Ajna Chakra Meditation Benefits

Ajna Chakra Meditation Benefits

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Third Eye Chakra or Ajna

Ajna chakra is the second most important energy center and it is situated in the forehead between the two eyebrows known as the third eye. The sensual experience while meditating in this psychic wheel can be perceived by the physical sensory organ as that I explained in the book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” The Cavernous Plexus is the corresponding region and this vital spiritual center influences the physical body through the astral body. This Ajna spiritual center is correlated with the pineal body or the pituitary gland, according to the modern authors and the researchers.

Nature of Ajna Chakra

This Ajna chakra resembles with the third eye of Lord Siva. This energy center has two petals of lotus corresponding to the two Nadis. The two subtle vibrations of these Nadis are ham and ksham corresponding to the Sanskrit letters. These lotus petals represent the two hemispheres of the brain symbolizes the pranic energy traveling through the Pingala Nadi and connecting to the left hemisphere of the brain. Similarly, the other petal is represented with the spiritual energy traveling through the Ida Nadi and connecting to the right hemisphere of the brain.

It is in Ajna where the three powerful streams of energy from the SushumnaIda, and Pingala get united and directed to the crown chakra. The buzzing sound AUM is created at the intersection of these three pranic forces. This is where the cognitive mind and its intellectual mental and reasoning abilities exist. The super sensory perception, intuition, insight etc. get evolved in this state and the fluctuations and the fickleness of the mind disappear as it opens. It is noted in the yoga text that this is the seating place for the mind. With the activation of this Ajna chakra, the mind becomes very strong and steady. This Ajna energy center has the most important role in Shakti-pat process as described in the book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?

Ajna Chakra Siddhis

In Sanskrit, the term ‘ajna’ means to command which is the specialty of this energy center. This means that the aspirant who has the raised power in the Ajna energy center can control and communicate with the mind of the other person including animals etc. It is from here where all the metaphysical abilities such as telepathy, astral projection, telekinesis, levitation, and materialization are possible. His aura gets energized and he can see the aura of the other life forms. There is the elevated level of spiritual energy present naturally in people and the metaphysical activities for those people are possible only when they realize this power, and how to control and unlock these superpowers. If you are interested to know about your mystical energy and to unlock your psychic abilities check out this book Miracle Mastery. The superpowers or siddhis are classified as eight major siddhis and thirty-two minor siddhis and the liberated man in this energy center will attain all these siddhis. ( see siddhis or mystical powers)

The superpowers are rooted in this energy center that he can heal others and can influence them. The conflict between the self-ego also subsist here which get filtered out gradually, thus the consciousness gets raised to the Sahasrara chakra and leads to nirvana. As soon as the Ajna chakra gets activated the aspirant cannot acquire all these siddhis, but gradually he can realize the power. He can notice the changes happening to him and able to control the events in the genuine case. This is cent percent true, that I came through this.

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


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