9 Things Men and Women are ‘Wired Differently’

9 Things Men and Women are ‘Wired Differently’

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Things Men and Women Get Often Mistaken

Men and women have entirely different sets of qualities in every aspect of life.

The studies have shown that it’s not only the anatomical difference that makes the change whereas rooted in the genes according to the evolution.

These genes already have the blueprint of progression and operation of the body that how the whole body should function and releases the requisite hormones at times. This even makes the biological composition and thinking style different. The brain, heart, liver, kidney, and moreover everything is different.

Our characteristics are the result of evolution. We have not changed much from the very nature of the primal man like the tendency of wild chasing will be induced in the dogs when they are in the group.

And, these qualities get assigned according to the needs of the survival. Thus, men and women evolved with the unique sets of qualities that mutually support for their survival.

Man cannot understand 'the women', women cannot understand 'the man' that is the beauty of their being together. - Osho

If these qualities are not present according to the needs of the survival then probably the present generation wouldn’t have existed on the Earth.

The few of the listed qualities help us to know the innate differences and how to understand ourselves and handle others effectively.

1. Response to Stress

Men and women respond differently to the stress. It was a boon for the primitive man in critical situations to encounter stress in life. It was completely physical.

When he was in a stressful situation the adrenal system pumps up and he gets a boost of energy to handle the situation. It might end in fight or flight response.

But today, the things got to reverse. The emotional stress occupied the position creating confusion and tension in the mind.

The difference in response to the stress in men and women is related to the hormone ‘oxytocin’. Women release it more in the blood during stressful situations than male. With the sexual hormone ‘estrogen’ women’s mind works according to the emotions.

Instead of building up the tension, they try to alleviate it by sharing it with others. Interacting with others is their common way to relieve from the stressful situations in life. So, when there is a threat to the relationships, it would be her worst time to encounter stress.

When subjected to stress, man would like to spend time lonely and come up with the solutions to his problems. He tries to repress the emotions. He competes and achieves, and when there is an obstruction in it his life becomes stressful. (Read also 3 Most Popular and Effective Ways to Relieve Stress Instantly)

2. View of Successful Life

Man’s priorities are to gain property and attain social status in life. He regards it as the sign of success. That is why he tends to chase higher paying jobs.

Men are adventurous and high-risk takers compared to the women. These traits made the human population settle all over the world.

Women, on the other hand, consider success as having good family life, love, and social comfort. They give priority to a job that is more friendly and social. These qualities made them less chance to become warriors.

If so, it would be a threat to the humanity. Whereby, men involved in the protection of the tribe. (Read also 12 Most Essential Skills Every Person Should Know)

3. Mode of Remembering and Analyzing Things

Men remember things spatially. Logical and geometrical (spatial) skills are greatly developed. He can view a problem from different spatial orientation. So men are likely to become a great mathematician or physicist. Their decisions have a basis in logical reasoning.

Women remember things pictorially. Inducing emotions is their secret tactics. It is better to remember anything when there is an emotion associated with it. Their brain connections show that the Intuitive and analytical skills are better. Emotions play a vital role in taking the decisions.

Anyhow, men have the qualities of women and women have qualities of men. And, some product advertisements are using such loopholes separate for men and women to easily deliver their views to the targeted people.

4. Multitasking

Men can handle only one task at a time. This can be noticed when he completely engages in an activity where you ask him to throw the trash while he goes outside or to do a favor later. His mind would have filtered and ignored such requests naturally. He won’t be remembering that you asked him to do such things.

Women, on the other hand, are capable of handling multitask at a time. In high traffic road, women’s mind won’t get much distracted from driving while chatting. Women are wired in such a way that in order for the survival of the species. She should have an eye on her offspring’s as well as engage in other activities. It is the natural evolutionary traits of women.

5. Reading Subtle Facial Expression

The man is naturally weak in reading the emotions and facial expression of others. On seeing the neutral expression he would either relate it to the positive or negative feelings. (Read 

Women have an innate ability to read the facial expression of others with better accuracy. It’s the need of her motherhood to provide the necessary nurturing to her child where it is requisite to read the feelings and expressions. (Read also 43 Lie Detection Technique Tips to Become an Expert)

6. Friendship

Men might have only a few intimate friends and connects them for social and professional support. He feels encouraged while working together with them. The nature of friendship is the result of cooperation. And, he forms a strong emotional bond only in the romantic relationship.

Women would have a couple of intimate connections and look for emotional support. They are emotionally intimate. This intimacy is build up by sharing feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

7. Love

In the case of man, the more he loves the more possessive he becomes. His expression of love is having dominance over the other. Physical attraction plays a major role in falling in love. Love, at first sight, is his mental realm.

Men can be easily attracted by beauty – ‘hourglass body shape’. It is a natural instinctive way he looks for the best genes for the coming generation. So, he can be easily turned on. The man has 3 times more sex drive than women.

The women’s love is of cares and submissive. Personal attraction along with other factors is the cause for falling in love. They really take the time to fall in love. Women are emotionally connected. A harsh move can easily turn off.

8. Eye Sensitivity

Man’s eye is sensitive to the movements and has a long focus. Physically, he has a thick retina. This is the innate quality to protect the family from threat and an aid for hunting.

Man often struggle in finding the needed things from the cluttered materials. For example, the car key would be in front of him, he would be shouting at his wife whether she misplaced it.

Women’s eye is sensitive to color and has a panoramic view. Actually, they see more colors than the male. They could easily identify the foods that are fresh and nutritious. This gifted quality is to provide better food for their offspring by picking the right fruits and veggies.

9. Expressing Aggression

The studies showed that men and women express the same level of aggression. But the way of expression is different. If a man gets agitated he is very likely to express it physically.

Women express aggression verbally. If they are not in a good relationship with the other, they maximum instigate the latter by gossiping and degrading through the words of mouth. The emotional aspect of the brain in women is more active than men. And, these emotions are verbally connected, whereas in man by physical means.


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