7 Incredible Ways to Become Most Interesting Man (Women) in the World

7 Incredible Ways to Become Most Interesting Man (Women) in the World

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How to Become the Most Interesting Person in the World?

We are fascinated by the most interesting people in the world. There is probably no one in the world at least once desired as ‘if I could be one among them’.

Upon analyzing various subjects, I came up with some of these qualities that make a man or women more interesting to others irrespective of age. It is undeniable that these incredible characteristics enable one to attract the folks and when these qualities are expressed at its highest level, one become a popular person in the world. Alternatively, popularity doesn’t mean that person is interesting.

Even though there is a role of inherited qualities in some areas, their effort along with the right time and place makes them stand out from the other people.

Just contribute something that influences the society, people or world in a positive way. This makes you proud and worthy. And, those who rise over the boundaries of ordinary people with these qualities will be remembered forever.

Live like a legend. Make use of every opportunity that takes one to that level of heights which starts from developing the basic qualities.

Listed here are some of the most significant qualities and lack of these traits makes one less interesting to the others. Any of these qualities are not par with the rest of it and are having different ranges of influence. However, improving any of these will be paid off.

1. Be a Humorous Person

Everyone likes to be happy and relaxed rather than being around stressed and anxious most of the time. Thus a humorous quality makes a person interesting to others. We feel good moods while being with such person.

Humor is a quality that can be learned. Becoming humorous person doesn’t mean that one has to become a buffoon.

Shyness is the main factor that acts against humor. Becoming less confident in one’s own words along with the fear of rejection and mistakes – ‘what others might think?’ is the root cause. With this state of mind, even if one tries to become humorous and might end up presenting it poorly. Escaping from this indeed worsen it and makes one a boring person. The only way to get over shyness is by accepting the reality and using every opportunity.

Have a creative mind and a good level of knowledge in few matters. This will prevent one from saying stupid things and become a ridiculous person rather than being an intelligent guy who knows to tackle the case by using attentive words according to the situation and commenting at the right time in an assertive way. This attribute will make a huge difference and the level of laughter will be higher. It is a skill that has to be observed from such people.

2. Special Skills and Artistic Mind

We all have an inert attraction towards music. Melodies have the power to directly induce our mind with a pleasant feeling. Similarly with the related arts. So, we perceive those people who excel in arts as attractive. Some of these skills are inherited yet, any of these skills are present in anyone at a different level which can be trained and cultivated.

Sportsman, artist, entertainer, author, motivator, etc. are few of them. Know yourself where the hidden needs of life that are obscured within the subconscious mind. These unmet needs are responsible for the wellbeing as I mentioned in the book ‘Crack the Hidden Laws of Life - Ultimate Guide to Lead a Successful Life.’ Realize such needs; it is the way to cultivate such particular abilities.

3. Successful Man and the Person Having Traits of Successful People

Most of us are desirous and achieving our goal is the way to success and happiness.  So, we become very much interested to know about the success stories of prominent people. It is nature of human mind to invoke curiosity in the incredible achievements of others.

A person need not be successful in order to entice others yet; a person having the personality traits of the successful people can either inspire others. This is a type of mindset they possessed which makes them appealing. (Read also Mentality of the Most Successful People)

4. Deep Knowledge and Understanding

People get fascinated by seeing the incredible activities related to the intelligence and creative imagination. This intelligence and creativity come to fruition only with the aid of knowledge. Deep knowledge and understanding in a particular discipline make a person outstanding in that field.

People admire Einstein mainly due to his in-depth understanding of physics along with the remarkable intelligence and creative imagination. This quality did not come to him overnight but with his diligent effort and perseverance.

A psychologist who has a deep understanding of human mind can infer a person’s behavioral characteristic where others fail to perceive. These men are interesting to the people around the world and few others become their fans based on their desires.

5. Good Personality Traits

What is meant by a good personality? It is the kind of personality that makes others admire you. As I said in ‘8 character traits mentally strong people avoid in social settings’ one has to ward off the bad personality traits. The good personality is exhibited only when the contrary bad character traits are cleared.

We won’t like to spend time with the depressed person or who are feeling negative emotions or having bad personality traits. The Happy face is perceived more attractive than a depressed face. The studies shown that experiencing the quality of happiness is depended on nature of personality. Therefore, learn the personality that makes you less depressed. (Read also 3 Amazing Scientific Research on Happiness)

The world feels sympathy for a weaker person and praises the stronger ones. So, acquire the stronger qualities that make you appear more interesting to others where more people like to stick around with you. These are a few good personality traits of people who are successful in inspiring others.

6. Kindness and Generosity

Kindness and generosity are the two noble qualities cited in all religious and spiritual texts. These qualities are often remarked and up kept by the spiritual people. These people worked for the sake of humankind and considered serving the needed is the way to happiness.

I couldn’t resist sharing the deeds of Mother Theresa. Her unselfish behavior and boundless love made millions of people honor her with the title Saint. Such people are more interesting to the humankind and live forever in the hearts of people.

7. Great Words of Wisdom and True Divine Nature

Wisdom is the purity of knowledge. This wisdom is bestowed with realizing the truth – the true self. People having the above five distinct qualities are not bound with calmness and peaceful mind. This quality is the highlight of the highly evolved spiritual people.

Being with them makes one feel the sense of security, submission, and peace of mind. So, people are naturally attracted towards divine figures like Ramana Maharishi, Buddha, Ramakrishna and others who are having those qualities. These interesting lives guided the people to lead a happier life that is free from envy and immoral characteristics.


Praveen Kumar

Praveen is the founder and editor at MindOrbs, an online magazine about personal development, yoga, meditation, spirituality, health, and wellness. He is a postgraduate in Physics, author, and entrepreneur. He is a kundalini practitioner for more than 15 years.