8 Scientifically Proven Ways to Have a Better Life

8 Scientifically Proven Ways to Have a Better Life

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Scientific Ways to Improve Your Life

‘As you sow so shall as you reap’ is a famous biblical quote that reflects with the cause and effect. Whatever it may be – deterministic or free will, we have seen that those who took deliberate actions in life were left with the respective results. If you are a strong believer that you can have a better life with much of happiness and better fulfillment of desires (not spiritual contentment) in life then, this is for you.

According to cognitive psychology, most of our decisions in life are made unconsciously before we actually become aware of it. Even though most of our decisions are made unconsciously, we have the causal possibility to control the circumstances that lead to such decisions. Our future indeed depends on the past events and how we effectively utilize every opportunity to improve our life.

Subconscious mind determines our attitude, behavior, and personality, and how our life is craved in depended on it. The subconscious mind has a basis in our past experiences, belief system, and natural conditions. It has a biologically wired counterpart – neural connections where it is feebly influenced by our genes. Alternatively, these neural pathways shape our subconscious mind.

Routine habits and cultivating new personality traits create new neural pathways. The scientific research proved that our brain requires less than four weeks for generating a new neural connection as a result of new character trait.

If you have bad character traits then, it’s the result of such neural pathways. The characteristic of the biological system is that it motivates one to strengthen the existing pathways. That’s why a sad or depressed person feels the urge to feed the mind with negative thoughts rather than the positive feelings even if he is rationally aware of it.

The studies showed that the bad people character traits are due to such distinctive neural pathways. They are wired to behave accordingly. Similarly, the drug addicts are more prone to drugs and develop a sense of urgency to it due to the pathways formed by its consistent usage. Eventually, such mental disorder becomes difficult to change biologically.

If you need to change a bad personality trait then change these neural connections. If you need to develop new skills rewire your neurons. Genes have only less than 50% influence over these and there is much more room to change.

Our subconscious mind is a result of these unique neural connections where our intuition works with the available resources and what we feed to our subconscious mind

Listed here are the ways to develop better neural connection naturally so you can lead a much better life than before.

1. Being with Passionate People

If you analyze the special character traits of the intelligent people you can notice that they try to connect with the passionate people and those who are more intelligent than them. This is how they grow in life.

There's the only considerable number of successful and passionate people in the world and the majority of people are leading a life not up to their expectations. So, being with the folks only ends up with the folks.

We are social being where others can influence our life to a greater extent. If we are continuously engaging with pessimistic people probably we get discouraged in life. Similarly, if you are spending more time with a passionate guy you can feel the difference in life.

It might not be possible for everyone to get around with the most successful people. Never mind, there are many people with such character traits. Everyone is unique where some people get attracted to those who are having special character traits based on upon psychologically driven conditions.

However, there are few character traits that are common to all. In the article ‘7 Ways to Become More Interesting to Others,’ I said that how the certain common character makes one socially attractive.

2. Getting Experience and Knowledge

Great knowledge is one of the significant possessions of the people who are leading a better life. Not only acquiring knowledge through the books is counted but also the relevant experiences gained in the life that adds up one’s ability to lead a happier life is also considered.

It is a philosophical hypothesis that great knowledge can improve your level of happiness. So as with one’s increasing age, where people gain more knowledge as for how to become happy despite their circumstances. Where happiness increases with age is a proven scientific fact.

If a spiritual person is very contended in life then, it’s due to his wisdom.

3. Learn To Cultivate Happiness

Most of the activities of life reach its fullest level when a person is happy. Whether it’s a perpetual happiness or temporary, it has similar biological attributes in the brain.

If you are not happy with the life, look for the unmet needs of life as I said in the book ‘Crack the Hidden Laws of Life’. These are the hidden subconscious needs of life that have to be fulfilled. This is the only way to have the long-term happiness in life.

Money is not a primal factor for happiness but for worldly people it supports the mind in various factors.

A Happy mind is the best way to get enthusiasm in activities and to feel energetic where the happy person gets easily motivated in life.

4. Developing a Healthy Belief System

If a person is hindering in his life, certainly it will be the root cause is his belief system and ignorance. The belief system is a deeply coded attribute of the subconscious mind that influence the efficacy of our mental process. It is also developed as result of past and present life experiences. Becoming successful in life, developing self-confidence and acquiring new skills are checked by this belief system.

We are unconsciously restricted by this mental attribute and require a strong factual knowledge or experiences to alter such beliefs. This unconscious mind has a powerful influence over our all mental processes. It is the ultimate controller of over behaviors, our weakness, and strengths. Moreover, all psychological states of mind are determined it.

5. By Motivating Your Mind

It is common that we all get exposed to tremendous negativity in life. This negativity can erode our productive mind. As I said in the article ‘3 Brilliant Ways Highly Successful People Get Motivated in Life,’ motivation is inevitable whenever one’s mind falls back.

So, one can develop certain neural pathways according to their tasks as like the people who led a better life.

6. Lower Your Mental Waves

A higher mental wave is the seat of the unsteady mind. Agitation, restlessness, stupidity, etc. are the consequence of higher frequency mind. Unproductive decisions are made in such state of mind.

Mind relaxing music and meditation practices help you to lower the mental frequency.

7. Allow Your Intuition and Higher Senses To Work

When the mind is calmed down our intuition and higher senses work perfectly. It is our best guide to lead a better life. The role of higher senses in one’s life is wrapped in philosophy. Napoleon Hill said that if a person has to lead a better life, successful in his deeds, and possessed a higher creative ability then these qualities was endowed with the higher sense of a person.

“The higher sense probably is the medium of contact between finite mind of man and infinite intelligence, and for this reason, it’s a mixture of both mental and spiritual. It is believed to be the point at which the mind of man contacts the universal mind.” – Napoleon Hill

8. Get a Good Deep Sleep

Finally, getting a deep sleep makes you active with a healthy body and healthy mind. A deep sleep is inevitable for the higher senses to work better where it helps to increase your productivity. The studies showed that the people who are having a sound sleep are less prone to negative emotions and has a better control over their activities. (Read also How to Get a Deep Sleep at Night?)


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