How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Your Life?

How to Apply the Law of Attraction to Your Life?

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Is the Law of Attraction Real?

The law of attraction is the familiar theory that became popular through the authors Napoleon Hill, Anderson, etc. and recently got popularity in the film and book “The Secret”. It is considered that the ‘like attracts like’ and it is subjected to more controversy in psychology. This law emphasis on the principle that the positive thoughts will yield the positive results and the negative thoughts will yield the negative results.

In metaphysics is claimed that the law of attraction exists when faith in one’s action prevail to bring the desired result - i.e., by properly applying this law - whatever be one’s wish, will certainly bequeath with it. Even though it is a hypothesis in psychology, yet it supports more of the scientific principles.

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Empowering the Subconscious Mind

All the pioneering activities of the man rely on the association of the subconscious mind. This mind is responsible for casting the belief of a person to make it real. Stronger the belief in certain activity – then, greater the response of the mind towards it. Adhering to certain thoughts makes the mind equipped to reach it in all possible ways.

The subconscious mind works according to the factual elements whether it’s real or imaginary and always meant to uplift one’s wellbeing even if it has to deceive the mind. One can empower the subconscious mind by programming it according to the mentality of the most successful people. This is the secret nature of the subconscious mind that makes the law of attraction a possible reality.

Optimism of Mind

It is evident that optimistic people are the most successful people, having good health, mental attitude, less stress, etc. When one is optimistic, the thoughts will have a reasonable target and remain firm on it. It is not the overconfidence, but the faith in the action that yields the reputable achievements.

Perseverance is the quality behind the successful optimist. When one has an optimistic view of his activity, his thoughts also become powerful as of positive emotions associated with it, or else the negative emotions bring him to stagger with his thoughts which make it less effective.

Power of Thoughts

The thoughts determine the outer nature of the self. These thoughts have a higher priority as that it is responsible for the past, present and future activities of man. It is that one performs his duties according to his thoughts. The powerful thoughts are responsible for inducing efforts accordingly.

The concentration of the mind plays a vital role in empowering the thoughts, more powerful the thoughts, less it gets obstructed; hence the outcome of such thoughts will emphatically bear the fruition of the deeds. As the famous quotes from Buddha “what you think, you become” stands for the principle of the law of attraction.

Philosophical Insight

The science of philosophy is not apart from the events and happenings in the cosmos. When the science depends on upon the factual basis, ‘philosophy, on the other hand is the path to infer realities by putting together facts, mentally coordinate data to get an organized picture, and which also have an intuition to look at the hidden meanings of life which are not revealed by the perceptual data of everyday experience’, mentioned by the philosopher Nithya Chaitanya Yati. So, when one looks at the deeper level of his life principles, philosophy reveals its secret conformity with the science and the everyday experiences.

When one confronts with the law of attraction that deals with the possibility of life events, which are coordinated in such a way that actions bear it results. It does not mean that the outcome of the result is predestined as per one’s desire and wish. But, it is more conformed to one’s life principle and the karma (destiny). So, that is why the law of attraction does not favor in all life circumstances.

It is said that when you wished for a certain thing, it will come to you or you may go through the possibilities of obtaining it, as only when your wish is genuinely related to your karma (action). It is not a unique experience that many of us wished a certain thing or event which has a greater importance in our progressing life, and finally, we can see that it has naturally come to us or that inspiring event happened in our life. This is the appealing reality of the law of attraction.

The quote from Albert Einstein seems to resonate with it – “There are two ways you can live; as if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle.”


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