How to Develop Telepathy Psychic Power in Meditation?

How to Develop Telepathy Psychic Power in Meditation?

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Is Telepathy a Psychic Power?

Telepathy is a process of communication from one person’s mind to another without any indulgence of speech or signs. It is the thought or mental frequency of a person that is transferred from one mind to another.

Telepathy is noted in Indian ancient texts as sages, devotees were known to experience and practice this phenomenon. This reveals that such techniques are a part of the yoga siddhis.

Scientific Facts

Telepathy became a significant word as of when the investigator of the Society for Psychical Research of England started to investigate on it. They conducted various experiments regarding telepathy and tried to prove it without any suspicion, or collusion.

These records of psychic phenomena have given the greatest value to science. Even though telepathy is the established scientific fact, there are few scientists who consider it has to be entirely proven scientifically.

The investigations were taken place in the following classes

  1. Actions were performed without physical contact with the person willing
  2. Some sort of card, word, or number is apparently guessed without any means of probable communications.

The investigations were conducted with the random person as the receiver who was asked to tell the thoughts that just popped up in their mind who were placed in the nearby rooms.

From the experiments conducted by the investigators, the probability of success of the experiment was above the average. Their conclusion was that the phenomenon was real and telepathy really exists.

Insights of Telepathy

Telepathy can be termed as the spontaneous or intentional in which they are transferred. There are many interesting cases of spontaneous telepathy that are reported until now.

Spontaneous telepathy takes place in an unconscious way where the sender unintentionally sends the thought waves to the receiver. This deliberate sending and receiving thought waves in an unconscious way generally covers the thoughts, mental state, or emotional vibrations of the person.

The mode of receiving and sending telepathy signal is connected with the areas around the pituitary gland. (How to Transmit Energy Through Hands?)

Yoga and Telepathy

Induced or intentional telepathy can be done through yogic practices. Yoga has the power to strengthen the thoughts and transfer it in a directional manner. It is said that the Ajna chakra is responsible for the telepathic activity in human beings. (see The Science of kundalini)

When the Ajna chakra is powerful the thought waves acquire its highest potential, which is freed from distractions due to the intense concentration of the yogi.

The transmitted thought from the yogi directly gets into the mind of the receiver and it seems like it just spontaneously appeared in his mind from nowhere. This Yogi will also have the power to receive the thought waves from others which might not be directional.

When an aspirant masters in this technique, he acquires the power to read other's mind. This is unlike the method of mind reading in psychology where the mental condition, emotional state, body language, facial expression, etc. of a person are used to perceive one’s thoughts at that instant. (see Siddhis or Mystical Powers)

The book “Why Kundalini Meditation So Special?” gives a clear understanding of such practices and moreover a guide for those who seek the path in this field.


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