6 Simple Effective Yoga Poses for Healthy Body

6 Simple Effective Yoga Poses for Healthy Body

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20 Minute Simple Yoga Exercises for Healthy Body

Unlike other physical exercises, the yoga exercises are unique and popular because it works from inside out. The asanas help to rejuvenate each and every cell in the body. They are developed in accord with nature and prevent one from going against natural rhythm of life. According to yoga, the extent one deviates from natural rhythm of life to that level one will be vulnerable to unhealthy life.

A recent mystic, Yogiraj Vethathri Maharishi researched in yoga and came up with few important asanas. These asanas require rarely 45 minutes daily which focuses entirely on having an everlasting healthy body. There is a specialty in these exercises that these asanas are very simple even ninety years old grandma can do it effortlessly.

I have extracted the most significant exercises from the eminent Guru’s list which require only 20 minutes daily. Nowadays, some people do not wish to spend their valuable 45 minutes in the morning. Therefore, such busy people can find these asanas helpful. It is better to have something rather than nothing.

These exercises are simple where a beginner can get expertized in it in a single practice.

Even any busy person can spare twenty minutes in the morning. Spending this little time makes your whole day refreshed and energetic. Verily, one becomes more productive in his duty where these twenty minutes can be recovered along with its interests.

1. Exercise to Enhance Blood Circulation

The significance of our feet is that all the vital nerve endings are located in it. Therefore, massaging it is one of the effective techniques for whole body blood circulation.

1. Sit down with the straight legs towards front keeping eighteen inches apart at the foot.

2. Support the body with the hands planted adjacent to the backside on the floor.

3. Now twist the feet both sides alternatively for five times and then twist the feet both sides uniformly for five minutes like a car wiper.

4. Then, rotate the feet clockwise and anticlockwise simultaneously for five times each.

5. Fold the right leg and place it on the left thigh.

6. Press every inch of the foot beginning from fingers to ankle using the thumb of hands.

7. Rotate the foot clockwise and anticlockwise by holding on the fingers of the leg using the left hand. Meanwhile, support the leg near to the ankle with the right hand such that the leg is resting on palm.

8. Repeat the same steps for the left foot.


Enhance the blood circulation whole over the body including the vital organs.

Prevent arthritis and the related illness.

2. Exercise to Energize Internal Organs

1. Sit in vajra asana and place the palms with chin mudra (touching the tip of index finger and thumb) on upper thighs. Note that the fingers with the mudra should be in the inner folding’s of thigh whereas the other fingers are placed straightly upon the thighs.

2. Now, exhale the breath and simultaneously lean forward touching the thighs. Ensure that the backbone, neck, and head are in a straight line.

3. Return to the original state by inhaling the breath. Repeat it for five times.

4. Now, hold the fist with the thumb inside.

5. Place it on the thigh focusing the palm upside and the back of fingers touching the abdomen.

6. Now exhale and inhale the breath similarly as above for five times.


Remove the toxins of internal organs.

Energizes the vital organs and balances the metabolic activity of the body.

Health problems like constipation and acidity will be reduced.

3. Pranayama

Pranayama is an important breathing exercise with inhalation, retention, and exhalation. There are different methods used in pranayama. Some techniques require an expert advice or else it could hurt that person.

There are also simple pranayama techniques with gentle breathing. This does not require any expertise help and is not harmful. (Read more Simple Breathing Exercise Techniques to Relieve Stress Instantly)

4. Kapalbhati

If you are excluding kapalbhati in the list of routine exercise, then you are missing a great share of enhanced immunity.

Kapalbhati is a simple breathing exercise with forcefully exhaling the breath rhythmically. The inhalation of breath occurs automatically with the instant releasing of the stomach muscle. This is a simple yoga exercise with immense health benefits. (Read more Kapalbhati – Effective Yoga for Cold, Head Ache, and Weight Loss)

5. Makarasana

Makarasana seems tricky for the beginners. Different types of moves make it little perplexing. But when a person goes for few of the moves he finds that the following moves are similar with the slight change in the posture.

The reason that this exercise is included in the routine list is that it rejuvenates the nervous system of the body. Nowadays, back pain is common among the people who used to sit for a long time in the office. This exercise helps to alleviate it where this asana is focused on the backbone. (Read more Yoga Exercise for Lower Back Pain Relief)

6. Savasana

This is the popular asana used for closing the routine exercises. The yogis say that the list of yoga exercise is incomplete without the savasana.

This final relaxing pose assimilates the benefits of all the asanas done in that section.

Savasana is done by focusing the whole body from the foot to head. Also, along with visualizing each and every part of the body is energizing and completely relaxing.


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