3 Natural Ways for Younger Looking Skin and Healthy Body

3 Natural Ways for Younger Looking Skin and Healthy Body

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How to Have Younger Looking Skin and Healthy Body?

We are inspired by the younger looking body of the Yogis. Compared to others they have fewer wrinkles in the skin with a natural charming physical stature.

Maintaining a healthy young looking body is not a difficult job. For most of the people, the laziness is the root cause that keeps them away from doing so.

We people have a natural affinity towards the beauty. Our mind is designed in such a way as to admire the beautiful creations – the beauty of natural sceneries; the beauty of animals, birds, etc. The psychologist says that we all have an innate attraction towards the beauty of the human face that is displayed on the screens, posters, and papers. Hence, maintaining a healthy beautiful body is a plus point.

There might be no one who never once thought of having a young body in the 30s or 40s. Some people would like to look ten years younger than their real age. And, some people accept their over-aged looking body than they really are. But, few people get embarrassed with their chubby look, their mind gets obsessed with such thoughts and develops a false impression of their beauty. Their mind eventually gets demotivated.

Such people are curious to know about the secrets of the younger looking body of the film stars or public figures. I am not a film star or public figure, yet I am happy to have a young looking body. In late 20’s when people get introduced to me they often consider my age as early 20s and get surprised on hearing my age.

Excluding the genes characteristics, I suppose that it is due to the way of life and the advanced yoga practices. However, I have also seen some people with such characteristics without following any strict orders in life. (Read also How to Stay Looking Young?)

Usually, to maintain a healthy young looking body there are no secrets or difficult task but, to have a healthy routine habit. Maintaining such habit is obligatory. This can be achieved by sticking to the simple routine habits where such people used to do.

An interesting fact is that when one notices such positive effects in the body, they get motivated and looks for all possible ways to maintain one’s beautiful body. I am not emphasizing here to have an everlasting young body but the significance of the healthy body in one’s life.

A body without any chronic disease is a blessing. It can be realized when you are having such health disorders or knowing about the sufferings of others.

1. Regular Exercise Benefits

The studies have shown that those who exercise regularly had a positive effect in their body. They stay young and healthy than the peers who do not exercise. These exercises enhance the blood circulations and make one stay in fit.

Yoga exercises are meant to rejuvenate the body. It works from the inside out where its effects reach each and every cell in the body including the healthy function of the internal organs. These exercises have a specific effect on the various part of the body where different asanas contribute to the total effective functions of the body. (Read also 6 Simple Effective Yoga Exercises for Healthy Body)

Yoga masters recommend that if one cannot find time to do exercise for particular days then it would be better to choose walking or swimming as an alternative.

2. Food for Longevity

A balanced diet is inevitable for the healthy looking body. Consuming food that contains the anti-aging vitamins helps one to maintain a healthy young body for a prolonged period of time.

The specialist says that a person’s bright younger looking eyes reflect his healthy body and vice versa. Drowsy and reddish eyes do not add beauty to a person.

For attractive eyes, it is recommended to consume one dates per day. It has the needed nutrients in required quantity to maintain the healthy eyes. It can also supply the major portion of fibers and nutrients to the body.

Similarly, sorbitol content food items like grapes help to maintain a healthy younger looking skin. Consider adding various kinds of fresh eatables in the menu.

Avoid junk foods and that which contains the notable amount of artificial nutrients. Try to consume natural foods that are readily available.

The yogis say – ‘what you eat and how much you eat?’ – is very much important for a healthy body and mind. Major percent of diseases are due to improper food habits. They had recommended having moderation in our food is the primal way to lead a healthy life.

This is similar to the secrets of Okinawan lifestyle where one of their significant qualities is to have a moderation in consuming food. They have the highest life expectancy in the world because of their particular lifestyle according to the survey.

3. Healthy habits

The human body is made in such a way as to respond to the biological changes. Maintaining healthy habits such as eating good food, proper sleep is inevitable for a prolonged healthy body. (Read also Effective Ways to Fall Asleep Faster at Night)

Some people have developed some of the unhealthy habits due to changes in the modernization. Some are prone to drugs and other stuff that are injurious to health. Hence, its implications are inevitable.

Learn to laugh. Happiness and laughter keep away the major percent of illness.

The researchers say that happy face tends to look younger than their relative stressed face. Learn the social skills, so it prevents one from getting stressed and reap more of benefits in social settings.

Spend some leisure time with the family and friends. This is the place where one becomes more susceptible to the laughter.

The above-mentioned points are the tips for a healthy body, and when adopted in your lifestyle, it certainly extends the youthfulness to its maximum in your life. This also reduces the risks of the old age health issues and unwelcomed diseases.

Taking a step today will certainly pay off later.


Praveen Kumar

Praveen is the founder and editor at MindOrbs, an online magazine about personal development, yoga, meditation, spirituality, health, and wellness. He is a postgraduate in Physics, author, and entrepreneur. He is a kundalini practitioner for more than 15 years.