Is Astral Projection Real?

Is Astral Projection Real?

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Unlocking the Mysteries of Astral Body

The astral body is the subtle form of the physical body that exists along with the physical body which is superimposed on it. It is considered as the supernatural entity having the psychic abilities apart from the physical form. The attributes associated with the astral body well suits it because of its mystical nature that confronts with the apparent laws of science. The space-time-attribute withholds its qualities as it can exist in no time anywhere in the cosmos with the thought of the mind. 

Astral Body - Reality or illusion

There are various scriptures that noted the existence of the astral body. The yoga texts mention about the three bodies of man – gross, astral or subtle and causal body. It says that the astral body embodies the physical body as an aura and it has the same structure of the physical but it is only a form of energy and probably invisible. This subtle body is perishable one that can be compared similarly to the nature of spirit or ghost.

According to them, the soul resides within these three bodies. When the gross and the astral body got perished, then the formless causal body serves as the vehicle for the soul (Atman) and it has the blueprint for the next life.

The astral body serves as the medium for the mystical powers. It is that the Reiki healer uses the psychic power through the presence of their subtle body. The yogi performs his psychic abilities with the involvement of the astral body.

As per the school of philosophy, the astral body has the similar sets of perception and functions of the physical body where the mind resides within it. The Nadis mentioned in yoga were represented in the subtle body. The acupressure works in the physical body are in accordance with the energy centers of the subtle form. The nerve plexuses present in the physique are controlled by the seven chakras present in the astral body. Hence, in fact, the astral body is an actual reality.

The awakened man cannot deny the concept of an astral body because he truly experiences it.

Swami Vivekananda’s view of the astral body  "The astral body is what we call the Linga Sharira. When this body dies, how can it come to take another body? Force cannot remain without matter. So a little part of the fine matter remains, through which the internal organs make another body — for each one is making his own body; it is the mind that makes the body. If I become a sage, my brain gets changed into a sage's brain, and the Yogis say that even in this life a Yogi can change his body into a god body.”

Scientific Facts Behind Astral Projection

There are many out of body experiences (OBE) reported from different parts of the world. This OBE can happen in an unconscious or conscious way. The near-death experience (NDE) can induce the OBE in an unconscious way. For those who rely only on the factual assessment, this might seem skeptical.

The kundalini awakened man can feel the presence of his astral body by meditating on the chakras present in it. It is not very easy to project the astral body, even though if this subtle form can be experienced.

The experience of Andra M Smith, as she said that she sees was aware of her unmoving physical body while her astral body was floating in the air horizontally, whereby certain changes in her brain activity was notable. It was reported as the hallucination where the brain traumas, psychedelic drugs, etc. can induce this condition and a type of neurological phenomenon like synesthesia.

Another case — Ingo Swann projected his astral body towards the Jupiter revealing the Jupiter’s rings and observing details of the planet that were supported 37 percent with the real data. The OBE was done prior to the discovery of Jupiter’s rings by the Space Research.

The studies regarding the astral body yielded the negative results in such persons, but still in hypothesis as it has to go further with the studies that would be noted in the experiences of mystical persons like Sri Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi, etc.

Mystical Qualities

The well-known mystical ability of the astral body is the astral projection. The perfect yogi can consciously project his subtle body and even he can enter the foreign body, thereby he may possess it. (see Major Siddhis)  It is notable that Sri Ramakrishna has gone through such state where that ended in the superconscious state of bliss.

Those who had done astral projection are yogis or a person endowed with mystical qualities and supernatural powers. When one has a vision of the distant event, then it is the role of the subtle body that viewed it. When one hears a distant voice, then the physical body used the subtle body as a medium to hear it. The laws of nature that bind the physical entity is same for the subtle entity whereby it is in an esoteric state that is obscure to the science. (Read also Real Psychic Story of Guru Nanak in Kaaba)

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


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