How to Activate Power of Your Hand Chakras?

How to Activate Power of Your Hand Chakras?

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Minor Chakras in the Human Body

It is known that there are 130 energy centers in the human body. These are located all over the body from top to the bottom. These major chakras and minor energy centers serve as the background for the healing techniques such as acupuncture, acupressure, chakra healing etc.

There is a philosophical classification of these vital psychic wheels which are lower to the Muladhara chakra. These are known as the lower chakras that are located down the hips to the feet. There are seven psychic centers according to this classification that is named as atala, vitala, sutala, talatala,rasatala, mahatala and patala. These are located in the hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, feet and sole of the feet. According to the name, suggested for them their natures and characters are lower to that of the noble qualities that are fed with selfishness, greed, jealousy, anger, etc.

There is another classification which is reflected from the major psychic chakras that are having 21 unique vortices. These energy centers are further organized into 10 bilateral points that are located in the ear, shoulder, hand, clavicle, elbow, navel, groin, elbow and foot which are coupled and the other one in the uncoupled spleen.

Minor Chakras in the Palm of Hands

Among these minor energy centers, the vortices located in the palm of the hands are the significant centers. This is because of the power to transfer the psychic energy externally. The energy centers in the foot also have the similar nature, but mostly concerned with absorbing and transmitting the energy to the earth.

The seven major kundalini chakras specified from Muladhara to Sahasrara are reflected in the palm of the hand as shown in the figure. It is to be noted that the energy is transferred from the fingers to the psychic points located at the tip of it and the power of the Sahasrara located at the center of the palm which has a significant role in transferring the psychic power. The energy of these minor centers corresponds to the power of the major kundalini chakras. Similar energy centers can also be seen in the foot.

Role of Minor Chakras

The role of minor energy centers is that it works along with the major energy centers and circulate the energy throughout the body. This energy is transmitted to the cells, tissues and the organs through the meridians that are branched throughout the body. (see Yoga Nadis or Subtle Channels)

These energy centers allow the body to be filled with energy, which helps to restore the health and also to transmit the psychic energy to the affected areas in the body. It is that the reception, retention and transmission functions as a whole process in these major and minor psychic centers.

These psychic centers use meridians which are known as the pathways and it encompasses the whole system. As like the nervous system carries the impulses to various parts of the body, these meridians circulate ULFE to every cell in the body. Circulating the psychic energy through the energy centers can be felt as the form of warmth in the physical body.

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