5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Mental Power

5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Mental Power

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How to Increase Your Mental Power?

The psychic nature of mind inspired the humans since a long time. In different parts of the world, we can hear such fascinating stories. It seems like the mental power is limitless.

Certainly, there is a science behind it. As Swami Vivekananda said: "It is not the freak of nature that a man is born with such powers. It can be systematically studied, practiced and acquired”.

Here, we are not focusing on developing the psychic powers of the mind. But, what we currently need is the ability of the mind to materialize our thoughts. Get right into our purposeful goals. Make them a reality.

The mental power is the only reliable primal means that help us to achieve it.

Swami Vivekananda’s experience with the mental power is notable. He remarked it in his teachings. He insisted that the weakness is the real bondage by realizing the limitless potential of the self. And, he motivated others not to degrade the mind in any manner even though it is the basis for the rise of ego. (Read also 8 Most Powerful and Inspirational Quotes in Spirituality)

There are many people vitalizing the powers of mind in their life needs accordance with spirituality, philosophy, and psychology. Mostly, some folks implement these theories wrong. Sometimes we know the exact mechanism behind it, but fail to utilize it properly. And, finally, end up with thinking that these are beyond our limits of the mind.

If you are the same person as above then, try this preliminary step by step method in your life. The procedure seems simple but reaching such state of mentality requires persistent practice. (Read also 8 Character Traits Mentally Strong People Avoid in Social Settings)

These procedures are the basic laws of subconscious mind. Based on these powers of the subconscious, there are many outstanding achievements in the world.

1. Think Positively

Despite any matter, the outcomes of an event would be favorable or unfavorable to one’s life. We have the choice to foresee and analyze its positive and negative outcomes.

Some people have the character traits that they get obsessed with the negative outcomes of life. And, some people have the habit of perceiving things with a negative mentality. As a result, they exaggerate the outcomes in the unintelligible forms. They develop the unnecessary stress due to such thoughts.

Thinking negatively brings only the negative results. It is not confined in the psychic phenomena. It falls under the laws of subconscious mind.

When we get obsessed with the negative thoughts, our mind will be fed with the negative emotions. This will certainly hinder our efficiency. Moreover, the positive actions and positive thoughts have less influence on us.

2. Multiply the Positive Thoughts

Our mind gets fed with the thoughts related to the recent conversations or events that have significantly influenced our emotional state. You can notice such attribute of mind when you argue with someone else.

It’s the effect of the positive or negative emotions associated with it. This will influence your thoughts for hours or even days depending on how deeply and emotionally you have influenced with it.

This trait of mind is same for the positive thoughts too.

Multiply the positive thoughts by sharing it with your friends. If there’s something positive happened in your life then, share it and its similar moments more often with its related essence. This will strengthen your positive character traits. In such a way you can realize the positivity of mind. Thence, the power of the mind will be expressed in your actions.

Similarly, the negative attributes of the life shouldn’t rise up in your life. If you have done something unwelcomed don’t get obsessed with it. It will drive only the unnecessary negative emotions. Realize that the man can handle only a single emotion at a time. We can’t be happy and sad at the same time.

3. Make your Mind Steady

The depression and over excitement lower your rational thoughts. It is necessary to have a balanced, steady and less responsive mind to avail the power of the mind.

It is evident that the mental power is proportional to its steadiness. Those who unleashed it had a strong and steady mind. Meditation is an effective technique to attain such state. (Read also How to Safely Awaken Kundalini Energy?)

Some people think that such state is easily achievable. It’s nearby for some people, for others it a long anticipation.

Here is an excerpt from Osho’s discourses:

I have come to know people who have meditated three days, and on the fourth day they ask,

“Three days we have been meditating, why has nothing happened yet?”

Osho in the garden

As if they are obliging existence by meditating so long – three days, one hour every day; that means three hours. And if you actually look, in their meditation they were just daydreaming; with closed eyes, they were daydreaming. They call it meditation! And just because for three days they have been sitting for one hour – with great difficulty, somehow managing great noise inside, no silence, no peace, no consciousness, just desires, thoughts, memories, imagination, constant traffic, a crowd – then they come on the fourth day saying, “Osho what is happening? Three days have passed and nothing has happened yet.”

Time should not be taken into account at all – three years, not even three lives. You should not think in terms of time because the phenomenon of meditation is non-temporal. It can happen right now; it may take years, it may take lives. It all depends on your intensity, on your sincerity, and it all depends on your totality.

4. Rationalize Your Thoughts

Don’t be superstitious in your thoughts. Don’t expect miracles to happen in your life. In the book ‘Crack the Hidden Laws of Life’ I said that the events could happen in life in accordance with the laws of nature. Nothing can occur against the principles of nature.

Some people have the habit of daydreaming their goals such that they expect something to happen in their life in unnatural ways. They expect something miraculous that is irrational and incompatible with the laws of science. It is something that is beyond their limits.

This is similar to the dreams of getting rich overnight. Some people have the habit of over anticipating the outcomes of their deeds that are beyond the probabilistic and statistical limits. Such dreams don't work and do not help to realize the mental strength.

5. Emotionalize Your Thoughts

Thoughts with a strong emotion are far more powerful than the thoughts with weak emotions. The subconscious mind is more influenced by the thoughts with strong emotions than the mere rational thoughts.

Subconscious mind responds quickly and such thoughts will be fulfilled through the actions. Such emotions are responsible for the subconscious in converting the passive state of thoughts to the active actions.

As per psychology, there are few major positive emotions such as sex, love, desire, enthusiasm, faith, hope, etc. that can be employed in the thoughts. The studies showed that the persistence use is the effective way to master these emotions where the other emotions become in handy.

Direct these emotions in the right thoughts. Certainly, it will yield the desired result. (Read also 7 Better Ways to Control Your Mind to Increase Mental Strength)

Also, beware that there are few major negative emotions that are the real obstructions to the mental power. Probably, such emotions are the basis for the failure for utilizing the powers of the mind in life activities. It is beneficial to have a better control over such emotions like jealousy, hatred, greed, fear, anger, revenge, etc. It’s the mindset and habit that makes you a remarkable personality.


Praveen Kumar

Praveen is the founder and editor at MindOrbs, an online magazine about personal development, yoga, meditation, spirituality, health, and wellness. He is a postgraduate in Physics, author, and entrepreneur. He is a kundalini practitioner for more than 15 years.