5 Simple Steps to Get Powerful Eyes in Yoga [Infographic]

5 Simple Steps to Get Powerful Eyes in Yoga [Infographic]

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How to Get Brighter and Powerful Eyes in Yoga?

Eyes reflect our health, inner strength, and the mental state. Healthy eyes enhance the brightness of our face.

The powerful yogis’ eyes have a special brightness and charm. This can be noticed in the images of Swami Vivekananda, Osho, Paramahamsa  Yogananda, etc.  Their alluring nature doesn’t confine to the yoga exercises. In them, the role of spiritual energy plays a prominent part too.

In this present world, our eyes get often irritated due to overexposure to the digital screens and toxic dust. As a result, it looks dull and dizzy. Further, it also weakens our eyes in every respect.

So, a counteraction is obligatory.

I am not saying that the yoga exercises for eyes give a complete protection against these but, you can ensure that these simple practical steps can strengthen your optical nerves.

This is one of the yoga exercises which Vethathiri Maharishi recommended for the routine practice. He studied various asanas and came up with few effectual simple exercises.  He systematized it for the daily practice that is suitable for all ages in the present world. (Read also 6 Simple Effective Yoga Exercises for Healthy Body)

In order to strengthen our muscle tissues, we have to give them some sorts of work. The idle muscles losses its potency.

We know that there are certain exercises that will boost the strength of our muscle tissues. The yoga exercises don’t focus on building the muscle but strengthen the body from inside out. The difference with other exercise is that its effects in the body last for a long time.

By doing such exercise in a definite way, we can ensure that it will rejuvenate our eye muscles. Moreover, every cell will get sufficient oxygenated blood ensuring the effectiveness of the exercise.

Doing it daily prevent one from most of the old age issues of eyes. (Read also Kapalbhati- Effective Yoga for Cold, Cough, Headache and Weight Loss)

Step by Step Procedure

1. Sit in the vajra asana (kneel down and sit on the soles with the crossed toes). This posture is convenient for the activities in this exercise.

2. Cross your fingers such that the thumb’s rear side is facing towards you. The thumb should be straight and should directly face the eyes in a horizontal line 10 cm apart.

3. Fix your eyes on the nail of your thumbs.

4. Move your fist left and right with eyes fixed on the thumb in a semicircular path.

5. Let your head be straight and stationary. Slight movements of the head are negligible.

6. Move your hands to the extreme visibility of eyes towards the corners.

7. Do it for 5 times. Repeat the procedures with an optimum speed such that the 5 times should not exceed more than 3 seconds.

8. Now, move your hands in verticals, up and down for five times.

9. Move crossways. Right down to left up.

10. Move left down to right up in crossways.

11. By fixing your eyes on the thumb’s nail, rotate your fist in an anti-clockwise circular motion. The circumference should be in the extreme visibility of the eyes. Note that at any point the thumb should be visible.

12. Similarly, repeat it in the clockwise direction for 5 times.

13. Now position your thumb in a horizontal line such that it is slightly lower than the eye level. Move to and fro repeatedly for 5 times. While doing it, the thumb should be brought near to the eyes till it touches your nose.

14. Lastly, close your eyes by completing the last movement of the final step by bringing the thumbs towards your eyes.

15. Rub your palms till you feel warmth in it. Place your palms over the closed eyes. You will feel gentle warmth in your eyes.


1. This exercise strengthens the muscles around the eyes socket.

2. The routine practice will help to reduce the risk of eye allergies.

3. Reduces the loss of eyesight due to the failure of optical nerves.

4. Mitigate the irritations and strains of eyes. (Read also Yoga Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief (Makarasana) )

Simple Yoga Exercise for Brighter Eyes [Infographic]


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