After Kundalini Awakening What Happens


What Happens in Our Life After Kundalini Awakening?

I get emails asking – how is your life after awakening kundalini? What are the notable changes that take place in one’s life after the kundalini awakening?

Kundalini is spiritual energy, so it is relevant to elaborate from the philosophical point of view. Its progress is more intertwined with the morality of life. Morality (dharma) is self-existent and biologically driven behaviors that are independent of religious precepts and is apparent to the higher sensible living beings.

The outer sphere of morality is clear to humans but obscured in its deeper and subtle aspects. It is the basis for all religions with a different set of principles. (See 5 Reasons Why People have Consistent Belief in Their Religion?)

Osho said, ‘For the majority of individuals, Kundalini is a very slow process and takes its own time to reach its culmination.

But there are exceptions for few others like Sri Ramana Maharishi, Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Narayana Guru, etc. where the karmic role had its significance. (See 3 Supporting Facts about Existence of Reincarnation)

Doing spiritual practices (unreligious & non-psychical) and indulging in unethical activities does not bring him any values or progress in spirituality.

In modern days, access to the ancient Indian spiritual resources is not handy. For some people who are living in different countries, these resources become inaccessible.

Yet there are few genuine centers as I mentioned in the book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” that lead you to experience such vibrant energy with the combination of ancient spiritual techniques and modern lifestyle to achieve the higher realm of consciousness.

Does Kundalini Awakening Make You Smarter?

Awakening Kundalini doesn’t mean that one has become very smart at anything. But can ensure that he can use his maximum potentials in life.

Mostly, when one awakens his kundalini power without much of spiritual background as in the case of Shaktipat transmission, then, it does not have much impact in his earlier stages of life where he will be in the initial stage of development.

For, the common people their body controls their mind. The sex urges, feeling hungry, the sense of laziness to wake up early in the morning, spontaneously getting angry when someone hurts your body a little, are the natural instances that give you the glimpse that your body is dominant over your mind. This is quite natural.

In yogis, their mind controls the body. Since their body exists, the mind has to. But they consider them as unreal. They don’t interrupt its karma and consider it as a non-permanent entity.

It is the state where they are above it. They say that let it do their karma. It doesn’t influence their state. They consider it alien to them.

Certainly, they exist without the body and mind. It is the supernatural state. I got this impression from reading the books about Ramana Maharishi.

So, never think of controlling the mind is very easy. And, the meditation is a gradual transformation. Even awakening the kundalini as in shaktipat doesn’t have much impact and takes time for the transformation. Hence, any genuine meditation techniques have more or less the same effect for beginners.

HP Blavatsky, who studied and interacted with the yogis in India, noted that there are seven levels of development in each chakra and a total of 49 levels to reach the higher state of spirituality. These stages are clearly noticeable in the shaktipat initiated individuals.

But, those who awaken the kundalini with years of spiritual practices as like in kundalini yoga are endowed with much spiritual energy and are at the higher stages of development in spirituality.

Recently, few persons Gopi Krishna, JJ Semple, are successful in awakening Kundalini with such systemized techniques.

Nowadays, there are lots of people receiving the shaktipat initiation and do not have substantial apparent changes in their life in its initial stage. And the success in its development owes to their effort, as nothing is possible without effort. But, indeed, some are not destined for the higher levels with the same effort in their lifetime is evident from history.

I got Initiated and have been practicing Kundalini yoga meditation for more than 16 years and used to meditate for about 2 hours daily from the beginning and could compare the changes with others who also got initiated for the same periods with less spiritual activities.

A friend of mine got initiated at the same time and failed to put any effort into its progress has resulted in him remaining in the initial stages of development.

The yogis say ‘awakened kundalini will be active but might become dormant if carrying out unethical activities.’

Changes in Life After Kundalini Awakening?

The person with higher spiritual energy could analyze and compare the changes in his life with an average person’s spiritual and psychological development.

Behavioral Changes

Feeling of compassion, kindness and genuine love towards the fellow creatures will be developed that leads to the natural and unintentional practice of the virtues of nonviolence ‘ahimsa’ which makes him a vegetarian (Sattvik).

It is terrible to eat the flesh of the domestic animals that you loved the most. It is the same as in the case of a person with divine love towards rational creatures. But the love of the former person is confined, and the latter is unrestricted.

If one could ignore the religious principles of consuming the meat as a sin but, from another perspective as the true love towards the animals this becomes apparent. (Read also How Yogic Practice Controls Mind over Love?)

The actions and morality have the basis of the circumstances where protection and survival of one’s body are significant as if it is required to consume non-veg in some locations. (Read also Does Yoga Practice Require a Vegetarian Diet?)

If one doesn’t have control over his senses and mind, it’s hard to abstain from certain foods that he unconditionally loved. He is eating for his mind and then for the body, where the yogis eat only for their body.

Changes in Emotional Level

Kundalini influences the emotional state of a person. A sense of tranquility will develop, and the person is not much affected by the sorrows that are inevitable in human life. As because the aspirant comprehends life from the outer sphere. He really becomes the observer of all activities.

Becomes More Productive

When a person is subjected to the various stages of development of kundalini, he can experience increased awareness, enhanced mental clarity increased creative imagination, possess the attribute of infinite intelligence and extrasensory perception (ESP).

These changes make him develop certain skills easily as compared to others. Since such people have enhanced neuronic activity.

 In my case, I was not a developer and don’t possess prior knowledge of web design. But I could easily create this website in the difficult platform ‘drupal’ and could quickly follow the coding of web design. I think the kundalini awakening had helped me a lot. We can train our brain where kundalini boosts it. (Read also How to Unlock More of Your Brain Power?

Worldly Attitudes

One will become neither theist nor atheist and will have an intellectual agnostic approach towards life. The person will be on the path of acquiring the right wisdom.

The person will acquire the qualities of moderation in everything. Kundalini does not interfere with the married life as there are certain principles in sex and kundalini as mentioned in the yoga texts.

The married yogis practiced the technique such as kayakalpa yoga, which can transform the sexual energy and rejuvenate the spiritual energy. (Read also 10 Benefits of Practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation)

The best service to the world is one’s own enlightenment” Sri Ramana Maharishi.

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