3 Reasons You Need Tantra Yoga for Better Relationship

3 Reasons You Need Tantra Yoga for Better Relationship

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Reasons You are Wrong With Sexuality (Tantra Yoga)

Tantra yoga is becoming more popular in the world and everyone at least needs to know briefly ‘what it really means to their life?’ Here, I have briefly noted about tantric sex and a few of the benefits by implementing it in one’s life.

‘Energy’ is purely a scientific concept. It is responsible for the diversities of existence. This energy has different forms and every one is created with it, living with it, and procreating with it. It is necessary to know about this energy and to properly utilize it for the wellbeing of a person.

Tantra yoga, an ancient spiritual practice that has originated in the east has the well-devised techniques to achieve it. The tantric sex has really changed the common concept of sexuality.

However, tantric sex is not really focused on sex. It is a set of practical techniques that relates to the body, mind, and consciousness. The connection between spiritual energy and sexual energy was already known to the ancient yogis. It is a widely accepted fact that the kundalini awakening is associated with sexual arousal in many of the aspirants.

By underlying this connection, tantra yoga focuses on sexual energy to enlighten one’s spiritual energy. This technique is practiced by arousing the sexual power in a systematic manner with conscious awareness leading to the ecstatic state of the body and mind. This ecstatic state is attained by transcending the normal org**mic pleasure.

Tantric sex is widely known as the spiritual sex and was more popular in the world through the commentary of Bhagavan Rajneesh Osho. It is only a discipline of tantra like yoga which also has a basis in it. Some people fail to reach that state as mentioned in tantra yoga due to the improper guidance and misleading information.

The tantric experts say that tantra is not placing any restrictions in life unlike yoga, be natural as you are. It is really not focused on hours of foreplay but only to raise the sexual energy to the level of spiritual energy without losing its pleasure. This transmutation after a while is responsible for the kundalini awakening. And, it needs its own time to reach there. (Read also What happens in Our Life After Kundalini Awakening?)

Osho said, “Tantra means technique. So this treatise is a scientific one. Science is not concerned with why, science is concerned with how. This is the basic difference between the philosophy and science. Philosophy ask ‘why this existence?’ Science ask how this existence? The moment when you ask question, how? Method technique becomes important. Theories becomes meaningless, experience becomes the center. Tantra is science, tantra is not philosophy.”

The ultimate aim of yoga is the union with the self, so as the tantra yoga and the benefits in its path affect a person in a positive way similar to all forms of yoga.

There are many people in the world doing different forms of yoga. Certainly, most of them are least concerned about their ultimate goal but more focused on its real benefits near or far. They are driven to resolve their temporary health issues and to lead a life with a healthy psychological balance by implementing it in their life.

If this is the case, then one can also put into practice – the tantra yoga in its essence for the temporary needs. Later, when it matures one can take it to its limit.

Listed here are the main benefits in the path of tantra yoga that are inaccessible at the ordinary level.

1. Heightened Sexual Ecstasy

Tantric sex is not focused on orga*m but transcending the normal orgasmic state which is only confined to certain parts of the body. These are due to the physical and emotional blockages present in the body.

Tantra yoga is effective in releasing the blockages and emotional issues related to sexuality. Thus, the vibrational energy of the whole body can be increased resulting in stimulating each and every nerve endings present in the body. This will result in the ecstatic bliss of the whole body that can even last for hours. It is quoted as ‘to know it has to experience it.’

The intensity of the ecstatic state increases with the sexual energy and finally relates to the blissful state experienced in the proper awakening of Kundalini Shakti. (Read also How to Safely Awaken the Kundalini Energy?)

2. Experience Deep Love and Intimacy

Next, to the sexual instincts, love is a powerful emotion that gets intensified only with sexuality. Deeper the sexual experience, greater the emotions felt. Psychologist says that most of the problems in humans are centered on sexuality. Lack of deeper intimacy, an uncontrollable desire, and an urge for fulfillment are the basis for a weaker relationship. Resolving these issues is significant in developing a deeper intimacy that helps to maintain a healthy bond.

It is more common in the people to fulfill their sexual urges outside their relationship. Here, sex is only a temporary need, and the person gets lost in it and becomes addictive or sex maniac. This is where one loses self-control over this energy due to the lack of a strong bond between the partners. By recreating a healthy relationship one can resolve this issue. It is a fact that modern relationship therapies are related to tantra yoga.

The bodily chemicals released during normal sex are capable of experiencing love and intimacy. But this can be pushed beyond its limit by practicing tantra yoga and many have realized it. If one is serious about their relationship, consider practicing these techniques.

3. Become Mentally and Emotionally Strong

A major percentage of energy acquired in us is through the food we eat. And, a portion of the energy is responsible for the sexual energy present in us where rest is lost in our activities and maintaining the body. If one could preserve this sexual energy without dissipating it along with the ecstatic state of sexual pleasure, one will become more powerful.

Try considering it as a savings account without spending any money where the money gets gradually increased. (Read also 8 Character Traits Mentally Strong People Avoid)

It is known that the people who are mentally and emotionally stronger are those with higher sexual or spiritual energy. Napoleon Hill said that the most successful people are those with higher sexual energy.

When you are raising your sexual energy you are increasing your spiritual power. Tantric sex is a secret of enjoying the orgasmic pleasure without the (need) of sexual ejac*lation where this pleasure is felt all over the body. Remember that in normal lovemaking, sexual energy is released but in tantric sex, the sexual energy is preserved.

If this energy is rightly used, it is a boon, if wrongly used, it drains your life.

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of meditation practices and moreover a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


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