8 Character Traits Mentally Strong People Avoid in Social Settings

8 Character Traits Mentally Strong People Avoid in Social Settings

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Character Traits Mentally Strong People Avoid

We all feel mentally strong in ordinary situations and in our comfort zone. But in the adverse situations, this mentality doesn’t remain the same. The true mental strength of a person is revealed in such circumstances. One’s behavioral features and character traits in such circumstances determine the level of confidence and mental strength.

We all have a different set of good and bad personality traits. The first step towards developing mental strength is to know one’s strength and weakness. Don’t blame on one’s bad traits, accept it and try to change it.

Psychologist says that mental strength determines how one behaves in a positive manner. The more one has control over the mind, the more one possesses the mental strength. It’s the attitude of the mind to exhibit the positive character traits.

These good personality traits are presented when one is able to organize thoughts and to regulate the emotions in a positive way. This is one of the significant character traits of mentally strong people. One may have limitations in the physical strength. A person cannot compete with an elephant in whatsoever. Even if one tries to train the body to possess more physical strength it is limited to the body stature and muscle performance.

However, the mental strength is limitless; it can be developed and cultivated by anyone. Amy Morin Psychotherapist says, “Everyone has the ability to develop mental strength by becoming aware of the self-destructive thoughts.”

Some people are inherited with such positive character traits. Some people acquired such qualities encountering different life situations. Some people learned it from others. It’s the only responsibility of an individual to cultivate such qualities according to one’s need. In the book ‘Crack the Hidden Laws of Life’ I said about how to develop the necessary qualities to build a particular mindset.

Most of the bad personality traits are expressed unconsciously in different life circumstances. One should be aware of such personality traits so it can be checked and replaced with the positive character traits.

These are the common character traits exhibited by mentally weak people that make a bad impression in others.  The other people need not be a psychologist to decipher such characteristics yet, absorbed by their subconscious mind as the mentally weaker traits.  By being aware of such qualities, one can appear confident and mentally strong despite any social circumstances.

1. Body Language Signs of Weakness

Avoid reserved and anxious body language signs in social settings such as folding arms, crossing the feet while standing, etc. that take up less space. Expand your space, be erect and steady by maintaining a confident posture. While sitting, sit with a straight back. This makes one feel confident that creates a positive impression in others.

Walking with the drooping shoulders is the sign of weakness. Push the shoulders little back as if look natural or let it be in the relaxed state.

2. Avoid Sudden Movements of Body

Avoid sudden, haste, and jerky movements when an authorized personnel is asked to do something. Feeling inferior and negative beliefs is the seat of the weaker mind. Overcome such attitude by having a positive outlook on life. Remember ‘slow and steady win the race.’

3. Fidgeting and Anxiety

When one is in an anxious situation or when someone is criticizing one’s mistake, some people use to fidget in such circumstances. It is the sign of mentally weak personality traits.

These qualities are rubbing the hand, touching face and neck, nervous laughter and giggling, tapping foot, tugging cloth, restless body, twirling and touching the hair. Avoiding such character traits in social settings makes one look mentally stronger.

4. Avoid Weak Tone of Voice and Rushed Speech

Our tone of voice at public settings determines our confidence and the power of the mind. The weak tone of voice is the nature of person having a low mental strength.

When one is asked about something, don’t rush to speak. Pausing at the required time and speaking in a deep voice with the downward inflection of sentence makes one look more powerful and confident. Speaking clearly in an assertive tone in optimum speed is the sign of strong mentality. (Read also 7 Most Effective mind Control Techniques One Should be Aware)

5. Lack of Eye Contact

Along with the body posture, making eye contact with the people is also perceived by them as potency. Lack of proper eye contact makes one feel less confident. Blinking eyes are the sign of anxiousness. Shy and anxious people become more conscious inwardly and behave awkwardly.

Keep proper eye contact in different social situations. A small positive change in one’s character traits can bring a progressive change in one’s mentality. (Read also 9 Habits of World’s Most Successful People that We Need to Learn)

While walking through public settings don’t look here and there without focus, walk steadily with raised head. If you want to look sideways, turn your head to see. Avoid viewing others by only moving eyes to the corner. This will create a bad impression in others.

6. Getting Over Embarrassed in Doing Mistakes

While in a social setting, if dropped something or speaking to a group and uttered few words wrong, some people will freeze with anxiety. With the blushed face, the mind will be exaggerating the situations as what others might feel or thinking others might laugh at it. This mental attribution makes one look over embarrassed.

Getting embarrassed is the common human nature. It is an involuntary process – recognize that it is short lived. Even the most successful people do mistakes and they don’t care about it.

7. Get Overwhelmed Very Easily

Getting overwhelmed in social settings very easily is the sign of poor mind control. Here the emotions take control of the one’s activities. This will build up only the unnecessary stress. Stop thinking about perfectionism and we don’t have total control over everything.

8. Fainting, Shivering, and Over Sweating

This is one of the uncommon traits and seen in those who also have less control over their emotions. This type of people becomes overanxious in the social environment. The person loses control over their mind and the involuntary functions of the body get disturbed. As a result, heart rate increases, breathing becomes shallow, shivering and over sweating will be noticed. In this case, when there is a lack of oxygenated blood supply to the brain, one faint. This characteristic shows that one is not mentally strong.

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