​7 Effective Meditation Techniques to Improve Concentration

​7 Effective Meditation Techniques to Improve Concentration

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Meditation to Improve Concentration

The greatest people would accomplish nothing worthy in the world without the power of concentration. Einstein’s Relativity Theory wouldn’t exist without the active involvement of attentiveness of mind; Warren Buffett’s share market business skills wouldn’t exist in the lack of concentration. Anything special is delimited in concentration. Hence, it is imperative in our life to enhance mental strength; if one fails to reach certain heights in life then, lack of concentration will be one among the primal causes. Napoleon Hill noted in his book “Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons” where the concentration of mind is one of the significant assets to reach the goal.

We all get distressed in life and a better mind control helps us to detach from such disturbances and focus on our tasks easily. This is where most of the people fail to do so.

As I said in the article ‘5 Ways of Concentration of Mind Naturally,’ most of the people do have a good level of concentration at certain instances in life but in their particular needs of life, some fail to utilize it effectively. If you belong to this category and serious about your successful life then, really have to take a step further.

Like any other skills, the concentration of the mind can be increased only through practice. The studies showed that normally a good sleep and calm state of mind can improve the concentration. However, it can be enhanced only by practicing the effective meditation techniques as the concentration is the attribute of mind. These techniques are equipped to directly influence our mind to have a faster and powerful concentration skill. The increased attention boost our productivity, clarity in one’s thoughts, unleashes one’s creative ability and willpower of the mind. These are the necessary qualities of the mentally strong people.

If not through these techniques, certainly the greatest people in the world have acquired these qualities in life by similar other means. (Read also 8 Character Traits of Mentally strong People)

Actually, these techniques are not meant for enhancing concentration but it is the byproduct of these in its ultimate purpose. These are the techniques used by the yogis and has ensured its efficacy. Anyone can practice these techniques and few procedures require an experienced guide.

1. Mirror Gazing Meditation Technique

This concentration technique should be practiced at night in a dark room. Make sure you have a big mirror and a lamp.

Place the lamp near to the mirror such that only your face is reflected in the mirror.

Continuously stare into the eyes without blinking. The tears shouldn’t disturb you, continue staring.

For beginners, eyes will get strained very easily. After few days of practice, you will find it easy.

Continue staring for about thirty to forty minutes.

As the visual sense sends the same signal to the brain continuously mental illusions occur.

You will feel uncertainty on your image and after few days of practice, you will see a complete emptiness replacing your image.

Now, close your eyes for minutes and rub your palms together and place it over your eyes with gentle warmth.

2. Candle Gazing Meditation (Trataka)

Candle gazing meditation is one of the powerful concentration technique practiced in the ancient times. It also has other benefits related to eyes. This is similar to the mirror gazing meditation where also practiced at night.

Sit in a comfortable posture. Place the candle in front of you about two feet apart on a stool. The flame should be at your eye level or a little below.

Make sure that the flame of the candle is not flickering.

Now stare at the flame continuously without blinking similar to the above technique.

Continue staring for twenty to thirty minutes. Visual illusions will occur.

Rub your palms together and place it over the closed eyes as before.

This technique is equipped to empower one’s mind. Continuously practicing for a week shows considerable changes in the concentration of mind.

3. Concentrating on Sound

We have noticed that certain music can influence our mind and emotions. Concentrating on sound is the approved method for enhancing the concentration where it is the easiest and direct method.

The concentration music and mind subsiding music helps you to improve the concentration. The Nada Upasana (meditation on sound) is an effective method and doesn’t require any expertise as in other methods.

4. Breath Techniques

The breath technique is popular among the mind controllers. Most of the people couldn’t control their mind directly. Hence, controlling the breath helps them to do so. (Read also 5 States of Mind and Concentration in Patanjali Yoga)

Breathing techniques deal with regulating the breath by balancing the inhalation, retention, and exhalation proportionally such as 1:4:2 technique with a definite rhythm.

Brahmani pranayama is a better option. This helps to improve the blood flow through the brain and slows down the mind.

If you are not an expert in pranayama, simply focusing the mind on the breath is also effective where the unnecessary risk can be avoided.

5. Mantras for Concentration

Incantation of mantras is an aid for concentration. With the mantras, our mind get subsides instantly. It is the most powerful technique used for concentration and meditation. The single seed mantra (bija mantra) is effective in focusing the mind.

The drawback is that the mere recitation of the mantras is not much effective where one has to be initiated on it. (Read also 3 Most Powerful Meditation Techniques in the World)

6. Observing Thoughts

The method of vipassana and mindfulness meditation practice is dealt with observing the thoughts without the active involvement on it. This technique is mostly practiced in the west as mindfulness meditation without losing its essence.

With the consistent practice, it helps to keep your mind on necessary things and ward off unnecessary things. This is also a powerful form yet a slow process.

7. Chakra Meditation

The chakra meditation technique deals with the kundalini energy. This is the powerful method as well as a risky process for the inexperienced. The mind power can be increased immensely where it deals with the spirituality of mind rather than the psychology of mind. (Read also How to Safely Awaken Your Kundalini Energy?)

For the acute concentration of mind, it was advised to meditate on third eye chakra (Ajna), Sahasrara or heart chakra. The chakra meditation is the forcible method to prevent the dissipation of mind and to enhance the concentration of mind faster.

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


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