8 Most Common Dream Symbols and their Meanings

8 Most Common Dream Symbols and their Meanings

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What the Symbols in the Dream Mean to You?

“It was an unfamiliar place with a group of strangers. Barely dressed people resembling the settings of a past civilization. They are actively hunting in the ground for survival. It seems like a battleground where they fought with the other clans. Suddenly, a lion appeared supporting them.”

Later, I came to know that it was a dream. It was an obscure dream like a fragmented story.

But, the events in the dream were interrelated. I have to connect the dots making it meaningful.

Most people have such dreams in sleep. It represents your ‘self’. Sometimes, it might be a turning point in your life.

Dreams are the thoughts of the subconscious mind. They are often shown in the form of symbols. They are directly connected with the real forms of life. Yet, more often dreams indirectly represent specific matters of life in the forms of symbols which are the significant parts of life.

Everyone dreams for about 2 to 3 hours in a night. Most of the dreams get erased from the memory. Sometimes, you would feel bad while waking up from the bed unaware of the real cause behind it. It’s the erased distressing dream that put you in the bad mood.

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Dreams have a basis on the past and present conditions of life having a close connection with the mental state. It is evolved with the life events related to hidden and suppressed thoughts of mind. In most cases, it does not involve any future vision of events.

There are many occasions where some dreams are the visions of the future events. Unfortunately, such indications are incompatible with the empirical studies.

The biographies and memoirs of some people have shown few real causes that are often referred to the future events of life. I said in the article ‘Inspirational Quotes of Swami Vivekananda for Positivity’ where a poor man dreamed of meeting Swami Vivekananda. Modern mystic Narayana Guru saw the dream that his disciple was been washed away by the flood. These dreams are having psychic nature connected with the spirituality.

Dreams are connected with the higher senses. It is the vision of higher intelligence in rare cases. Some people are aware of the virtue of this higher intelligence in the conscious mind. For others, it is revealed through the dreams.

It is the abstract knowledge of reality. It is the medium leading to the exactness of natural laws by unraveling more of the secrets of nature.

There are many occasions of such attributes in dreams.  The popular structure of benzene was revealed in the dream. Some of the world’s most popular inventions are the results of the dreams.

According to psychology, the role of the subconscious mind is to protect you and guide you in all life struggles. Dreams are one of the forms of interaction of the subconscious mind.

Some people have recurring dreams that should be treated specifically. The dreams reappear because of the unresolved issues of life. The dreams are unique to the person. It is related to one’s own belief system. Therefore, interpreting it is solely personal. Yet, there are certain symbols that are common to everyone and can be deciphered according to one’s own belief system.

For instance, if a person is anxious about spiders, then the spiders appeared in his dreams have a different meaning than a person who treats it in a normal way.

1. Falling from Heights

Falling in the dream means that you have lost control in certain matters of life. If you lost some amount of money in business or lost something valuable in your personal life, the subconscious mind reacts in such a way that you would be falling from heights in the dream.

The subconscious mind activities depend on your approach and the external influences. If your conscious approach on a matter is in an unwise manner, then the subconscious mind reveals such attributes in the form of certain symbols in the dream.

Alternatively, if you saw that you are flying in the dream, it might be because you had some positive improvements in life recently; it means that you are progressing in your goal. If you control the flying then it means that you have some control in your growth.

2. Chasing

Chasing is the common symbol in the dream. It has different meaning according to the chasing elements. You may dream of an elephant chasing you, snake chasing and trying to bite you. Sometimes, cautiously you miss the bite. The dog attacks you; a demon is chasing you; a dreadful stranger is chasing you are the common chasing dream.

Some people would dream of a vehicle is chasing them. There might be the dreams that an airplane is chasing you that is equipped with the destructive power. Sometimes, you would see a person chasing you with a gun or knife. These dreams have a distinct meaning related to the dreamer that is commonly based on the significant unresolved problems of life that the person is obsessed with.

It symbolizes that you lack mental strength in confronting the problems. These might be the anticipated problems of life or the psychological issues such as unexpressed anger, hate etc. that you were been obsessed.

3. Naked

If you saw a dream that you are appearing naked, then there is a serious concern with the mental strength. It is depended upon the state of your nudity, whether you are exposed to the public or particular person or partially exposed.

It commonly means that you are becoming vulnerable to the life problems that are rising in power. You are holding some secrets that are having the destructive nature. (Read also 8 Character Traits Mentally Strong People Avoid in Social Settings)

4. You are in Schools or Colleges

The schools are the knowledge resources that get implanted as a belief in the subconscious mind. If an adult dream of schools or colleges then it has a particular meaning than a student who dreams of it. It means the subconscious mind consider that you require more insights in the matters you are concerned with.

If you are in the business where you need to implement new strategies, then seeing such dreams means that you are ignorant where you require a deep understanding before leaping into it. It’s trying to avert you from unwanted risks in life.

5. Uncontrolled Driving

Driving is related to the flow of life. If you lost control in driving a vehicle, it means that your life moves in an uncontrolled manner. You lost control in your life activities.

You are leading your life without any clear vision. Your life is driven by the uncontrolled desires and suppressed emotions.

6. Paralyzed in Dream

Sometimes you might get paralyzed in the dream. You couldn’t move your body as wished. You might be encountering a dreadful situation and couldn’t get away from it.

The subconscious mind notices the apparent causes that make your life become defenseless and vulnerable to other’s inept decisions in your personal or professional life. It might be the cause of arrogant decisions of your boss in your job or a family member’s decision that disturbs you.

Literally, you have become helpless.

7. Falling of Teeth

The falling of teeth commonly indicates that you lost confidence or losing confidence in your life matters. You should consider regaining the confidence by resolving the issues or else it would degrade your level of confidence and self-esteem. (Read 3 Surefire Ways to Become More Productive in Life)

8. Water

The dreams might be such that you are swimming in the water or viewing it from river banks. Always such dreams need not be meaningful, it might be the reflections of the life activities if you were actively indulging with water lately. The interpretation depends upon nature of water.

The water reflects the emotional state of mind. Seeing unclear water reminds that you are becoming unbearable to the emotional and stressful life. If you are struggling in the unclear water where you are uncontrollably swayed away by the flooding water, you are becoming vulnerable to the depression.

The dreams are the reflections of your present life circumstances that are encountering in life. These dreams are the indicators that require you to take necessary actions that are necessary for a better life.


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