9 Habits of World’s Most Successful People

9 Habits of World’s Most Successful People

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Significant Qualities of the World's Highly Effective People

What are the qualities that distinguish the world’s most successful people from the ordinary people? Listed here are few of the habits and skills which are partially or completely distinct from the ordinary people that which are researched and analyzed from the lives of smartest people.

These are the habits that are not inherent in such people but developed in various life circumstances. They learned to be different than indifferent.

The way of life and thoughts of the most successful people are unique or else they might end up in the mob. These extreme special skills made them stand out from the lives of the common people.

1. Learn To Focus On Few Things than Everything

Bruce Lee said,

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”.

World’s smartest people have the characteristic of digging deep into the particular subjects. They are curious to take it to its extreme level.

They say that being better at few things is superior to being average at many things.

We need to learn as much of matters as we can, but focusing on few areas and becoming extremely skilled with it is a significant quality.

2. The Habit of Lifelong Learning

Learning is one of the common qualities of the successful people. They keep on learning new things.

Warren Buffett says that reading is the best way to get wiser and he used to spend eighty percent of his working days in reading and thinking. This quality made him one of the successful investors in the world.

This type of people continuously updates their knowledge in particular areas of the field. This updating of relevant skills is the key aspect of excelling in that particular field. (Read also, 5 Necessary Steps to become Successful in Life)

3. Scrutinizing the Needed Experience of Oneself and Others

The smartest people are better at acquiring and implementing the needed mentality from those of successful people. As I mentioned in the book, “Crack the Hidden Laws of Life”, these are the inevitable qualities in life that are required to lead a successful life.

These highly effective people are good at analyzing the required experience to yield better results in their life. It is awkward and time-consuming to go through all the levels of experiences, but learning from the experiences of others is a better alternative.

The smartest people have the habit of interacting more with the smartest people than others. They are learned to learn from the people smarter than them which take them to the same level of mindset.

4. Don’t Quit the Task in Midway

They are deterministic in their approach towards the goal. They don’t quit the task while encountering few failures. Their goals are well-defined and implement different strategies to attain the goal.

The failures might disappoint them a while, but the burning desire to reach the goal shines forth these failures and distresses. It is a certain mindset that looks for all possible ways to fulfill their pragmatic aim. (Read also, What is the Mentality of the Most Successful People?)

5. Nothing Is Perfect; Even the Genius Is Bestowed With the Blunders in their Life

There is a humorous story of the world’s renowned scientist Sir Isaac Newton.

Newton had a cat with the kittens. He loved them very much. While he was on duty in a small room, the cat used to come inside the room, and the kittens follow it.

Newton decided to make the cat holes by drilling the holes in the door. So, they can enter and leave the room freely, where it won’t interrupt his work. A small hole for the kittens and a big hole for the cat were drilled out.

Once, Newton’s nearby friend came to visit him and saw the two cat holes. He asked for the reason and Newton replied about it. On hearing Newton’s reply, he laughed and told, “You could have drilled only a single big hole where both the cat and kittens would pass through”.

This is the natural quality of every human being.

One would be doing some of the blunders in the life and without accepting it, consider oneself as a perfectionist and try to keep away in taking the calculated risk in their life.

But, these blunders are realized as the usual life events by the successful people.

Nothing is perfect rather than the Supreme Being.

Einstein said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”.

6. Problem Solving Skill – Approaching the Problem from All Sides

The unique way of approaching a problem from all the sides are not the inherent abilities bestowed in one’s life. These are the skills that are procured through the effort. They are taking their brain to the next levels which are not distinct from the problem-solving skills and abstract thinking.

The remarkable contribution of Einstein to the science is led by the power of imagination and visualization. He used to visualize a problem from all the sides, as like analyzing all the possible movements and its effects in few of the proceeding movements in the chess game. He visualized the puzzle pieces with different arrangements and orientations which aptly fit the problem termed as ‘combinatory play’.

This is similar to the realities of physical experiments where Edison came up with 10,000 methods not to discover an electric bulb. Yet, both approaches yield the same result on unraveling a problem – one is in mental level and the other in physical level.

7. Accepting the Realities in Life

The psychologist says that “it is better to drop the hope rather than holding on the unrealistic aim is the way to prevent depression.

They are not superstitious and do not believe in the events that happen against the laws of nature.

Every cause and effect have a scientific basis and nothing happens against the laws of nature.

It is the act of accepting the truth. It is realizing the flaws of the self and developing oneself.

8. The Art of Negation

In our day to day life, the decisions made mostly depend on upon external influences. There are many circumstances that we are forced to act in a certain way.

Also, we will be forced to take the decisions that are against our life purpose. Here, the art of negation comes into play.

Warren Buffett says that in order to become successful, we need to learn to say no. it is the attitude of negating the undesirable without hurting the relationship with others, and that makes one look more authoritative.

If the actions were performed against one’s instinct, it will haunt him a lot. It makes one feel less confident and becomes more vulnerable to the irrelevant decisions of others.

The smartest people acquire the habit to become the leaders in their activities where they are equipped to resist the decisions that are against their ethics.

9. Believe in the Real thoughts

We are what our thoughts made us. The successful people are those who believe in their real thoughts.

They are optimistic and approach the life from the positive side. The studies done by Barbara Fredrickson showed the importance of positive thinking and the impact on the skills of a person to become successful in life.

The positive attitude results with the optimism, and it, therefore, results in the belief in the one’s thoughts.

An experiment based on depending upon the choice of actions was conducted in psychology showed that when a person is in worry his actions are more prone in the pessimist way where he has more failures in his decisions. It is because his mind fails to take necessary actions to reap more benefits.

When a person is in the good mood, he is attributed with the optimistic way of life, where he has more success in the actions as his mind acts in a certain way to yield better results.

Thus, consistent belief in the real practical thoughts makes one’s subconscious mind remain firm on it which makes one achieve it badly.

The book “Crack the Hidden Laws of Life” is adopted with the principles of psychology, philosophy and scientific studies to lead a successful life.


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