5 Most Powerful Ways to Develop Mental Strength

5 Most Powerful Ways to Develop Mental Strength

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How to Develop Mental Strength?

The mental strength is the ability of the mind to become flexible according to all life circumstances by remaining firmly in the balanced state of mind. The real power is bestowed in the inner state of the mind irrespective of external factors.

As I said in the article ‘8 Character Traits Mentally Strong People Avoid in Social Settings,’ one becomes aware of one’s mental strength on encountering negative situations in life.

In the case of common people, who have remarkable mental strength are those who have gone through lots of negativities in their life where they developed a kind of mental toughness. It is the mental ability to stay focused despite setbacks. There’s a popular quote in Malayalam ‘One who’s born in fire don’t fade away in the sunshine.’

1. Have Faith in Yourself

By saying Faith in Yourself, I mean know about your strength and weakness. Feel worthy of your strength; accept and try to improve the weakness. This will help one to have a greater level of confidence in one’s life. How can one ride a horse confidently without knowing its strength, and weakness that is controlled in the bridle?

Osho said: “Don’t choose, accept life as it is in its totality.”

Knowing ourselves, our passion, having faith in our skills, our strength and weakness is the way to develop a strong personality. The true mental strength is that even if the world is against your mind, you should have the power to withstand them that you should remain firm on your instinct, whereas the instinct is ethically reasonable.

2. Adapt the Mind to Handle Difficult Situations in Life

Dealing with difficult situations in life is inevitable irrespective of a person’s strong or weak mind. Having a better control over the emotions in such situations is the sign of the stronger mind. It seems that one is waging war against the emotions and finally conquers it or surrenders to it.

When we are flooded with the negative emotions, it is reasonable that we have negative touch in all of our activities as because our thoughts are aligned on the negative side. However, as time flows, we are resumed to the normal state. By the time we would probably have lost something special.

In such negative state of mind, intellect loses its efficacy. It works with the negative thoughts and comes up hastily with vague decisions.

We all know that stronger people have better control over their emotions. Here, the fact is that how to achieve it?

It seems difficult in controlling the emotions at the beginning, but when we use certain effective techniques it becomes possible.

There are meditation techniques (Vipassana and Mindfulness) of observing the realities of oneself at present moment without indulging in it. The observer becomes completely independent from the subject. When one master these meditation techniques and when the difficult conditions affect the emotional level of a person, try to observe it from outside. It will help you not only to calm down your mind in such circumstances but also to come up with better decisions. This is the case when one is angry, overwhelmed, embarrassed, anxious, and in stressful situations.

In the case of disappointments and worries such as the loss of anything valuable to you. It becomes difficult to observe the emotions as you had become completely vulnerable to the emotions. Over time, this will also become under one’s control. (Read also 3 Brilliant Ways Highly Successful People Get Motivated in Life)

3. Be Patient

Patience is the result of a powerful mind. Patience is nothing but you have better control to reorganize the expectations of mind to an extended time. If you need anything worthy, then extreme patience is one of the qualities you should possess. The great things are not easily accessible. Patience and perseverance are the aid for such achievements.

A few years ago, I was in a location where I was using 2G internet connection for work since the high-speed internet was unavailable there at that time. Anyhow, I have to adapt to it. It took much time for uploading and downloading data. Truly, it was a waste of time and I have to be patient with such circumstances where I waited before the screen for a much longer time.

Once, one of my friends asked me how I could manage with it and he told me that if he were in that situation, he would have crushed those devices in the meantime while losing his patience.

Thereafter, when I started working in high-speed internet I was amazed that how I was patiently working with it where now I feel difficult to work in such conditions.

Similarly, people patiently waited for days for the significant information from far off places where we now receive in seconds.

The level of patience is the adaptability of the mind to a particular situation. If you have a better option and thereby forcing the mind to adapt to it, it will indeed resist back.

This is how patience works where convincing the subconscious mind with the facts is the easy way to have a better patience.

4. Be Proactive by Developing the Ability to Anticipate Problems

The special character trait of the mentally strong people is that they take well-calculated risks in life. They use to analyze a problem from all possible sides. Even though they are proactive and have a positive outlook in all life matters they will be aware of the possibility of failures and will be well prepared for that. The famous quote ‘Hope for the best and prepare for the worst’ reminds us.

It’s better to realize that we have less control over the outcomes of life where we have much control over the responses to those outcomes. It is the mindset that we should possess to lead a successful life as I said in the book ‘Crack the Hidden Laws of Life.’

5. Being Spiritual

As I said in the article ‘3 Reasons You Are Wrong with Business and Spirituality,’ mostly the world’s highly successful people are spiritual. It’s undeniable that how they relied on spirituality for their mental strength.

Spirituality teaches the value of gratitude, acceptance, and resilience in life that are obligatory for happiness and mental strength. It helps one to view the life from a higher perspective. Hence, all the fluctuations in life become bearable and seem like one get less influenced by it. This helps one to develop a mindset to remain in the moderate state regardless of the emotional conditions.

When one goes deep into spirituality this moderate state shift towards the neutrality. This is the powerful state of mind where the mental level activities and external factors have less influence on one’s life.


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