5 Essential Personality Traits Make You Smarter in Social Settings

5 Essential Personality Traits Make You Smarter in Social Settings

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Essential Character Traits to Become Smarter in Social Settings

The World honors responsibilities of a smart person irrespective of the level of one’s unselfish behavior. Apart from knowledge, intelligence, intuition, creativity, innovation and willpower which makes them the world’s smartest people like scientists, influential leaders, self-made millionaires, billionaires, etc. there are few usual personality traits among the ordinary people that makes one appear smarter than the others in social settings and day to day activities.

It is imperative to become smarter in one’s life. Smartness is not confined to particular areas. It is considered as getting a job, getting things done, leading a business efficiently, and much more. Besides, to become an overall smart person in life is to have a high self-esteem.

We have seen that some people are often deceived by others like a salesperson and fraudulent. Here, such guys become smart at bad things. Also, some are frequently doing foolish deeds and might come up with a right one later.  These are the causes of lack of smartness in one’s life. We all have gone through such incidents twice or thrice and by intelligently inspecting, it’s the only way to prevent it in the future.

To lead a better life, one should at least be an average smart person. Or else the world will consider him as a dumb fellow and say that he is good at nothing. (Read also 8 Character Traits Mentally Strong People Avoid in Social Settings)

For an ordinary person, smartness doesn’t mean one should be a genius. It doesn’t mean that one has a few exceptional qualities yet, one has a better common sense.  It is a common ability to act cleverly to the circumstances.

Does Smartness Come from Genes?

Few unique characteristics such as level of happiness, having a sweet voice to sing, musical sense and intelligence are inherited up to a certain percent (nearly 50%) in one’s life; few other remarkable skills and qualities may be bestowed in one’s life; but smartness – a facet of intelligence is a personality trait that has to be learnt. (Read also 3 Amazing Scientific Research in Happiness)

Children of confident parents are indeed confident with a little base of genetic influence. Apart from that, they absorbed how to become smarter. This is the subconscious attribute of the mind to develop the personality traits with regard to the external perceptions.

If a person has a few of the below listed essential personality traits in life, then that person would appear smarter in other’s mind.

1. Extraversion in Social Settings

Extrovert and introvert are the two ends of a continuum. Behaving actively in social settings is not a characteristic of a particular group. Know that there is no one in the world a perfect extrovert or introvert. People consider generally an introvert as a shy and reserved person. Probably, few individuals will be shy either yet, one can alter their qualities.

If you are having prominent introvert qualities, don’t worry that you are bad at the social setting. It can be cultivated. Albert Einstein was an introvert, Mahatma Gandhi was an introvert moreover, the social giant owner Mark Zuckerberg itself an introvert.

Dr. Laney says that “introversion and extroversion are not black and white. No one is completely the one way or the other, we all must function at times on either side of the continuum.”

Certainly, we change according to the external and internal factors and prefer one over the other mostly. (Read also 10 Significant Qualities of Extrovert, Introvert, and Ambivert)

2. Effective Decision Making

Decision making in the social setting, professional life, and personal life is an integral part of our life. We have seen some people are smarter at taking up the responsibilities in the social settings and presiding over the activities efficiently.

A reserved person might think that ‘why to take the risk? It is better to be in the safe zone. Where such individuals are inferred as a dull person in others mentality even if one is a lively person.

In the case of an indolent person, it is the false intuition of the mind to confess him that he is poor at decision making. Unless one break such limitation of mind it’s impossible to appear smarter in others eyes.

Some people are exceptional in making thoughtful decisions and lead others as they meant. They are experienced through the life circumstances.

Never mind, actively involve with the people by leading along with them and take a decision on behalf of others. So, you will not be blamed of hasty activities even the decision was not apt. Also, consider others views or else you may be forming the impression of bossy or over smart in the mind of folks. This is how one can cultivate such skills in social settings.

3. Problem Solving Skills

Debate and issues are common in social setting Smart people have the habit of actively getting into the issues or debates and try to solve them. They are faster at grasping the problems and situations.

If it is a bothering issue, smart people try to be neutral. If it is regarding ethical values they stick to one side. Smart people do not take unnecessary risks if it's threatening to their self-esteem, happiness, and wellbeing, they cleverly avert it and they don’t plead for recognition.

If one is not confident to act in such circumstances, then it is because of the fear of rejection where such traits make others feel one is bad at facing problems and has a low self-esteem. Those who raise intellectual views are considered smarter. However, active engagement either without any substantial result is also perceived as a smart quality.

Take actions according to the circumstances. Not much brain is required to act according to one’s rational instinct; it is a little bit of common sense.

Be a good listener. A person with weak personality traits becomes more concerned about himself. This makes him comprehend the case inefficiently. Therefore, people consider him as a slow processor and discard him. Solving the debates and issues in social setting and day to day activities does not require an extraordinary brain, normal intellectual ability is sufficient.

4. Interpersonal Communication Skill

A person with an effective interpersonal communication skill helps to convey one’s thoughts effectively. Communication skill is the combination of body language the most; how we say it the median, and what we say the least.

Smart people are better at communication. Their strong attitude and appropriate use of words make them hold on others and compete with the opposed. Their words express the courage and persuasive power. They know how to convince others and influence their decisions. (Read also 7 Most Effective Mind Control Technique Tips One Should be Aware)

If you need to improve your communication skill then, don’t try to become a perfectionist. It hinders the mind to cultivate the needed good personality traits. With the lack of self-confidence, one will become accustomed to saying unnecessary points and stupid things frequently in social settings. A good communication skill is farthest for those who have less self-confidence and self-esteem.

In the case of ordinary smart people, they are bestowed with skills from their past experiences, learned from their confident parents and few others developed it scientifically.

Self-esteem is the trait of feeling worthy of oneself. Feeling worthy of one’s special abilities, skills, acquisitions, and proficiency at something is the easy way to increase one’s self-esteem, also by not becoming obsessed over the weakness. Weakness pops up only when we compare with others.

This acquired self-esteem might be temporary as depended on upon the external factors, in fact, it’s effectual. Later, raise it reliably. Thereby, the self-confidence can be cultivated with ease.

I raised my self-esteem by feeling worthy of my special abilities neglecting my weakness. And, later I boosted it with the meditation techniques as enquiring the true self.

5. Dressing Skills

Good attire is the last but not the least essential one. In the present economically developed world, it is one of the inevitable elements in the social settings. A well-dressed person looks smart and simple. This is the first impression made in others mind. Research showed that dressing well makes one look more intelligent and smarter. (Read also 7 Incredible Ways to become ‘The Most Interesting Person’ in the World)

This dressing skill can be easily learned by observing others who appear smarter in social settings. By implementing their ways and dressing well that which makes you comfortable and confident is perceived as smartness.

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