How to Become a Successful Person in Life?

How to Become a Successful Person in Life?

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What is The Mentality of The Most Successful People?

The most successful people are those who are having a certain mentality and mindset in their life. The nature of human brain is that it is capable of learning certain skills that may be physical or mental.  Hence, it is not the lack of brain but the type of mentality they possess which prevents one from succeeding in their task.

Skills are Important for Success

Becoming perfect in certain skills depends on upon the number of tries and also the experience earned through it. Driving is a skill that can be learned practically by practicing a number of times.  More the practice; the more one becomes professional and perfect in that. There are certain limits in such cases as like some people can reach that state with fewer practices whereas some others require quite more practices. This is because their action (swadharma) is endorsed with it.

Belief System in Success

This belief is not that of religious beliefs, but only the coded subjective truth that which governs your words, thoughts, and actions. It is the nature of human mind that get intricate in few of us to give up the hope of success after failing for few number of trials. They form a false belief that succeeding in it is beyond their intellect and abilities. (see How to control your mind to become successful (expectations) )

Successful people are those who have unshakable faith in their abilities; where it is only a certain mindset and irresistible belief system due to the nature of mind. This type of mindset or personality may be the acquired one or that instinctively evolved through the life situations and their surroundings. This acquired mindset can be that which is attained through certain belief; factual affirmation and training the mind as to have a certain mindset through the meditation. The factual affirmation is in the sense that knowing the working of the subconscious mind by showing the capabilities to the mind by achieving certain task similar to it. This makes the subconscious mind believe and sticks to it with ease.

Most of the successful people are not born with the specific talent. They fostered it through the life problems and situations. You can see that they are the most persistent people and they never give up. Their aim is clear and stands upright whenever they fall. This mentality is not limited to certain people; anyone can acquire this nature of mind by enduring in the belief system the most successful people have.

There are also certain situations in which the mind works against the self only due to the coded belief that averts one from succeeding in his task. The subconscious mind is responsible for one’s behavior and it makes true whatever the belief is. It is in such a way that its role is to empower the subconscious mind which makes it true. This reflects the famous words of Lord Buddha “what you think, you become” and this should reflect on your core actions (swadharma). So you should have a strong firm faith that endures in the self whatever obligations you face.

The subconscious mind is the strongest of the mind and it does not follow any logic or affirmation but can be programmed and convinced through the actions. Have you noticed that watching a sad movie makes one feel sad even though there is no real misery in it and also watching a horror movie makes one feel scary even though there is no real danger to encounter with? It is the role of the subconscious mind that is responsible for the emotions and it is obliged for one’s well-being. It does not differentiate between the real and unreal situations as I mentioned in the case of movies. This is same as in the case of the coded belief. Replace all the false belief about yourself with the powerful faith and try what you like to do. Then ultimately success is none other than the alternative. (Read also 5 Necessary Steps to Become Successful in Life)

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


Praveen Kumar

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