Effective Meditation Technique for Anxiety in 4 Simple Steps

Effective Meditation Technique for Anxiety in 4 Simple Steps

Meditation Techniques Anxiety

How to Feel Centered in Anxious Situations with Simple Meditation Techniques?

Each person prefers the courage to fear. And, Form an impression that that people admire the most.

Courage is the beauty. The fearless die only once, but the coward dies in every moment. There are many praising quotes noting its honor.

People adore the bold ones, stand with them to feel the inspiration rather than to feel anxious around with the fearful.

Who doesn’t want to live like an iconic figure – with the burning fire in the heart? To take bold decisions in life, that burns off the tenderness of mind and stands erect in their feet despite the life problems.

Do you feel skeptical that a simple meditation technique would lower the level of unwanted anxiety? Does directing and concentrating the mind to a point yield such results?

Certainly, Yes!

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The ancient masters devised specific techniques with the help of their mental coding – ‘higher creative intelligence’. These are the set of strategies that focus on the principle of joining the dots with the line. That is – you do ‘A’, you get none other than ‘B’. The only thing they had devised was to strategize ‘A’ according to ‘B’.

Today millions of people unhesitantly follow their findings with faith even though without understanding how it works.

Why We Feel Anxious?

As I said in the article “How to Maintain Positive Thinking with 16 Little Things?” these all emotions have a distinctive role in supporting the survival of species. If we are walking through a dangerous place, we need to feel anxious. This will make us become alerted, increased focus, enhanced concentration, and feel a boost of energy due to the psychophysiological changes in the body. Therefore, have a better chance to survive.

The same anxiety appears in its worst form in other areas of life. This is a common case and nobody bothers about it much unless it goes beyond the limit.

Even if least bothered, each person prefer boldness in every aspect of life. Doing a significant thing in first time certainly induce fear. Most people try to veil this anxiousness and struggle to get in control.

Nowadays, public speaking, speaking in front of the audience, and presiding a meeting is a common thing. You can’t present it more effectively and convincingly unless you overcome this fear or have a better control over them.

There is a quote in Thirukuaral – 2000 years old Tamil Scripture denoting it, “A man dare to fight in the battle yet trembles in fear to deliver a discourse in front of public.”

Persistent practice helps to overcome these fears. To appear authoritative and powerful you have to get rid of these fears.

Napoleon Hill, the author of the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ says that there are six ghosts of fear. You have to overcome it in order to push you beyond the limits. He says that “The sixth sense will never function with these”.

These are the critical fears arise in indecision, doubt and ignorance - the fears that distinguish with the fears of survival.

If the anxiety goes beyond the limit, it reveals as a psychological problem. If a person experiences anxiety disorder, phobia, then probably his/her svadhisthana chakra is out of balance. (Read also Simple and Powerful Mantras to Activate and Balance Chakras)

Hara Center Location and Meditation

This meditation technique has a systematic approach to connect our being to the hara center. It relates to the second center – svadhisthana chakra situated 2 inches below the navel. It is from here where you come into being and goes off.

‘Hara’ is a Japanese word meaning ‘abdomen’ which is an important bottom energy center. It is a major center of Chi energy in Reiki practices. (Read also How to Transfer Energy through Hands in Reiki Practices?)

The yogis say that the sexual center is the seat for all types of fears. To know more about the qualities associated with this center, check out ‘Svadhisthana Chakra’.

The reason for this common shift is that you are little away from this center inherently.  When you come close to it, you feel being centered. You minimize those fears.

However, an ordinary person upon constant practice, train the mind not to fear. Eventually, the subconscious mind becomes familiar with that particular fear.

But to conquer the fear in the other fields of life he has to go through the same procedures. Still, these unwanted fears continue to arise in other areas of life. And, it goes on.

One undeniable truth we can learn from the Gurus is that when we feel centered, these fears fade off.

Osho’s Simple Hara Center Meditation

Time of Meditation: You have to meditate twice a day once in the night the moments before you fall asleep and continue in the morning as soon as you wake up.

Duration of Meditation: 10 to 15 minutes.

Posture:  savasana posture.

Meditation Steps:

  • Be in the bed in a relaxed state resembling savasana posture.
  • Place your palm one over one the other in the region corresponding to the svadhisthana chakra. Imagine the posture of the dead body in a coffin.
  • Press gently in that area by applying a little pressure.
  • Breathe deeply. Imagine your breath is concentrated on this chakra.
  • Feel the center is moving up and down along with the breathing.
  • Visualize your whole energy is shrinking towards the hara center.
  • As you are doing this meditation the moment before you are falling asleep with that concentrated energy in the hara center, you will involuntarily have frequent close contact with the center for the whole night.
  • The psychological studies showed that when you have pleasant thoughts the moment before sleep where such state continues in sleep giving you a deep pleasant sleep. On contrary, if you worry a lot and fills the mind with problems, it continues in sleep giving you shallow unpleasant sleep. Similarly with centering this energy. The same state of energy remains throughout your sleep.
  • The meditation doesn’t stop here, it continues in the sleep.
  • Osho said, “In the morning, the moment you wake up doesn't open your eyes.” You are still in that meditative state.
  • Resume your savasana posture. Place your palms one over the other and start deep breathing. Continue with the same procedures.
  • Do it for 10 to 15 minutes. Feel the energy center there.
  • With the persistent practice, you can feel the change within 3 months. You feel better connected to the center.

Hara Center Meditation Benefits

  • You feel better confidence and courage in any situation.
  • Life appears more beautiful and feeling loved.
  • The sexual energy reaches its balance.
  • Become more expressive and creative.
  • All types of fears such as fear of death, fear of loss have minimal impact on you.
  • There would be a less unwanted loss of energy due to the mitigation of anxiousness and uncontrolled movements.
  • Less concerning thoughts distract you as you are moving towards the right thinking where those fears had obstructed you.
  • Finally, you feel a sense of discipline arising in you.

Note: According to the various schools of metaphysics, the hara center is considered as the Svadhisthana chakra or Manipura chakra. However, the Osho’s meditation is referring to the svadhisthana chakra.

Reference: Osho - A Rose is a Rose is a Rose.


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