6 Things Make You Appear Less Attractive to Others

6 Things Make You Appear Less Attractive to Others

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How to Become the Most Attractive Version of Yourself?

Attraction is a universal mechanism. We people perceive and experience certain distinct qualities of dualities in nature. The beauty and ugly; happiness and sorrows; like and hate; truth and lie; attraction and repulsion where these things exist as either one in the continuum for a particular occasion. More clearly, the psychologist says that both the happiness and sorrows cannot be experienced at any instant of time. This is the way our brain had been wired to work.

The mystics had trained themselves to surpass this duality and prefer to remain in the neutral state. They see unity in duality where a normal person fails to realize.

Presently, the majority of people is not mystics and prefers a common state that is psychologically and biologically triggered in them. It is obvious that everything in nature is oriented towards the positive side of the duality resisting the dark side. Yet, it has been destined to conjoin with it in different degrees.

The human mind has an innate tendency towards attractiveness. And, even in nature – the animals, birds, insects, plants etc. exhibit this trait. This characteristic made them to continuously evolve and exist in the world.

Everyone strives to achieve the positive side whether it’s happiness, beauty, attraction, success or whatever. No one wants to be on the other side. If it is, then such person is abnormal.

Becoming attractive is the psychologically and biologically driven nature of humans. This attractiveness is not confined in the color, symmetrical structure, shape and physical appearance of the body. These physical characteristics have only a little share in the overall attractiveness of a person.

Even though there are some common factors involved, the attraction is subjective and depends on one’s own psychological and biological state. People perceive attractiveness in a different level. A football star will be perceived more attractive to a person who loves football when compared to a baseball fan. Similarly with the all other kinds where the psychological and biological conditions play an important role.

“When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become the sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.” 
― Shannon L. Alder

The level of perceived attractiveness of a complete stranger need not be real in the first instance and changes with the depth of interactions. Attractiveness is neither permanent nor has a constant level; it changes with time due to various factors. (Read also 8 Character Traits Mentally Strong People Avoid in Social Settings)

Listed are the common life subjects that make a person appear less attractive to others.

1. Inferiority Complex and Perceived Ugliness

The psychologist says that inferiority complex has quite opposite effects than feeling inferior. Feeling inferior motivates one to take actions to overcome it, whereas if a person becomes defenseless it has an adversative impact in his/her life.

A Strong feeling of inferiority exposes a person to the submissive behavior. Shyness, envy, and perfectionism are the traits associated with it.

They feel less contented in life with the lack of happiness and appear less attractive in public settings. They get inflicted with the criticism easily and exhibit an overly sensitive character trait.

Some people perceive their physical attractiveness little lower than they really are. This perceived ugliness has an adverse effect on the attractiveness and they would look for the negative traits in them while comparing with the others.  For example, these people assume their average-looking nose as awkward and develop false beliefs where they get obsessed with it.

If such traits motivate them to improve it, then it would add up to their beauty. This is same for a person looking for weight loss where he will be motivated or else ends up appearing less attractive. If a person loses hope, then he would try to become less attractive in all respects.

2. Lots of Negativities in Life

Negativity is the result of bad emotions. If a person is experiencing negative feeling in life then his thoughts will also be directed in its path. Unless positive events happen in his life or he tries to get rid of such emotions such person’s life will be centered in it ‘inducing a nocebo effect’.

3. Personal Qualities That Make You Less Interesting to others

We exhibit physical expressions and gestures according to the emotions we experience. These emotions are moreover related with our personality traits. If we have bad manners then certainly we would make a negative impression on others.

If a person has an arrogant and egoistic character trait, that person would behave accordingly where the emotions experienced would be related to it. Even though that person has a good level of the golden ratio (scientific beauty ratio) we would perceive him/her as less attractive. Such low-level qualities float over their physical beauty and degrade it.

I have said in the article ‘7 Incredible Ways to become The Most Interesting Man/Women in The World’ that having a sense of humor and playful nature would make you as an interesting person in the group. Since the people would like to feel ease and comfortable in life where being with such person makes them have the enhanced positive feelings.

Also, the artistic qualities have a higher potential in attracting others because it has a better capability to maintain lasting good emotions in the people. It’s evident from the large fans around them.

4. Socially Uncultured Behavior

A good character is an undeniable aspect that adds beauty to a person. Some people have the habit of overly criticizing others in a negative way. It’s their inability to read other’s emotions due to various psychological issues. By hurting others with the pointed words, they feel worthy of supporting and hiding their deficiency. People won’t admire the selfish behaviors where such fellow doesn’t care about hurting others if he could benefit from it.

Some people do not show empathy to others. This makes them appear crueler in the eyes of others. Having compassion towards the fellow beings and animals make them appear more attractive since compassion is attractive in nature.

Be warmth in nature. This will make others feel comfortable with you.

If you are a man, behave in the more manly way. Similarly with the women. Since the most attractive men and women in the world possess this character trait and people perceive it as a healthy behavior. Becoming indifference to others in a constructive way make others admire you. It’s the skill that you expose to others.

5. Less Happiness and Lack of Smile in the Face

There will be a change in the facial features of a person according to the happiness and worries. The happy face looks pleasant and invokes the ease of emotions in other’s mind.

Worrying for extended time creates depression lines in the face. This feature would degrade the level of attractiveness. No one would like to spend more time with a depressed person. If a person is experiencing happiness he would naturally have an attractive smile in his face. Yet, some people learn not to smile.

6. Lack of Self-Control

How would we perceive if a public figure behaves in an uncultured way? He would lose his reputation in the public. Such people don’t have control over their anger. They lose control over their self and do something illicit and later regret it.

The studies show that exerting self-control reduces the blood glucose level where it’s the fuel of the brain. This aspect reminds of a healthy body.

The experts say that having self-control is not only suppressing the emotions and not getting tempted to the external influences but also not exposing oneself to such situations.

People perceive unconsciously that a person with better self-control has a great self-acceptance and self-esteem. Less vulnerable to psychological imbalances and has greater psychological adjustments. (Read also 3 Most Powerful Meditation Techniques in the World)

This person would exhibit a better interpersonal relationship. It would help to develop a good family cohesion where there are fewer conflicts and distresses in life. This is the most anticipated dream of the folks in their relationship.


Praveen Kumar

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