6 Reasons Positive Thinking doesn’t Yield Desired Result

6 Reasons Positive Thinking doesn’t Yield Desired Result

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How Can We Improve Our Positive Thinking?

Some people often end up in their life thinking “Why my life is against my dreams?” Considering that they experience more hard times and unhappiness in their life than others.

It might be true, but it depends on their responses to such outcomes.

One thing is common in these people. They lack more of effectual positive thinking.

The mind is a powerful, complex, and fascinating tool of human awareness. It is a prominent sense of human perception; an aspect of conscious awareness where the brain toggle it on and off alternatively as meant.

Our mind is not idle. Continuous and consecutive flashes of thoughts arise in our mind. The default nature of mind is to find pleasure in it. And, to remain in such types of thoughts that which requires less mental resources to process.

Hence, such people are prone to the way of unrealistic thinking and negative thoughts.

According to the studies of Neuropsychologist Rick Hanson, the human mind is more accustomed to the negative thinking. Our thinking style depends on our living conditions, circumstances, and experiences right from the childhood.

Our thinking pattern makes us unique from others in our mental abilities. The world’s most mentally strong people have a unique style of thinking. It is the realistic thoughts that made them mentally strong. (Read also 8 Character Traits Mentally Strong People Avoid in Social Settings)

The simple positive thinking doesn’t yield the required results in life. It has to be harvested, directed, and utilized in a proper manner.

Note that sometimes the vague positive thinking itself has the same qualities as the negative thinking.

It’s that we are moving away from the real ‘I’. Try to be as real as you are. This is the state where we have to equally accept negative feelings and positive thoughts in life.

Or else, we are moving away from natural self and become artificial. Despite, some people go wrong in this and they chatter the negative thoughts more often than the positive ones.

Listed below are the significant reasons that hinder the positive thinking and makes the mind less productive. For the effectual positive thinking, consider utilizing these recognized ways in your life.

Those who are not getting the ordained results are the reason that they are unaware of the qualities of mind.

1. Lack of Realistic Thinking

Our thoughts are not realistic all the times. These thoughts linger around unrealistic values of life.

The realistic thinking strengthens the factual aspects of life. It is reliable and our mind conceives it as the solid truths. It’s the way to accept the events in life in its real nature.

When we align our positive thoughts with the realistic aspects of life, it becomes lively and effective.

How to think realistically?

Having realistic thoughts in mind is not the hard part of the life.

For the particular events, incidents or problems in our life, our mind gets fed with thousands of varied thoughts. It might be positive or negative based on our mentality and the current state of mind.

The majority of these thoughts are the result of the obsession of the mind.

Free up your mind, you will find the needed realistic thoughts. The extent you are free from the unrealistic thoughts. The more powerful and effective your thoughts are. (Read also 2 Ultimate Ways to Control Mind and Thoughts during Meditation)

2. Neglecting the Role of Faith in the Thoughts

We shouldn’t neglect the role of mental belief system in every aspect of our life, and how it has strengthened our core beliefs?

What happens when we do not have faith in our thoughts? As I said in the article “5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Mental Power” faith is one of the most powerful emotions in life.

All the thoughts don’t make you feel good. Sometimes, the significant thoughts lose faith and as a result, it would be fed with the negative feelings.

Feed the positive thoughts with the powerful emotions. You can get the desired result in life. I mean the significant thoughts that would contribute to desired changes in your life.

3. Not Utilizing the Spiritual and Metaphysical Level of Mind

If you are not up to the atheistic or agonistic mindset, you cannot neglect the role and influence of religious aspects in life.

Relied on this higher submissive state of mind, you conceive and convince the mind that the power of thoughts is the result of such magnificent attribute.

Hence, the prayer might be beneficial for the theist but not the atheist.

Here, the unconditional faith is something that you consider superior to your mental apprehensions.

This case is similar for spirituality. In spirituality, the person is submissive to the higher level of consciousness. And, there are also matters that are far beyond the scope of the ordinary mind.

On common ground, this type of mental attitude lay the basis for the positive thoughts and responsible for a strong faith in it. This is not the aspect of conscious mind but works at the unconscious level.

Everything works on this principle of mindset whether a person is agonistic, spiritual or religious. The mental beliefs shape your thoughts and the way you perceive the realities.

4. Less Reading Habits

I have mentioned reading here because it is the significant source in the modern world to access the never-ending resources of knowledge. It is the knowledge that leads us to the right path. It guides us to take the necessary steps in our days to meet our purposeful life.

On analyzing the influential people around the world, we can find most of them spend time in reading to acquire the needed wisdom in their life. They read not less than two books in a month that would guide them in their desired goals in their life.

If you have a remarkable book that might be helpful for a particular field. Then, it would be a great benefit in gaining more experiences and insights that might require years to acquire. This is the main difference between the highly successful people and the ordinary people. (Read also 6 Influential Qualities to Become a Highly Respected Person)

Apart from the knowledge resources, it’s the way they learn to keep up the effectual positive thoughts in their life.

We can notice such attribute when we read a powerful book, article, or from the media that would certainly influence our mind, thoughts and the thinking style.

Access such resources that help to retain such positive thoughts in life. This is the most effective way to lead a life with undeniable success and peace of mind.

5. Lack of Reasonable Self Talk

We often leave our self-talk unnoticed. The self-talk need not be the real talks to your 'self' most of the time.

The studies showed that how the positive self-talk helps to improve your self-esteem and confidence level. It is the trait of our mind not to stress much in life activities.

Those who are having a healthy self-talk indeed, have a better mood for the extended time. Beware that having the good mood is nature of happiness. This is in turn responsible for the positive feeling and positive attitude in life.

6. Unaware Of the Dark Side of Positive Affirmation

Positive thinking is alike the positive affirmations in life. Some people are skeptical whether the affirmation works.

Yes, it works, where most people fail to feed such affirmations with the right feelings and emotions.

We have to realize that the subconscious mind doesn’t act on the affirmations without the feelings.

And, one more thing is important; having faith in such thoughts. Since if you feel unworthy or inefficient in certain matters deep in your mind. If it’s the real facts about yourself then, such affirmations have a negative impact in your life.

Firstly, you have to work on improving these needs. It’s the only way to convince the subconscious mind that you are capable and efficient in doing it.

Since everything is interconnected in life; you have to take notice of all the near interrelated factors in life. This is the actual life strategy to follow your dreams.


Praveen Kumar

Praveen is the founder and editor at MindOrbs, an online magazine about personal development, yoga, meditation, spirituality, health, and wellness. He is a postgraduate in Physics, author, and entrepreneur. He is a kundalini practitioner for more than 15 years.