3 Effective Ways to Fall Asleep Faster at Night

3 Effective Ways to Fall Asleep Faster at Night

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How to Fall Asleep Faster at Night?

I remember those days where I hardly get 6 – 7 hours to sleep after the busy daily work. At that time, I felt going to bed was the most desirable and pleasurable moment.

Due to the tiredness and limited hours to sleep, I usually fall asleep faster. And also, I had to find time for routine activities like yoga and meditation.


But life need not be the same for others.

The stressful days influence the healthy sleep and one has to depend on the effective ways that help one to fall asleep quickly. Sleeping quickly is a need and time saver. For those who are serious about the successful life, they consider each pulse of time as valuable.

Lying down on the bed and anticipating sleep for hours is a real waste. Further, it causes successive health issues.

Most of the people nap easily during daytime or while traveling in a vehicle and when they try to keep themselves awake, the more it pulls towards the other side. Yet, it is not the same at night.

Stop snoring

There are many factors that stop one from sleeping faster at night. These might be external disturbances such as irritable or unpleasing noises, chatting of friends or neighbors, television, etc.

The man-made noises such as loudspeakers, vehicle horns are much unpleasant than the natural sounds such as caused by the rain or the wind. The internal problems like health issues might also lag the sleep.

Here, I have summarized the simple ways to sleep quickly which is the utmost effective in sleeping instantly at night ascertained by the yoga practitioners.

1 Physical Exercise for Active Body

Doing any form of physical exercise has a positive effect on sleep. You may practice yoga asana for physical health and to reduce the stresses. There are certain asanas such as Surya Bhedena, Halasana, and Uttarasana that are good for sleep. (Read also Kapalbhati- Effective Yoga for Cold, Cough, Headache and Weight Loss)


Apart from the popular form of physical exercise, swimming and walking is an aid for sleep.

We also had noticed that indulging in sports activities like football, rugby, or that which involves many physical activities helps us to sleep easily at night. The studies showed that major contributors to sleep are physical tiredness.

When the body is very tired due to the active physical deeds, thence at night it becomes very responsive to sleep.

Similarly, physical exercises make one active during the day. And, at the time of sleep, this activeness and alertness just change to the opposite which is responsible for the deep relaxation state of the body and mind. This helps to trigger sleep faster.

2 Practice Any Meditation Techniques

Nowadays, most of people do some kind of mental relaxation techniques. Practice any form of meditation that throws off the stresses.

Since, in this busy world of business, day job, and other daily activities, most of us get stressed. The secreted stress hormones ‘adrenaline and cortisol’ are the main cause of sleeplessness.


Take some time to relieve this stress and meditation is a suitable tool.

Since the meditation doesn’t depend on anything externally. It can be practiced by anyone. A 15-minute meditation is sufficient. Interested aspirants can look for simple guided meditation or mindfulness meditation.

3 Easy Ways to Sleep Fast

This ‘easiness’ will be confined only to the words unless one has healthy habits. For those who have significant trouble in sleeping and suffering from chronic insomnia has to be given treatment according to a specialist.

When one has the above two – physical exercise and mental exercise, then falling asleep faster becomes an easy process. These both lay the basis for naturally triggering the sleep hormone ‘melatonin’.

Still, not able to sleep quickly, follow these simple procedures.

Our body and mind are more linked with nature and follow certain biological laws. So, if possible, go to sleep at the same time every day but, some days it might not be possible. Yet, it’s not a bigger issue. Most of the time I used to sleep at a different time and it doesn’t have a greater impact on me.


Next, take the body to the biological condition of sleep, the relaxation state. This is done by slowing down the breath.

The studies showed that how slowing down breath interacts with the nervous system affecting the metabolism and autonomic functions of the body. If one is expertise in the pranayama techniques of slowing down the breath, practice it lying on the bed.

There is also a breathing practice 4-7-8, a popularly known technique in the east and west rooted in yoga.

According to this technique, inhale the breath for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, and then exhale the breath through the mouth for 8 seconds. Repeat it for 3 or 4 times. This will instantly take one to the biological condition required for sleep.

Don’t anticipate the sleep. Firstly, make the body ready for sleep as already mentioned before, then; prepare the mind to cooperate with the body.


Indulging in the above two practices – physical exercise and meditation make it easy.

Later, be in a comfortable sleeping position. Let the body be in perfect still without any slight movements, visualize an interesting or illusory play without any indulgence of an active mind. This can be something like one is flying, skidding in a mountain steep, etc.

Let the play goes spontaneously. This will prevent other thoughts from entering the mind. One will be in a semi-sleep state analogous to the dream state. Finally, the awareness falls off. (Read also 2 Ultimate Ways to Control Mind and Thoughts during Meditation)

Factors Affecting the Sleep

At least, follow some of the healthy habits. So, it helps one to sleep easily.


Effects of light on sleep: The research showed that the presence of blue light emitted by the digital screen will trigger the active hormone that wards off the sleep. I used to be in front of the screen before sleeping. Yet, it doesn’t affect much of my sleeping hours. For those who are affected by it, you may shut down such digital gadgets at least an hour before going to bed. Or, go for an alternative such as a blue light filter.

Avoid consuming caffeine content food late at night: Consuming coffee, chocolate or caffeine content food items has an adverse effect on sleep, and it is better to avoid at night.

Uncomfortable sleeping place: When one feels uncomfortable while lying down to sleep such as caused by low or high temperature. It is better to make it optimum for sleep.

These are only the major causes that prevent one from sleeping faster at night yet; there are also other causes that one has to consider.

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