Monday, June 21, 2021

Twin Flame Kundalini Awakening, Is it Real?

I get emails asking that they had a kundalini experience and to know whether is it real and also some individuals facing kundalini syndrome....
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3 Most Powerful Meditation Techniques in the World

Powerful Meditation Techniques for Body, Mind, and Soul Whatever we do physically or mentally to rejuvenate and tranquilize the mind in a constructive way is...

After Kundalini Awakening What Happens

What Happens in Our Life After Kundalini Awakening? I get emails asking - how is your life after awakening kundalini? What are the notable changes...

How to Safely Awaken Kundalini Energy?

Awaken Kundalini Energy A person cannot attain a higher perfection in spirituality unless that person safely awakens the kundalini energy irrespective of religious beliefs. The awakening of...

How to Balance Money and Spirituality?

Money and Spirituality in the Life What if a person doesn’t have enough money to meet his needs, where he can’t afford money for his...

How to Practice Kundalini Meditation?

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How to Increase Prana Energy?

What is Prana in Yoga? Breathing is a natural process in living beings. This breath is inevitable and it maintains life in the living creatures....

How to Develop Telepathy Psychic Power in Meditation?

Is Telepathy a Psychic Power? Telepathy is a process of communication from one person’s mind to another without any indulgence of speech or signs. It is...

5 States of Mind and Concentration in Patanjali Yoga

States of Mind and Concentration Ramana Maharishi said "Concentration is not thinking of one thing. On contrary, it is excluding all thoughts obstruct the sense...

10 Health Benefits of Kundalini Meditation

Benefits of Practicing Kundalini Yoga When a person leaps into the kundalini meditation practices initially looks for the benefits in the outer sphere according to...