5 People with Supernatural Powers through Meditation

5 People with Supernatural Powers through Meditation

Supernatural powers through Meditation

Does Psychic Powers Really Exist?

When things happen in an unnatural way our mind suddenly perceives it as miracles. It surprises us that how is it possible? Sometimes, it is difficult to realize the fraudulent and the real mystical activities.

There is no genuine explanation for the psychic powers. Presently, it doesn’t come under the laws of science. It seems like defying the laws of physics.

A majority of people believe in the psychic powers or some sort of supernatural occurrences and consider it happens beyond the perception of the intelligible mind.

According to yoga, the psychic powers are the byproduct of the yogic path. And, yoga is not the only path for its attainment. It is not necessary to master the psychic powers for enlightenment.

It is only the aid for the path of yoga and bestows for the needed even without wishing it. “Desiring for the psychic powers, and when it befalls, then it becomes the real hindrance,” the yogis say.

To realize these mystical powers, usually, people choose the yogic and tantric techniques. There are few pieces of evidence that support that these supernatural powers really exist. Swami Vivekananda and Yogananda had directly witnessed such acts where their biographies had mentioned about it.

We are not considering the psychic powers of the renowned mystics. Their psychic abilities are not intentional but were revealed through natural means. (Read also 8 Major Siddhis According to Yoga)

Such as with a mere look the weird monkey which was creating nuisance in the ashram premises settles down. There are many similar events in the yogi’s life. There is no real intention in the happenings and such acts exist naturally.

Few people believe that these mystical activities are the laws governed in another dimension.

A simple explanation is that when we are in the wakeful state the dream state would seem like another dimension. Similarly, in the higher state of awareness, the wakeful state is such that similar to the dimension of the dream state in the wakeful state.

The difference is that the dream state is in the individuality and the wakefulness is the collective state.

Quantum Physicist Max Plank remarked convincingly the strange attribute of the cosmos. He mentioned consciousness as the fundamental aspect where the matter is its derivative. That is the whole world seems to exist according to the consciousness. We create our own reality. And, this reality only exists in the realm of consciousness.

As Ramana Maharishi said, “The world is not external. The impressions cannot have an outer origin. Because the world can be cognized only by the consciousness. The world does not say that it exists. It is your impression. Even so, this impression is not consistent and not unbroken. In deep sleep, the world is not cognized, and so it exists not for a sleeping man. Therefore the world is the sequence of the ego. Find out the ego. The finding of its source is the final goal.”

Here are few of the powerful people who surprised the world with the psychic abilities.

1. Levitating Monk

When considering the psychic powers the first thing comes to our mind is the levitation or walking on the water.

We have also heard the fairy tales of mystics garnering fruits from nothing, controlling the furious weather, more popularly Jesus Christ healed the blind; walked on water.

We have seen few magicians and illusionists doing the same. It is difficult to figure out the mystical phenomena and illusion. For a common person, both look the same.

Once, a popular magician decided to examine the psychic powers directly. Based on the information, he visited Nepal where a monk has the psychic ability to levitate while meditating.

After spending a couple of days with the local people and collecting details, a local man guided him till the half way.

There were bad rumors among the people regarding the mystic. The locals consider it is not safe to visit the monastery and believed that some daring moments would happen in their life.

Yet, he challenged those words and eventually found the monastery in a remote place in the top of the hill.

When he reached there, the darkness has fallen. He felt little terrified because of the words of the locals where his heartbeat started to rise up.

With determination, he went inside the hut. The monastery was shining with the twilight of lamps. This could make a spiritual sense in the heart of anyone.

The monk welcomed him warmly. When he told the intent of his visit, the monk hesitated to reveal such mystical activities. Later, agreed to show him.

The monk asked them not to come very close and watch over a little distance apart.

The monk sat on the floor surrounded by the candle flames with a sacred chain of beads in his hand. He closed his eyes and started chanting the mantra.

