9 Crazy Things Happen for Boys and Girls When Falling in Love

9 Crazy Things Happen for Boys and Girls When Falling in Love

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What Will Happen When You Fall in Love?

In the early stage of falling in love, positivity and excitement fill the life. Falling in love raises the level of endorphins in the body. You feel the elation in every moment you spent. You feel the world as if like a paradise. This drives you crazy over certain matters.

You take lots of positive steps in your life. Your life becomes enthusiastic and takes risks that you wouldn’t have thought if you were not in love.

Sometimes, you feel like you are insane. Your logical thinking style gets disturbed with the release of hormones. Therefore, this increases your funny and stupid nature. People mostly enjoy those funny acts when shown in films.

These are the few common traits of people when they fall in love. There are also other behavioral changes such as becoming highly selfish, violence attitude, very possessive, etc. are the other unpleasant experiences of love.

1. Gazing

Gazing can induce an intense delightful feeling in the mind. The sudden release of chemicals in the blood makes you fall in love even deeper.

It’s shown that gazing for few minutes increases the chance of falling in love. But what’s funny in this is that you become unaware of your surroundings.

2. Hairstyle

Boys care a lot about their hairstyle when they fall in love. They go insane for weeks if the hair was badly cut. But they are least bothered about their footwear.

However, boys used to check the foot wears of girls and perceive it as the sign of professionalism.

If a girl likes a boy, probably they used to play with their hair such that ordering it by moving the hair from front to back of the ear. It’s a well-known flirting sign.

If you are looking for ways to make someone falling in love with you and it seems you badly need them but couldn’t proceed any further.

Then, probably these strategies would help you. This evergreen book “How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You?” seems a master art of psychology for a decade. Still, I can see a pretty good gravity without showing the signs of slowing down.

3. More Concerned About Body Fitness

The person might be lazy as well. But then fell in love, he/she get motivated to go for workouts. It seems like nothing can stop him/her in getting the desired result.

With a little improvement in the fitness, boys often perceive the body in a positive way.

But, usually, the girls perceive their body the opposite. If a well-built girl is getting little chubby, she conceives it as even more chubbiness. The perceived ugliness is the common issues with them.

4. Dressing Style

You reach the peak in your aesthetic sense. You might be spending hours in a showroom to pick the one that fulfills your views. You dress up such that you appear smarter and attractive in public places. (Read also How to Become More Interesting to others?)

5. Smile Often

As you are in a good mood continuously for few days, your face becomes brighter. Warm blood flushes your cheek. Moisture in the eyes makes its shining. Totally you look different than before

A silly thing can trigger big laughter in you. Daydreaming is one of the tasks in free times. Remembering of funny instances induce laughter or wide smile in you without conscious about the public.

6. Sing Songs

You might not be a good singer and hesitate to sing even in the bathroom. But the moment you fall in love, the things start changing.

Start hearing music more than before. You feel like sing a song. It doesn’t matter if it was weird and a nuisance to others. (Read also 12 Best Activities that Make You Happy Instantly in Your 20's)

7. Spend Money Unnecessarily

The boy might be a miser, but what makes him crazy with his love in the initial phase is that he doesn’t care about his money. He would give large tips or pay more for something cheap.

8. Feeling Nervousness to Talk

You might be a bold public speaker. But, when it comes to telling her ‘I love you’. You need to learn to hide your fears and emotions. Or else you end up being funny. Your voice may break or you utter the words incorrectly.

8. Become Obsessive

You will experience a state similar to the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). His/her thoughts occupy your mind. It is an involuntary process of the brain.

The mind feels pleasant only with such thoughts at that time. The thoughts are about the real past incidents or the future imaginary dreams.

9. Mood Swings

The mood swing is the common psychological problem associated with falling in love. These are the emotions that relate to the extreme ends. Most times you will be in the state of euphoria and other unfavorable times you feel like heart broken. (Read also 9 Things Men and Women are 'Wired Differently')

Falling in love is only a phase of life. People consider it as the wonderful moments in the whole of life. Most novels, plays, dramas, and songs have composed on behalf of this love.


Praveen Kumar

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