How to Develop Siddhi or Psychic Abilities

How to Develop Siddhi or Psychic Abilities

Siddhi Psychic Abilities

Siddhis or Superpowers

The siddhis are the supernatural powers that can be acquired in the path of yoga. Practicing of this ancient technique with a clear understanding and that it would lead the practitioner to acquire certain qualities that are beyond the qualities of a normal human being. These mystical powers cannot be acquired by some other means such as tantric practices (occult practices). The tantric practices also lead one in a heightened level of energy. This tantric energy doesn’t seem like a permanent one but a temporary one as only when the doer is practicing or perceptible to it.

The supernatural doesn’t have any meaning in pure science. As the mystical qualities stand contrary to the scientific laws or else the present laws of physics couldn’t explain them. Presently this can only be studied under metaphysics where the theories and the hypothesis are acceptable to the human intuition.

The mystical powers depicted in the kundalini yoga meditation are classified as major and minor siddhis. The major siddhis have distinct eight powers which are the prominent one. The minor siddhis are the branches of major powers which cover all the types of supernatural powers that are perceptible to the human being.

Secrets of Siddhis

Siddhis or mystical powers is the first level of achievement in the spiritual progression in the path of yoga. These extraordinary powers can also be misused, so that is why such practices were kept as the great secret in ancient India and only revealed to a qualified person under a proficient guru. Unless, if a person is qualified, distracted by his senses that he could use such powers for his egoistic needs and can cause much potential danger.

Acquiring these siddhis or supernatural powers is considered as the lowest level of development in the yogic spiritual practices. Accomplishing these mystical qualities is only a natural process in the path of kundalini yoga and meditation. There is a reason behind every natural phenomenon, and as in the case of siddhis, they serve as the mediator to ease in the path of spiritual success, since the spiritual practitioners are independent in their worldly needs. (Read also Know your chakras or energy centers)

This is supernatural, beyond the natural phenomena, that it takes one from the worldly existential plane to the higher plane. Therefore the yogis can free from the laws of nature in this phenomenal world which are condemned with the karmic bondage. The siddhis influence the physical plane from the higher plane, thus not bound by physical laws of nature. The accomplishment of these mystical powers is not meant that the soul has attained the liberation.

Classical Insights of Siddhis

The hatha yoga pradipika and various other texts mention about the list of great Siddhas who has achieved the mystical powers in their spiritual path. Sri Ramakrishna, an enlightened soul once said of him to Swami Vivekananda that he had eight powers in its fullest potential.

The japa on specific mantras can produce siddhis and are termed as the mantra siddhi. Not all the mystical powers are due to the yogic practices. Some people are born with siddhis, that they are possessed right from the birth. Such personalities are considered as the incarnations of the yogis.

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and more over a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


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