After few seconds his body started to lift in the air with the same posture. He was astonishingly levitating 2 to 3 feet above the floor. They made sure that there were no strings or any other means of support.

Levitation is a mystical phenomenon done with the application of pranayama, bandhas, and esoteric practices. It is a technique of mastering the mind and matter.

Check out the levitation video here.

2. Generating Extreme Heat in the Body

In 1980's, Professor Helbert Benson with the group of researchers visited the Buddhist monks in the Himalayas.

These monks involve in a meditation practice called 'G Tum-mo'The technique used to increase the body temperature to a considerable level in the icy cold surroundings.

To Experiment the psychic deeds,  they put the soaked cotton shawls on their body. For an ordinary person, it could trigger the uncontrolled shivering and results in hypothermia.

After few minutes, the vapors started rising from the shawls. These vapors were literally blocking their visibility. More often they had to wipe out the condensed vapors in the lenses to film it. For about an hour, the shawls were completely dried.

3. Putting Animals in Trance Using Chi Energy

The Japanese man, Kanazawa Sensei says that he has the ability to put the animals under trance state using his mind power.

He says that the energy ‘Chi’ – the life force – the same energy we call ‘prana’ in yoga is responsible for the mystical phenomena. It is the same form of energy the Reiki practitioners use for healing.

He used to control this energy by practicing the Qigong. He says that this chi energy is capable of controlling the behavior of animals. By concentrating his mind and controlling the psychic energy with his hand he readily put the animals in the trance state. (Read also How to Transmit Energy through Your Hands?)

He also uses this mystic energy to heal the injured animals. As he can control animals using this technique, then the moral animal - humans are not very far. It will end up in the technique where Bodhi dharma used to put down the rivals using his mind.

Anyhow, this man with his mind could put down the herd of wild buffaloes to sleep. This doesn’t happen instantly but slowly within the couple of minutes each of it lays down to sleep.

He says that he could do it irrespective of the distance from them. However, it works better when he is few meters away from them.

Check out the video here.

4. Moving Objects through the Solid Walls

Liu Shuguang and few others in China conducted scientific studies on the paranormal abilities in breaking through the spatial barriers. They arranged the test samples and experimented with the psychic.

Zhang Baosheng claims that he has the mystical powers to move the objects through the walls.

In an experiment, they used a sealed bottle of tablets.

Surprisingly, he moved the tablets from the sealed bottles without breaking the seal.

They filmed the whole experiment using a high-speed camera. When they analyzed the experiment closely, they saw the bottle was vibrating in the beginning. Then at an instant of time, all tablets were outside the bottle.

They slowed down the frame and could notice that the tablets were indeed penetrating through the glass wall. It seems the composition of mass is not a matter of concern.

These superhuman have the ability to move the small insects from the closed container without harming it. (Read also Sixth Sense Mind Power Techniques - Proven Ways to Use it)

5. Completely Slowing Down the Heart Rate and Metabolism

It was in 1936, Therese Brosse a cardiologist visited India with the intention to see whether the yogis possess the extraordinary talents, - the mystical powers’.

She carried on her experiments with the mystics. Swami Kuvalanandha helped her in the studies. She used the advanced equipment available at that time for research.

Using pranayamic breathing and bandhas (locks) the yogis could utterly slow down the heart rate and metabolism which can be measured using the EKG. That is to zero for several seconds.

Normally, in humans, the heart is the first organ to develop in the body and the heartbeat continuously lasts until the death where it is the first organ to stop functioning.

The scientific studies on another yogi showed that they couldn’t sense the heartbeat or pulse using the stethoscope. They buried him and he continued in that state for 10 hours. (Read also 8 Reasons How Numerology Influence Your Mind?)

The electroencephalograph measured the activity of the brain. The brain waves were similar to that of the deep sleep state.

This is a mystical phenomenon where the yogis can be buried alive for months. They were completely in the hibernate state.

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