8 Remarkable Life Lessons from Einstein for Success

8 Remarkable Life Lessons from Einstein for Success

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Practical Life Lessons from Albert Einstein

Einstein – one of the outstanding scientist and humanitarian the world has ever seen. Without him, the science would have taken the next 200 years to reach the present level.

The in-depth understanding of the particular subject made him an outstanding scientist among the peers. His words are inspiring where some of his thoughts are reasonable and having a sense of humor. This will be evident from the following quotes.

“I know not with what weapons world war III will be fought, but world war IV will be fought with sticks and stones”.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the universe”.

His spiritual and theological concepts were clear where he has an affinity towards the Buddhist concepts of philosophies. Learning and implementing his few life principles would add benefits to our life. There are lots of things we can learn from his life. (Read also 8 Most Powerful and Inspirational Quotes in Spirituality)

1. Focus on Values in Life

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of values”.

Most people look for success as the possession of material wealth, professional success, etc. If the success does not bring value to your life, then that success is worthless. Becoming extremely selfish in life is the weakness. This selfish activity doesn’t benefit others or the world and fails to win the heart of the folks. Then such success becomes valueless.

2. Intense Passion for Work

The intense passion in natural science took him to the extreme side. This enthusiasm made him utilize the spare hours while working in the patent office. Often times he spends his time working lonely. He considered doing his duty without fail was the primal necessity.

Have a passion in your life. This passion will make you work hard towards your goals irrespective of failures. This will get you the needed motivation in your life.

3. Focus on the Right Thing and Look Deep Into It

According to Einstein, there are two ways we can arrive at the laws of nature – one beginning with the physical thinking and continue to embody them with the right mathematical formulation. Another one is beginning with mathematical concepts and arriving at the true laws of nature.

Einstein said in his autobiography, “The fact that I neglected mathematics to a certain extent had its cause not merely in my stronger interest in the natural sciences than in mathematics but also in the following peculiar experiences. I saw that mathematics was split up into numerous specialties, each of which could easily absorb the short lifetime granted to us. Consequently, I saw myself in the position of Buridan’s ass, which was unable to decide upon any particular bundle of hay. Presumably, this was because my intuition was not strong enough in the field of mathematics to differentiate clearly the fundamentally important, that which is really basic, from the rest of the more or less dispensable erudition”.

He was famous for his thought experiments where he arrived at the right place by neglecting the distracting paths. Nature's law can be unveiled by taking the right approach neglecting all wrong assumptions. These methods are also applicable to other fields.

Focusing on a single subject makes you an expert in that field. This is the fact where Swami Vivekananda noted it as one of the significant strategies for success. (Read also 21 Most Inspiring Quotes of Swami Vivekananda for Positivity)

4. Strong Belief in the Self

He was a man with a strong faith in his intuition. He did what he believed, and believed what he did. Within his forties, he contributed remarkable pieces of literature to the world.

It was the time to validate the general theory of relativity; Einstein remained firm on his instinct that the bending of the light is the possibility even if the whole world is against this concept.

5. Not Being Perfectionist

He believes in the ideals that even the expert would make mistakes in life. Once, he introduced cosmological constant in his General Relativity equation to stabilize the static universe. He confessed that it was one of his biggest blunders. Later, it was attributed to the dark energy and used to understand the accelerating universe. After all, it was not a mistake. He says that doing mistakes in trying new thing is a usual thing. Considering oneself perfect and trying nothing in fear of mistakes is the sign of perfectionism.

6. Change the Views According to the Truth

The extent we are far from the truths of nature to that extent we are ignorant of its true nature. We have to change our views according to the truth. Only the truth is permanent. The laws constructed will be reorganized according to the truth. Newton’s concept of gravitation was right at that time. When Einstein formulated it with a different concept Newton’s law became approximate to the truth. Even the laws of Einstein would also perceptible to the real truth. He said that his laws were also not permanent. If his laws could not be subjected to the change or wouldn’t help to develop consequential laws, it becomes void. (Read also 3 Surefire Ways to Become More Productive in Life)

7. Consider the Conscience as Superior

Einstein suspected that his findings of nature will be misused against the human race. He wrote a letter to the president of US regarding his concern. After the atomic bombardment in Japan, he spent few years there. His benevolence and gratitude are appreciable.

8. Think Different

When I mean ‘think different,’ I not only mean to think differently from the common people perspective but also think and approach a problem from all possible sides. Being with the problem makes you a more efficient man in that field. It’s the true knowledge you gain through the experience. It’s where the information you gained in school become less significant. Einstein doesn’t have any special power, it’s his dedication, deep understanding, and effort made him unique.


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