How Accurate are Psychics Readings?

How Accurate are Psychics Readings?

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Does Psychic Reading Really Work?

People become more drawn towards the psychic readings as they can get an instant pleasure when they could hear that their problems will be solved or by getting the solutions to overcome them.

It is the curiosity of mind of the believers to know about their future events that make them more attached to it. These pleasant and enticing words need not be true at all the times, and its chances depend on upon only the possibilities and probabilities of the life events.


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Today ‘psychic’ is one of the valuable keywords in the internet search engines. The survey showed that the majority of the populations believe in extrasensory perception (ESP), clairvoyance, and other similar psychic abilities.

Some people believe it as the inherent abilities and also, could be acquired through occult practices, psychic practices, mantra, and meditation.

Psychics and their Abilities

People had encountered such situations where certain mental traumas were been cured by the psychics, where the modern medicine and psychiatry failed. They argue that the spirit possessions that are analogous to the psychosis, dissociative identity disorder, schizophrenia were also cured by such practices.  This is not true in all the cases but claimed as true in the occult practices. Such persons tell that they have the psychic ability or they knew the secrets of occultism that they utilize if for the curing and relieving from this psychopathology.

The psychic practices involving the clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentient, distant healing and psychic readings are prominent among them in the modern society. These practices have different methods according to the culture and are more common among the people where they belong to the orthodox traditions.

Do Psychic Readings Work?

There are various types of psychic readings present in different parts of the world. Some of the popular forms are the astrological readings, tarot readings, palmistry, etc. It is the fact that majority of the people depend on it directly or indirectly in their life expecting a favorable future since the life is filled with more of uncertainties.

When a person needs a second opinion for his proceeding steps, then he may rely on the psychic readings that which gives him an affirmation for his intuition. In this sense, the psychic readings will resonate with his actions. These psychic readings are subjected to the free will and predestination that are being a conflicting topic for the philosophers.

When a believer gets a psychic reading, it will certainly influence his intuition and therefore, the future steps will be carried out according to the favor of the predictions. And, when these predictions go wrong everything would end up in misery because the steps followed was an unsuccessful path.

According to the people’s experience with the psychic readings, there are accurate psychic readings that are predicted by the skilled psychics, but there are also vague predictions by the same psychics.

Influential persons like Swami Vivekananda and few others opposed these psychic reading as it makes the people’s mind weaker even if it had a little bit of reliable truth.

Secrets of Vedic Astrology

The astronomical calculations of the ecliptic and the constellations in the ancient period are deformed as the Vedic astrology. It states that the events of a person’s life is dependent upon three factors vithi (unique astrological position at birth), mathi (auspicious time) and gathi (seasons).

It is said that these factors could determine the stronger period of a person where his mental strength, psychic energy, and the bioenergy will be enhanced. So these periods are considered as the virtuous time of a person. As the mental power is higher at these periods, the person could move forward towards his goals very strongly.  It is also the time where the treatment becomes more effective because of the increase in the bioenergy of person.

The skill of an astrologer is to determine such periods in the person’s life precisely and his job ends here, and the rest of the predictions are only a matter of coincidence that would help the astrologer to make a living.

This pseudoscience does not support empirically and cannot be proved under pure scientific basis. So the scientists did not accept it as the science in the modern world.

The tests conducted in the future predictions of the psychic readings yielded only the negative results and were mere coincidences that could not be validated.

 It is known that the gravitational force of moon could uniformly influence the behavior of the living beings rather than uniquely in accordance with its relative position with the sun that which is responsible for the changes in its phases. And they argue that such force is responsible for the unique events of the person’s life. Apart from the meager gravitational and electromagnetic force, the other forces from the planets that uniquely influence the energy and the future events of the person are not determined.

In Vedic astrology, the future predictions are only the evaluations of the astrological positions and its unique influence on the persons that were been evaluated for 1000 years and determined by its unique characteristics, so that it could only be subjected to the coincidences.

The astrology relies upon the secret that the life is predestined which is supported by the major religions. But the philosophers mention the life as the combination of both – the free will and predestination.  It is like the two faces of the coin when seen from the dual perspective and it is the commonly subjected to the world population excluding the enlightened personalities.(Read also How Numerology Readings Influence Your Mind?)

Swami Vivekananda mentioned it as “the will is not free – it is the phenomenon bound by the cause and effect – but there is something behind the will which is free.”


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