5 Qualities of a Highly Successful Person

5 Qualities of a Highly Successful Person

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Necessary Steps to Become Successful

The path towards the success is always not straight. It may have many obstructions and uneasiness.  It is only a general rule that many failures lead to a success. It is common that one will go for few or more wrong paths as we are learning a new skill or encountering a new situation, then later the mind becomes adapt to it.

One has to be flexible and persistent. Flexible means giving up certain things after few numbers of tries as it may be not the right path. Giving up does not mean that we have to give away the goal; indeed, try it in a new alternative way. Filling a leaking pot is useless unless one implements the idea of sealing the hole.

The more we become flexible the more we can adapt to any situations in handling certain tasks. It is only the knowledge and deep understanding that brings him success in few failures, even though each failure is only the lessons that make him know about the wrong path or giving him a clearer perspective which ultimately leads to success. It is that the failures are the stepping stone to success.

 The following are necessary steps which are inevitable to become successful in life.

1. Aim

The aims are unambiguously rooted in the desire and self-goals that generally envelope in the mind. The aimless effort brings one nothing rather than the feeling of lost somewhere and reaches nowhere.

Know thy - ‘self’ and the potentials; this is where one can dig your genuine purpose and goal; where you will be having a particular attachment towards certain matters naturally. Fix one mind upon that and use his full potential to reach that goal.

2. Knowledge

knowledge is the core basis for every success. The ultimate success of one's goal is not possible unless the person has a profound knowledge of it. Knowledge is not only confined to the literature but also in the experiences.

It is insignificant for everyone to go through all the deeds of experience rather than learning it from the experiences of others will help him to save the precious time.

3. Imagination

Dreaming on one's goals give the person more control over it and he gets motivated towards it. Don’t daydream; it’s only the instantaneous pleasure of one's mind. A clear mind with imagination helps a person to conceive new ideas and thoughts that would help in the clear perspective of success.

We are in the world of possibilities and probabilities where imagination is the powerful mechanism that takes us in-depth towards the bonds of nature. The purity of imagination is the result of genuine knowledge.

4. Self-confidence

This gives a person the full faith in his goals instead of the shallow over-confidence that can spoil one's success. The self-confidence can rule out all the fears that exist in the path of goal and success. This will help a person to differentiate between the egotism and the ‘real self’ based on the genuine knowledge. Increase one's self-confidence thus he becomes less vulnerable to different situations. I already explained in the article that how one can increase his confidence through meditation.

Have a certain mindset towards the results of the action rather than blaming on one's situations or silly excuses. As like that condemning one's performance was bad because one had a headache; knowing really that it was the lack of practice which in turn induced a headache to show the person that he is not guilty. This is due to the interference of subconscious mind seeking for the betterment of one's ‘self’ thus, in turn reducing one's level of self-confidence. Knowing the realities of the mind by accepting the truth makes a person stronger and thereby does not break his confidence.

5. Process the Dreams

Processing one's dreams in the right path favor the success of his goal. Properly utilizing the endowed skills and potentials with the hard works and smart works lead one to success. I already mentioned how a person should possess the skill for success in the article ‘What Type of Mentality and Nature of Mind the Most Successful People Have?’  We have to be persistent and also know where we have to be flexible.

The path towards the success has many diversions and one make goes through the wrong diversions and later we will come to know that it was a failure. The past experiences and knowledge make one deviate from the wrong moves in the path towards the destination.

Finally, all the options of the wrong turns are neglected thus leading one to the only one ultimate options none other than success. When Physicist Edison was asked about his number of failures in discovering the electric bulb, he replied that it was only the number of ways he discovered not to make an electric bulb.

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


Praveen Kumar

Praveen is the founder and editor at MindOrbs, an online magazine about personal development, yoga, meditation, spirituality, health, and wellness. He is a postgraduate in Physics, author, and entrepreneur. He is a kundalini practitioner for more than 15 years.