9 Rules for Being Human from Ancient Sanskrit

9 Rules for Being Human from Ancient Sanskrit

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After going through ancient Sanskrit text such as Vedas and Upanishads Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott extracted few of the reasonable truth from it. She summarized it as 9 main rules. These summarized truths are so popular as it reflects the comprehensive realities of life.

This article is purely philosophical and pseudoscientific interpreted based on various schools of philosophies.

1. You Deserve a Body Due to Karmic Bondage

“Just as a man casts off worn-out clothes and puts on new ones, so also the embodied Self casts off worn-out bodies and enters others that are new” – Bhagavad Gita, II, 22.

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Karma executes through the body extending to the astral level (mental). Your body is the result of your karma. You cannot blame someone else for it. It’s unique to you. Really, you deserve it. (Read also How to Stay Young for a Long Time?)

In that body, your consciousness is in a small circle. Your intellectual awareness is an infinitesimal sphere where you interpret your life within it. But there is a larger one encompassing it. To know about it, you have to break those frontiers.

Ask yourself; is there anything that you really know about your life? You are not sure about your tomorrows. You cannot exactly point out how many tomorrows are really remaining in your account.

You find that the probabilities and possibilities drive your life.

Certainly, many unknowns make up our lives. This gives the sense that we are not perfect. We miss many things. Paramhamsa Yogananda said, “we are like the projection of light and shadows on the screen which fails to see its source”. (Read also 7 Most Influential Spiritual Yogis in the World)

We presume our life as such and such things based on the perceivable matters. And, it seems the unperceived remains inaccessible.

We can perceive the level of dog’s awareness and its intellectual capabilities from the human point of view. But the dogs are unable to measure the human awareness and our intellectual abilities. Yet dogs believe that humans are above them.

The studies showed that the dogs leave back the complexities to humans to solve for them. The dogs are to an extent certain about it that we can.

The same holds for the common person and enlightened being. We are certain that they are above us. They know the unknown. If a person is skeptical about their supremacy, then their proximity makes the person feel something unnatural and divine.

Here is excerpt from Ramana Periya Puranam,

Mani was  Ramana Maharishi ’s classmate. He was nicknamed for his tough and hefty character. He intimidated people wherever he went. No one dared to pick a fight with him and gave in to his every whim.

His mother was deeply devoted to Ramana, even though she had seen him only as a child.

When she saw Ramana later at Virupaksha cave, she was totally transformed.

Unfortunately, her son did not share her spiritual aspirations.

Once, while traveling to Tirupati, the train passed through Tiruvannamalai.

Mani’s mother begged him, “Let us get down here, and see our Venkataraman!”

“I do not believe in all these fake sadhus. I won’t come,” he rasped.

He took her to Tirupati, but on the way back she begged again, “I can’t proceed further. I must see my Venkataraman!,”  Mani finally complied.

“I will take you there just out of pity. But, do not expect me to prostrate or talk politely before him. I will be the same, Mani.

I do not respect these spiritual people. In fact, if you do not have any objection, I will just screw his ears, pull him back to Madurai and leave him with his mother.

Renouncing at this tender age? What utter nonsense!”

At Virupaksha cave, Mani’s mother prostrated before Bhagavan Sri Raman, while Mani stood there obstinately.

Then, Bhagavan Sri Raman just looked at him. The next moment his body was flat in front of Bhagavan! He did not know what hit him. After sometime, he got up and looked at Bhagavan. This time he was a changed man - something had happened! Later, he devoted rest of his life to Ramana.

2. You are in the School of Life

The yogis say that as like the ocean of drops we have both individuality and conformity. They say, renounce the ego to embrace the divinity.

The enlightened masters say that even if you renounce the ego the individuality persists. It is the only way to realize the divinity. You are both atman and paramatman.

Life is an opportunity to find your source. Here, you are in a school that teaches you how to find the source. But one thing, you have the choice to choose the lessons. It is up to you to pick the right ones and discard the others.

Every event in your life is a lesson. It’s up to you how you realize those lessons.

You have innumerous opportunities. There are many sources, just seek it. As the quote reflects “As you seek so shall you find”.

Swami Vivekananda said, “God didn’t give me everything but gave me what I needed”. (Read also 17 Powerful Truths that Transform Your Life)

3. Every Mistake is the Part of Learning Process

In your life, you will go through many trials and errors. They are not apart from the lessons. Nature provides everything with the free will of choices.

If you go through a wrong path, it means that you have more to evolve. It is a process that continues until you qualify.

