How to Activate Vishuddha Throat Chakra in Meditation?

How to Activate Vishuddha Throat Chakra in Meditation?

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Vishuddha Chakra

Vishuddha Chakra is the throat chakra which corresponds to the Laryngeal plexus in the physical body and it is situated at the base of the throat. This psychic center is present within the Sushumna Nadi which emanates from Muladhara. This is in white color, but it should not be considered that the aspirant will only be seeing the white color while meditating in this energy center.

The representation of the vishuddha energy center consists of sixteen petals which correspond to the number of Nadis emanates from this chakra. These Nadis have sixteen unique vibration which aptly suits with sounds represented by the Sanskrit letters in the lotus petals. The seed mantra for this energy center is Ham.

It is said in the philosophical works of literature that this vishuddha psychic center is responsible for the siddhi thrikala jnani that the yogi’s consciousness evolves beyond the time limit. He can know the past, present, and future. The deity, bija etc. are also represented in this psychic energy center as per the philosophical aspects.

Effects of Meditation on Vishuddha Chakra

The term ‘vishuddha’ in Sanskrit means purification and that serves as a whirlpool to purify the mind. This purifies the imperfections in the body and mind, and thus makes the mind calm and strong. As this vishuddha chakra is located at the throat of the human body, it has the effect of the communication. This can tune the thoughts and words spoken rightly into the mind of the other person and thereby give expressions to the emotions.

Meditating on this chakra is responsible for the state of spiritual presence and divinity in the mantras and hymns that are sung by the yogis. This also invokes the spiritual quality in their teachings and activities. As the vishuddha is related to the space element, it is said that meditating in this spiritual center can take you to the vastness of space and broadens the mind and intellect. He won’t be limited in his abilities to write innovative lines and poems and can effectively communicate, speak and write. This can be noted in the people who have involved in the kundalini meditation practices as like Gopi Krishna who became the author of few books even though not involved or possessed certain skills prior to such practices. It is not meant that while meditating in this energy center you can become a writer, instead, this verily makes your skills and abilities to its maximum extent so that you can excel in the arts.

Mystical Qualities and Hidden Attributes

This vishuddha chakra has a significant role in the psychophysical nature of the human being. This is also responsible for the youth and youngness of the living tissues by triggering certain hormones in the body. Through this process, the cells regenerative power is enhanced, leading to the prolonged state of strength and charisma in the body. This process will be apparent in the body of the practitioner which, in fact, shows such phenomenon gradually.

The yogis say that the vishuddha energy center is responsible for producing the nectar that indeed has the power to neutralize the venom introduced into the body. There are such attempts in India where the yogi drinks the venom effortlessly in the public place. This venom is very powerful that it can cause death within an hour if it is served by an ordinary man. But in the case of yogis, they control the nectar through special kriya methods in yoga and they can survive by neutralizing the venom, thus leaving it inactive to the body.

This vishuddha chakra has other certain qualities that the yogis can live without food for a long period of time. This is done by accumulating the large quantity of the pranic energy through the meditation and controlling their bodily process to a minimum extent through the mind. Thus altering the metabolic process temporarily, where such process serves as the unique mode of receiving energy to the body in the ordinary people. This pranic energy can support the requisite energy for the body. (Read also Ajna Chakra)

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