3 Reasons You Are Wrong With Business and Spirituality

3 Reasons You Are Wrong With Business and Spirituality

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How to Incorporate Business and Spirituality into Your Life?

Everyone has distinct purposes and responsibilities in life. These purposes and responsibilities in this business-oriented world led to mental fluctuations affecting relentlessly the mind and body of the individuals. And therefore, most of us certainly came through some of the wellness activities in life such as reducing stress, making the mind calm and serene through various forms of meditation or other mental level pursuits in life.

Now, yoga is secularized from the ancient tradition as well as the kundalini meditation and few other spiritual practices. The spirituality turns out to be a wellness hub throughout the world where the ancient techniques really helped people to lead a better life.

The research showed that the spiritual people are the happiest people in the world. Our life is incomplete without spirituality. Our needs and desires are not contented in its absence. So, the spirituality became as an inevitable aspect which should be cultivated in one’s life that slowly grows in time.

The ordinary people are driven by the mundane pleasures in life. If one desire is fulfilled, the next desire gets created. These successive desires continue until the end of one’s life and this desire is the root cause of all miseries in life according to Buddha.

As I said in the book “Crack the Hidden Laws of Life,” finally, there will be an ignition in one’s life ‘true vision’ that one realizes the real long lasting happiness is bequeathed in spirituality. This is the ultimate path of seeking pleasures after taking all diversions in life and eventually culminates in it.

I would like to share my experience with spirituality here. I am neither an ultra-spiritualist nor a renunciant where I was spiritually awakened (kundalini awakened) for about 13 years. I am self-employed and also having few other commitments in life where I felt spirituality shows more light in my deeds.

Even though there are significant changes in my life, it is consistent with the usual life where I am leading an ordinary life extraordinarily. (Read more After Kundalini Awakening, What Happens in Your Life)

1. Considering Spirituality as Incompatible with Worldly Life

There is a common misconception that the spiritual life is incompatible with business or mundane life. The lifestyle of spiritual gurus added to it.

But when one verily realizes what is meant by spirituality, it becomes the moderator where other aspects of life exist in one’s life based on upon one’s purposeful deeds and actions. These two – physical comfort and mental comfort are the fundamental things in life that coexist in one’s all life activities.

The art of living founder Sri Sri Ravishankar said: “individual or society is incomplete without both the aspects.” As the modern human life exists in material comfort and mental comfort, it is essential to incorporate these both in one’s life.

2. Underestimating the Power of Spirituality in All Life Aspects

As I said in the article ‘Money and Spirituality in the Life Journey’, people generally consider money as inauspicious to spirituality. Indeed it’s the part of spirituality.

We should consider spirituality along with the significant worldly needs according to our deeds unless we are devoid of purposeful life where only spirituality remains.

If we analyze the lifestyle of few of the popular entrepreneurs, spirituality has played a considerable part in forging their life. They have incorporated it in their life according to their deeds. The role of spirituality in enhancing the will-power and productivity of Steve Jobs cannot be ignored. He was a Buddhist meditation enthusiast where he used to incorporate its benefits into his business.

Similarly, other entrepreneurs Warren Buffet, Jeff Wiener, Paul Jones and many others infer the role of spirituality in bridging their life and it helped them to maintain their purposeful business successfully.

This is where they learn to slow down their mind and focus on success with internal features than the external aspects of life. They realize that accomplishment becomes worthy only if it brings benefits to others.

3. Not Realizing What Spirituality Really Means

It’s natural instinct of humans to look for pleasures and avoid pains. For common people, the temporary happiness which is unveiled in the worldly activities seems easily accessible where the path of spirituality for realizing the perpetual happiness is obtrusive.

This aspect made ordinary people consider it as a formidable path. However, the spiritual quest really begins when one starts pondering on the self and becoming more concerned about his purposes in life. Here, one begins journey upon indulging in one’s duties and karma by leading a usual life. But some people are unaware of this spiritual aspect of life and fail to improve it in life.

Spirituality is not meant as renunciation where it’s only a facet of it. It is the state of mind to focus inwards and see the world from the inside out where the religious practices are only an aid to it.

Ramana Maharishi said, “People think that freedom (moksha) is somewhere yonder and should be sought out. They are wrong. Freedom is only knowing the Self within yourself. Concentrate and you will get it.”

I don’t mean that the path of religious spirituality is ineffective. It is the approach of dualism finally ends in unity where it is a lengthy approach that the beginner mind could easily fit. But when one truly realizes the path of spirituality, one becomes neither religious nor adopts any form of non-secular beliefs even if one leads a life in religious traditions. I meant here the secular spirituality embraced by the eminent spiritualists in the east and west that don't require any form of religious practices. (Read also 5 Reasons Why people Have Consistent Belief in Their Religion)


Praveen Kumar

Praveen is the founder and editor at MindOrbs, an online magazine about personal development, yoga, meditation, spirituality, health, and wellness. He is a postgraduate in Physics, author, and entrepreneur. He is a kundalini practitioner for more than 15 years.