4. A Lesson Repeats Over and Over Until You Learn It

The same lesson repeats over and over until you learn it. According to these texts, sometimes it may take many lives for some people. (Read also 3 Evidence of Reincarnation and Life After Death)

5. Unless You don’t have a Body, these Lessons do Not End

Since every act has its result, and the attachments to the result further induce to do more.  It leads to the never-ending phenomena of karma – effect – karma. Thus, it direct to the endless cycles of birth and death.

You have ups and downs in life according to the karma. It is inevitable. If these fluctuations influence you, then your karma and its results proceed further.

So there is a solution to this according to the Bhagavad Gita. Be indifference to it. Renounce the ego that you are doing, you are the only mediation for the karma to execute.

If karma is the result of the body that extends to the mind, then its effect is to the mind that extends to the body. More clearly, karma is centered in the physical realm including the mental level, and its effect is centered in astral level influencing the physical state.

The philosophy of karma and its effects are complicated. It’s hard to understand. The karma intermingles with the results of the past karma. It’s hard to discriminate karma form its results.

If a person carries a huge load in his head, we can say it in either way. It’s his karma for the daily bread, or it’s the result of his past karma that he has to burden himself. It’s both karma and past karma effects. It intertwines. It’s hard to extract karma from those results.

Renounce your attachments you are having toward the result of an action. Since the result of an action is certain. If you focus only on the end result to happen, you will not dedicate to the procedures in fullness. And, also the end result is not certain. It may happen or may not happen or happen in an unexpected way. But the action has always its own effect. So, renounce the attachments towards the result.

Or else, you won’t be freed from the further karma and effect.

You will add karma due to the mental attachments. Do what meant to do. Do your duty without attachments.

Just have a control on the attachment towards it. That’s it. If not, you are constraints to do karma where you add more to it. You cannot escape from it.

To execute the effect of the karma, you have to receive a body. It only executes through the body. And, these lessons lead you to how to put an end to it.

6. ‘There’ is No Better than ‘Here’

There are few people who commit suicide when their life sucks. Their karma doesn’t end here. They have to go through the same proceeding condition once again.

Those who commit suicide think that they can’t bear anymore and everything ends with the body. But these types of lesson repeat over and over.

It is same as thinking that when you solve all your problems, you will become happy. When you solve those problems, the next one appears and your happiness becomes short-lived. Your problems come on arising. It seems unending.

You will realize that life is like a mirage. Those problems are only your mental aspirations. As Buddha said, “The root of all your sorrows is in the uncontrolled desire”.

7. Others are Your Mental Reflections

A good person follows good people. A bad person follows bad people. A person likes something when it reflects with his core state of mind.

The good and bad people are the result of the brains. The brains are wired in such a way to do the good ones or the odd ones. Yet, you have the power to alter the neural connections.

Even though there are certain common qualities in humans, you perceive others according to your mental reflections. That’s why some people are attracted towards certain people where the rest are least attractive. (Read also 6 Things Make You Appear Less Interesting to Others)

8. You are the Only One Responsible for Your Life

Physics say every action has an equal and opposite reaction. There is no reaction without action. And, an action without a reaction is void.

According to the karma, every act has its effects. Every effect collectively traces back to its sources – karma. And, every karma intertwines itself with the other.

There is a strong belief that the life is predestined and everything in the cosmos is determined. If a star is born, its end is certain. The entire life of the star goes through the probability of events. (Read also What Does Science Say about Freewill)

The quantum physics says that even the probability amplitude in its subtle aspect becomes destined. So there is some sort of determinism in everything.

If a stream flows to the lake downhill, each water molecule has its own probability function. The location of each water molecule at an instant of time is the result of the probability function. It can be anywhere between the width and depth of the water.

Sometimes, it would be dragged back or pushed forward relative to the other molecules. Some molecules reach downhill faster with less distraction. Some get stuck in the whirl and takes a nearly infinite period of time.

Anyhow, whatever its line of the path is, eventually it has to reach the lake neglecting all other natural conditions.

Laws for Being Human

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Similarly, you are in a sphere of determinism with your own choices of chances. You are responsible for how to make up your life regarding the karmic background.

It’s your own choice as to how your life is to be. It is your own choice to make your life easy or hard. It’s a matter of fact that how you respond to the outcomes of various events in your life.

9. All Answers are Within You

All you have to do is to look inward. When you find it, there is nothing left to seek. (Read also After Kundalini Awakening What Happens)


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