiritual energy (not related to the attributes of physical energy) in the man that leads to the higher levels of consciousness with the systemized forms of techniques held such types in the list of most powerful meditations in the world.

In the name of yoga, these methods are the synthesis of many traditions and are interrelated. It seems like the trunk of the tree with many branches, where the union of all forms represents the trunk.

Few techniques in a tradition are adopted from other forms such as mantras, hatha yoga, and raja yoga techniques of kundalini yoga as well as in other types that are also explicit for other practices. It is usual to find that these are the forms of interrelated practices.

These practices are distinctive at the base level and become indistinct as when we reach the higher states of the spiritual realm after awakening the kundalini energy.

Even though these practices are ultimately destined for spiritual development yet, anyone can train this for better physical and mental health even in the preliminary stages.

1. Kundalini Yoga Meditation

We can trace the origin of kundalini yoga in the Tantric practices where its primal aim is to awaken the kundalini energy in a predestined manner with the systemized secular form of techniques.

The yoga practitioners emphasize this as one of the most advanced forms of meditation practice.

This practice also has varied methods of awakening the kundalini energy such as the alternate nostril breathing pranayama, golden flower meditation (GFM) a form of kundalini meditation, – that are pragmatic and very efficient in awakening this psychic energy.

The methods used in Kundalini yoga is one of the safest approaches when done with disciplined practice and meanwhile having a good understanding of its mechanism.

After awakening kundalini, the meditation practices are continued with the illuminated seven chakras. The progress in the meditation practices results in an increase in spiritual energy, better health, reduced stress, and heightened awareness that becomes apparent. (See What happens in Our Life After Awakening Kundalini?)

The initial level of this meditation is done in concentrating the mind and thus reducing the mental waves. Thereby, the aspirant can experience the gradually emerging greater leap of consciousness.

There are many centers around the world teaching kundalini yoga meditation. The effective methods for the spiritual enthusiasts are of Vethathiri Maharishi’s Simplified Kundalini Yoga and Yogi Bhajan’s centers where the aspirants are initiated to this practice.

2. Kriya Yoga Meditation

The kriya yoga is also mentioned in the tantric texts but they are veiled under philosophical allegory and the techniques have been handed over from the Guru to disciple. The esoteric forms of techniques used in kriyas are very powerful and effective that suit well with the modern lifestyle.

This form is systemized with the bandhas, mudras, kriyas, and pranayama. The Kriya pranayama techniques used here are distinct from other pranayama techniques and the kechari mudra subdues the mind.

Unlike other meditation practices, Kriya yoga does not highlight controlling one’s mind perhaps it is absorbed in the actions. The techniques are mostly based on hatha yoga and are duly focused on controlling the prana. (Read also What is Prana in Yoga?)

The yoga practice is done gradually as preparing the body to withstand the greater energy. The kriyas are accompanied by meditation resulting in the excited state of the spiritual energy. The kundalini is awakened through the different stages therefore, the aspirant has more control and insight into what’s happening within him.

Revitalizing the chakras is the special form of the Kriya meditation technique which results in higher spiritual energy and a deeper level of meditation. This is also a simplified form and it will take time to master all the techniques. The breathless state of the body and converting the body to a higher level of vitality are the significant approaches to this practice.

Notably, there was no sign of the decay of the Paramahamsa Yogananda’s body after two weeks of his death. (See How to Stay Looking Young?)

The kriya yoga in its advanced form is known to the world through Paramahamsa Yogananda and there are centers around the world that initiate the aspirants in this path.

3. Mantra Yoga Meditation

These are the thought and vibrational energy which probably doesn’t have any literal meaning and are meant to harmonize us with the natural frequency of the Absolute.

This is the method of evoking the energy which is also rooted in the tantra that takes one to the higher realm of spiritual experiences.

These techniques are very powerful as an initiated meditator can instantaneously attain the concentration of the mind. It is a speedy process as well as the idle process for some persons.

According to quantum physics, everything viz., matter or non-matter, gross or subtle exhibits a vibrational nature. The chakras are having subtle vibrations and when the mantras are formalized to harmonize with the chakras that are intended to activate and balance them.

Transcendental meditation is the form of mantra yoga that is effective in evoking the steadiness of the mind. This is the quickest and easiest form of meditation in the case of health benefits. (Read also Kapalbhati – Effective Yoga for Cold, Cough, Headache, and Weight Loss)

This is a popular kind known through Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that has institutes around the world teaching transcendental meditation and mantra yoga.

The book “Why is Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and a guide for those who seek the path in this field.

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