5 Ways of Psychic Energy to Feel in Holy Places

5 Ways of Psychic Energy to Feel in Holy Places

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Psychic Energies in Holy Places

It is not the placebo effect of the mind that we feel calm and peace in the holy places. The presence of the positive energy (psychic) in the spiritual place makes your mind calm and peace. The theist may say that the presence of God makes the place calm and peace. They say that God is omnipresent. So, why the same atmosphere is not present everywhere? The atheist may say that it’s only the nature of mind to feel such experiences as if certain beliefs make the mind experience certain feelings.

Is the Feeling of Positivity Real?

As the presence of positive emotions and negative emotions can invade a man, the positive energy, and negative energy can influence the man. It is that when you visit a holy place while filled with worries and sorrows makes you feel ease temporarily.

The spiritual energy has nothing to do with the energies mentioned in physics. It is beyond their concepts, but perhaps, comprehensible in the future.

The feeling of positive energy in holy places is not the abstractness of your psychological conditions, rather intrigued in your real nature and the karmic presence. The atheist may not feel the power of positive energy (spiritual) as much as the theist when they visit the same holy place, where their mental condition has to do with it. (See How Temples radiate Energy?).

As I mentioned in the Shaktipat transmission that the vicinity of a spiritual presence can awaken one’s kundalini energy, but not everyone can awaken it in such places. The karmic background, the mental state and the intensity of the energy of divine place make the kundalini awaken in him. The presence of the spiritual place Thiruvannamalai  (Tamilnadu, India) made Ramana Maharshi a Divine personality.

What Makes the Place Full of Positive Energy?

The temples, churches, and other holy places are the centers of the psychic energy. What makes them spiritual? Even though the energies experienced in these places are same, the energy builds up in these places are of different methodologies.

1. The powerful spiritual meditation can influence the place to be filled with the positive energy permanently. One such place is the Swami Vivekananda rock in Kanyakumari.

2. The vibrations of mantras can influence the place with psychic power. The idols were placed with the vibrations of mantras makes them endowed with the positive energy.

3. The prayer with chants and hymns influence the place with the positive energy as the words have the power but potentially have a small effect.

4. The positive thought waves can produce the vibrations of positive energy.

5. The positive mental emotions can influence the surrounding with that energy. That is why when you sit beside a depressed person makes you feel unhappy, whereas sitting near to an enlightened person makes you feel calm and peace.

Apart from this, there are certain holy places that are more powerful. You may feel the intensity of the positive energy is greater than in few other temples or churches. The methodologies that were subjected are responsible for such high spiritual powers. As that the holy places were constructed on behalf of a spiritual person’s tomb or else blessed on behalf of the mystical personalities.

Powerful spiritual meditation is a significant methodology that can influence the surroundings with the high intensity of psychic energies. You can feel the power when you sit near to a group of meditators while they are meditating. When a man meditates in the same place for years frequently, makes it inaccessible to the negative energies. (Read also, How to Practice Kundalini Meditation?)

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


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