8 Major Siddhi or Psychic Powers According to Yoga

8 Major Siddhi or Psychic Powers According to Yoga

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Major Siddhis or Psychic Powers

Major Siddhis or psychic powers are termed as the ashta siddhis. These are the superior siddhis envisaged in the Indian philosophy that are imperceptible to the ordinary humans.

These are the byproducts of yogic practices that are endowed in the spiritual progress. I already explained in ‘siddhis or mystical powers’ that these superpowers defies the laws of physics and seems contrary to the science.

It does not mean that these siddhis are non-existent qualities indeed, it influences the nature through the higher plane of consciousness.

Acquiring these major siddhis is not an easy task. It takes years of self-perfection. It makes one not to incline to certain super qualities eventually, even though they acquired those major siddhis. (Read also 5 People with Supernatural Powers through Meditation)

The major siddhis are classified as eight distinct supernatural powers. They are as follows

1. Anima: This power is well illustrated in some of the Indian ancient texts such as the Puranas. This is the power to become as a visible miniature. One who acquired anima can squeeze through small pits or holes.

2. Mahima: This is the power to become a gigantic entity. This power is also similar to the anima, but it is opposite to it.

3. Laghima: The aspirant who acquired this power can abstain the laws of gravity. It is that one who acquired this becomes weightless.

4. Garima: According to this power the yogi becomes as heavy as a mountain. The law of gravity doesn’t seem to obey as in physics.

5. Prapti: The yogi who attained this siddhi has the power to attain the material objects that he wishes. This is also the power to cure the diseases.

6. Prakamya: This yogic power deals with the breathing. He can dive into the water and come out as when he wishes. The Siddha yogi who attained this power can become invisible to others. Some commentaries in texts describe this siddhi as the power to acquire the external body.

7. Vashitvam: This is the power to mesmerize others. One who attained this power can control the mind of others. The yogi will be having the full control over other animals and living beings.

8. Ishitvam: This is considered as the most powerful of the siddhis. He will be attaining the power of nature. By using this power, the yogi can bring the life back to the dead one. ( Read also Minor Siddhis )

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